Casino Woodbine employees form picket line after closure

Casino Woodbine recently closed nearly 1,000 employees days after voting in favor of rejecting a contract offer. Employees were presented by the Canadian Public Service Union and were closed at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, May 8, 2023. This fact has led union workers to form picket lines in front of current game properties.

Located at 555 Rexdale BLvd, EtoBicock, ON M9W 5L1, Casino Woodbine offers over 3000 slot machines and virtual game tables for baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sico, and more. It is owned by Woodbine Entertainment Group, Ontario Lottery and gaming company, Great Canadian Entertainment, Brookfield Business Partners LP and One Toronto Gaming.

Lagacos, regional president of PSAC DCL 533 Casino Woodbine, is one of the main reasons for the lack of agreement over concerns about the rights of part-time workers. He explained that the union has 945 members who fill a number of jobs, including dealers, cleaning staff and cashiers.

Moreover, Mr. Lagacos said, 50% of the workers at casinos were part-time, and for quite some time, workers had tried to work three shifts at least three days a week to maintain their standard of living, but their employers were not budging. He argued that employers are not guaranteeing any hours of work, which is a problem for the people.

It is not known how much the current shutdown has affected casino operations, but Mr Lagacos said negotiations will continue depending on the employer for the company that has decided to close its employees. He added that employers will have to change their minds and wait to come to the negotiating table so the union can resume negotiations and potentially find an agreement.

This is not the first time that casino workers have gone on strike. Employees represented by Unipo Local 1090 and Great Canadian Entertainment in the summer of 2022 have not reached an agreement on a new collective agreement. This created picket lines at all six entrances that prevented access to game amenities.

Recently, the casino Woodbine has also been embroiled in controversy, as Ontario State Police arrested people who conspired with table game dealers. OPP says five people have been detained for conspiring with table game dealers working at Woodbine Casino. The gambling worker in question was 52-year-old Arthur Segovia, a resident of Etovik.

He is accused of criminal breach of trust, fraud in play, theft worth more than C$5, and fraud worth C$5, 000. In addition, authorities say all five perpetrators have been released from custody and are awaiting court appearances in the near future. Meanwhile, the investigation remains open.

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Paysafe Introduces a Modified iGaming Wallet for Ontario People

PaySafe, a leader in providing payment solutions, introduced a new and improved Skrill online wallet for online betting companies in Ontario, Canada. This new version of the wallet was developed specifically to meet the payment criteria for online gamblers’ needs, as Ontario people can immediately fund their bets and smoothly withdraw cash on a win.

Skrill’s enhanced wallet was first introduced in the U.S. back in 2021 and is currently available in all 26 U.S. iGaming markets where PaySafe serves operators. The wallet currently launched its own online gaming segment for third-party operators in April 2022 and was introduced in Ontario, run by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

With Paysafe 2023 being offered to operators in Ontario, 73% of Ontario’s online sports bets were found to have been deposited into digital sportsbooks via e-wallet. However, with the latest Skrill improvements, businesses can be better served by region-based customers who already prefer these digital wallets for transaction security and speed.

Post-integration technology takes seconds to link an Ontario bettor’s bank account to your wallet through a simplified registration process. This version allows players to safely deposit into their iGaming account via bank transfer immediately. You can also refill your Skrill wallet with the Paysafe Cash option, and return users can skip logging in with the ‘Remember Me’ option.

However, the complete UX available on desktop, iOS and Android devices allows users to enjoy a whole new state-of-the-art user face, meeting the needs of both casual players and high roller sports bettors. In addition, the tile display ensures that users have all the important information in their hands, as well as an uninterrupted deposit process.

Finally, the new version of the monetization option is as simple as a deposit, with real-time funding available from the player’s Skrill account, while the jackpot is available online using merchant-backed scrolls or by transferring credit to the player’s linked bank account, giving users an even more enjoyable experience.

Ontario’s market was somewhat new, but it’s one of many, according to a recent report by iGaming Ontario, the regulator of Ontario. In April, the state released its first-year summary of the market, disclosing more than C$35.6 billion in betting handles and revenue of about C$1.4 billion. Therefore, the state’s iGaming category is in the top five in North America.

Due to the large number of active operators and websites, Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission is keeping an eye on the sector. Recently, three operators were fined for violating local standards by providing unauthenticated slots. The three brands caught red-handed are Come On!

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Queens Hospital Back Casino Gets Full License

This week, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens, New York City, released a statement supporting local casinos in pursuit of full commercial gaming licenses. The hospital explained that Resort World New York City has been a valued partner and generous supporter of the region and wants to expand it into a full-fledged gaming property.

Currently, Empire State is in the process of awarding three full commercial licenses to the Downstate area. In January, the Game Facilities Location Committee, which will have a say in the favourites, began the application request process. As a result, the winners must be announced by the end of 2023 as stakeholders are allowed to submit their casino bids.

The statement from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center was written by the facility’s board chair, Joseph Ferrara, and Bruce J. Flanz, as president and CEO. In the media, they noted that casinos have a perfect record of revitalizing the local economy while giving back to community organizations. It provides well-paying jobs, and it attracts new residents to the area.

They point out that gaming facilities have become an economic force in the neighborhood and the entire state because they are the highest-grossing gambling places in New York. The statement added that since its inception in 2011, the state lottery education scheme has generated more than $3.7 billion in revenue. It has also provided more than $5 million to local charities and organizations.

In addition, the statement noted that casinos have made several general contributions to hospitals over the years, funding many of the hospital’s clinical services and programs by supporting orthopedics, trauma, hospice, and emergency medicine departments between 2011 and 2019.

According to the hospital, in the unprecedented situation of 2020, the casino was the first in the region to reach out and ask how it could support front-line staff, and then donated thousands of meals and delivered personal protective equipment to hospital staff. Currently, the facility is appealing for full support for casino facilities.

Resort World New York City is already a Class II casino and is supported by the community, so it seems almost confirmed that it will be eligible for one of three licenses. Last year, CGS-CIMB Research announced that Genting Malaysian real estate is likely to receive one of its licenses, not a shortage. This is because you can quickly scale to a full-scale location.

RWNYC also has a local community here. In March 2021, Queens community groups and organizations voiced their support for expanding casino amenities. Organizations want the property to be fully licensed to add live table games and bring more revenue and stable jobs to the region.

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The prerequisite for SSG’s calculation and advantages is ‘accuracy’

Jeon Eui-san, 24, of SSG Landers, had a disappointing season in the 2023 season. He suffered a batting slump due to both injury and sluggishness. In the 2022 season, he hit 0.249 (60 hits in 241 at-bats) with 13 homers and 45 RBIs in 77 games, but in the 2023 season, he hit the batting average in 56 games
He slipped to 0.201 (27 hits in 134 at-bats), four homers and 21 RBIs.

Jeon’s “power” was evaluated as one of the best in the league, as he hit double-digit home runs in his debut season in the first division. However, the prerequisite for Jeon’s performance in the last season was not established in the first place. This is because his batting accuracy has significantly declined, with his batting average hovering around the low-20s this season.

No matter how strong you are, if you don’t get an accurate hit in the end, it will only be a big swing and miss. Jeon Eui-san realized this more painful than anyone else last year, so this year’s spring camp is focusing as much as possible on supplementing his weaknesses.

Jeon said, “I wanted to do my best in both air and water (in the first spring camp in Florida). I played defense, but I didn’t want to let go of hitting. I have tried many different things in batting training.” Jeon said, “Last year, I was disappointed because I did not perform as well as in 2022. I didn’t want to admit that I was not able to hit the ball, but I couldn’t accept that I had to admit that I was not hitting the ball.”

They are united in their will to seize another opportunity. “I have a strong desire not to repeat such a mistake this year. I want to take this opportunity and do well,” he said. “My strength is strength for now. But you need sophistication to show strength in batting. I am practicing a lot to enhance my sophistication in this camp. I think we will have a better performance than last year.”

At the second spring camp in Taiwan, the team needs to upgrade its performance. Jeon Eui-san said, “I practiced a lot of simple swings with the hitting coach. The coach and the coach usually said, “Let’s try to swing the bat like a whip instead of using force.” I am trying various training methods to compensate for that, he clearly expressed his sense of goal to improve the accuracy of hitting.

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‘Ryu Hyun-jin, don’t worry about scoring support’… ‘No Si-hwan-Ahn Chi-hong home run’ Hanwha drew a practice match


Hanwha tied 5-5 in a practice match against Samsung at Akama Ball Park in Onnason, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan at 1 p.m. on the 26th.

Hanwha got off to a good start. An Chi-hong got on base with a strike and not out in the top of the first inning with two outs and no runners. Then Roh Si-hwan, last year’s home run king, ran 2-0 with a two-run shot in the middle.

Hanwha created a chance with a pitch that hit Chae Eun-sung’s body in the attack and Moon Hyun-bin’s hit to the center field. In the process, third baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk, who received the ball from the center fielder, threw to block Moon from advancing to the second base, but the ball fell out. Taking advantage of this, Chae also scored a goal and ran away to 3-0.

Samsung immediately launched counterattack. Kim Ji-chan’s hit to the ground in the bottom of the first inning and Kim Hyun-jun’s walk allowed the runners on the first and second bases with no outs. Koo Ja-wook’s timely RBI single allowed the team to chase after the team 1-3.

Samsung had an additional scoring opportunity in the bottom of the second inning with leadoff hitter Kang Min-ho’s hit to the center field. When Oh Jae-il’s walk and Ryu Ji-hyuk’s fly ball to the center field, Kang Min-ho settled down to the third base, making it 1st and 3rd base with one out. Kim Young-woong then struck out with a swing and miss, but Kim Sung-yoon’s timely double and Kim Ji-chan’s timely hit to balance the game 3-3.

The Hanwha Eagles, who had a blow, fired a solo shot in the top of the third inning with An Chi-hong pushing a ball by Samsung right-hander Lee Ho-seong in the absence of a runner. The Hanwha Eagles’ lead is 4-3.

Samsung was not easy. In the bottom of the fourth inning against Kim Seo-hyun, Kim Young-woong, Kim Seong-yoon, and Kim Ji-chan scored three consecutive hits to tie the game at 4-4.

Hanwha had a 5-4 run in the top of the seventh inning when Ha Joo-seok hit a solo shot off right-handed Lee Seung-hyun. However, Samsung tied the game again in the bottom of the eighth inning with Kim Sung-yoon’s timely RBI single. Eventually, the two teams failed to produce a showdown until the ninth inning and ended the game in a tie.

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Yang Hyun-jong’s ABS Expectations and Ryu Hyun-jin’s 72.6 Inch Curve

The automatic ball-strike system (ABS), dubbed the “robot referee,” will be applied to the KBO League this season. Ball and strike are divided using a camera installed at a baseball stadium, rather than the conventional method arbitrarily determined by the referee. The team identifies the location and trajectory of the ball, and when the result is delivered through earphones, the referee listens to the ball and makes a decision as it is.

According to the enforcement regulations announced by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), it is judged as a strike only when the upper and lower height standards are met at the middle and end of the home plate. 56.35% of the player’s height and 27.64% of the player’s height are applied at the top. For a player who is 1m80cm tall, the top is 101.43cm, the bottom is 49.75cm, and the top and bottom 1m90cm are 107.7cm and 52.52cm, respectively. The left-right standard is applied to the home plate (43.18cm), and it is declared a strike if any part is brushed.

On the spot, it is said that a change ball with a large movement on the home plate will be advantageous. Even if the catcher falls low at the moment of his catch, the umpire’s hand can rise as long as he passes the ABS strike-based sensor point. Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA Tigers), who has 168 wins in the KBO League, predicted that a curve (falling into a bell) would be the most advantageous. “I haven’t thrown curves often, but I think I have to increase the curve ratio compared to last year to survive,” Yang said. “Wouldn’t it be a little advantageous for pitchers who throw curves as second pitches like Kwak Bin (Doosan Bears) or Park Se-woong (Lotte Giants)? Curve is the biggest point of ABS introduction.” According to Sports2I, a baseball statistics company, Yang’s curve ball usage rate last season was 2.5 percent compared to the total pitches.

As the value of the curve is expected to increase, more attention is paid to “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles). ABS is not used in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Japanese professional baseball (NPB). Ryu Hyun-jin, who signed a contract with Hanwha on the 22nd and chose to return to the KBO League, must now adapt to ABS. It’s not bad considering that he has greatly improved his curve power. According to MLB statistics site Baseball Servant, Ryu Hyun-jin’s curve ratio last year was 17.1%, down 3.9 percentage points (p) from the previous year. Although the proportion decreased slightly, the swing and miss ratio improved significantly from 13.3% to 35.2%.

Among MLB pitchers who threw at least 100 pitches, the “vertical movement” ranked first with 72.6 inches (1 meter and 84.4 centimeters). Unlike fastballs, which require backspins, curves are affected by topspins. The fact that the vertical movement of the ball sinks while flying can be interpreted as the difference between the vertex and the focal point.

If the ball type that is advantageous for ABS is curveball, Ryu is an optimized pitcher for that. In other words, Ryu is adding one weapon to his top-notch skills. “I think we need to figure out the (strike) zone first. That’s the first part,” Ryu said, expressing confidence. “If I have a clue, I think I will adjust to (ABS).”

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OLG CEO Commenting On Current Status Of iGaming Environment In Ontario

Since the opening of the iGaming market for third-party operators, Ontario has become an online gaming paradise, leading to a barrage of betting ads. Duncan Hannie, CEO of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company, told a recent legislative meeting of Ontario’s Public Accounts Standing Committee that operators need to reduce the amount of advertising.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian province to open its online gambling division for private brands. The first market was run by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission and drew a lot of attention from some of the industry’s largest operators. It is important to note that this segment is separate from OLG’s iGaming activities.

Appearing on Monday, Mr. Hannie said he now has 47 legitimate operators, and that a better balance would be better when it comes to betting advertising. AGCO also said it is currently working on the issue and is hearing from stakeholders of the province, business operators, outside stakeholders, public health organizations and OLG.

His comments were in response to a question from France’s Gélinas, who claimed that all advertisements in the Stanley Cup playoffs appear to be eye-gaming. She is worried about the impact on children as they are over-exposed to these advertisements. She questioned how much she could learn about eye-gaming just by watching the Stanley Cup.

As mentioned, Ontario’s new online gambling and sports betting models have quickly shifted to one of the leading models in North America. The state processed bets of C$35.6 billion in the first 12 months and recorded revenue of C$1.4 billion. In addition, active player accounts during that period spend about C$70 per month on games.

Meanwhile, Mr Hannay said Ontario’s net profit is expected to be around C$302 million through Crown Agency’s online gaming model for the fiscal year ending March 31. If it comes to fruition, this would be more than the private eye-gaming market provided to the state in the first 12 months.

In addition, Deputy Finance Minister Greg Orensak noted that AGCO is considering reviewing advertising rules. Previously, iGaming monitors suggested banning sports stars and certain celebrities from participating in gambling ads because they are idolized by children and teenagers. He added that the province will soon hear more about the topic from regulators.

Monday’s meeting also included a review by Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lisick on the OLG as part of last year’s annual report. Crown found growth in online gambling revenue slowed after the introduction of provincial private sector models. In contrast, for the quarter ended September 2022, OLG reported revenue of C$108 million, while the private market recorded C$267 million.

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First Nations Asks Celebrities To Stop Appearing In Game Advertisements

Since Ontario’s online gambling and sports betting markets opened, the state and Canada have become the target of excessive gambling marketing from operators. Along with many experts and parents, Kelly Larocca, director of microsogas at Skugog Island First Nation, is also worried about the potential impact on children from excessive eye-gaming marketing.

In April, Ontario became the first Canadian state to open a regulatory arm for online casino gaming and sports betting. This measure was a way of protecting consumers while also dealing with gray market operations. However, the opening has seen excessive betting advertisements occur during sporting events, often featuring very popular sports individuals.

Mr LaRocca has condemned these betting ads as intrusive and irresponsible, and First Nations has taken steps to change them. The tribe sent an open letter to Wayne Gretzky, Conor McDavid and Austin Matthews, who have been promoting betting products. She hopes to withdraw from i-gaming commercials as many kids idolize hockey stars.

But the president of the Canadian Game Association was quick to respond to Mr. LaRocca’s comments. He reminded that online game operators do not target ads from minors and have strong ‘know your customers’ practices that prevent minors from creating accounts or accessing state-regulated websites.

In a related development, Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission, which oversees the online gambling market, has proposed banning sports athletes from appearing in such ads. The proposal has yet to be enacted, but Mr. Burns clarified that brands must first get approval from thinkTV, the marketing and research association, before celebrities appear in iGaming ads.

Mr. LaRocca further said that there is a big difference between gambling in person and online. She explained over the phone that an individual should make an effort to go to a casino in a retail store, while a person only needs to tap a few times. She also said the Nation is still waiting to hear back from three hockey stars on open letters..

In addition to addressing the impact of the influx of game ads, experts have recently warned that Ontario will face another problem. Experts said the huge popularity of sports betting in Ontario could lead to match-fixing problems. This is because Ontario didn’t have an exact law to oppose it.

Professor Richard McLaren should prepare for potential match-fixing issues, noting that the problem is still in its infancy. According to Sportradar Group AG, the number of suspicious matches worldwide was 1,212 in 2022, with Canada accounting for a fair share of match fixing issues in the past.

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In the era of 1.5 billion won, the annual prize money record is certain, and how far will Shin Jin-seo rise

It is unusual for Shin Jin-seo (23), the world’s strongest Go player who is facing the Year of the Blue Dragon, to be seen for the first two months. With the victory in the major world competition, Nongshim Shin Ramen Bae, a national competition, rewrote the history of the Go world by creating the “Shanghai Myth” beyond Lee Chang-ho’s Shanghai Battle.

Shin Jin-seo, who is showing a record pace, is also showing an overwhelming trend in terms of prize money. Although it has been less than two months since 2024, the cumulative prize money has already exceeded 600 million won.

Shin Jin-seo earned nearly 400 million won in prize money in January alone, including beating Bae Sang-il, 9 dan, at the LG Bae, a major world tournament, in January.

Shin’s prize money pace remained intact even in February. The 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup, which impressed Korean Go fans, was the decisive factor in its victory over the six-game winning streak.

The distribution of the prize money for Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup is not disclosed to the public. The prize money is divided according to an internal agreement of the national team, and according to the Korea Foundation, 70 percent of the prize money has been evenly distributed by participating drivers, and the remaining 20 percent has been distributed as victory allowance and 10 percent has been distributed as victory decision allowance.

The prize money for Nongshim Shin Ramenbae is 500 million won. If five players divide the 350 million won, or 70 percent, into equal parts, it is 70 million won. On top of that, Shin Jin-seo is the only one who won the competition, so he will eat alone the 100 million won prize, which is equivalent to 20%. Since Shin has decided to win, Shin Jin-seo will also win 50 million won, which is 10 percent. In addition to the prize money, Nongshim Shin Ramenbae will pay each driver a match fee and a prize money for consecutive wins. The prize money for Nongshim Shin Ramenbae will be 3 million won per game, and 10 million won for consecutive wins will be added for each additional win.

Shin Jin-seo won 18 million won in the match fee and won six consecutive games in the Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup, receiving 40 million won in consecutive wins, and adding to the distribution of prize money, the total income will be 278 million won.

Shin Jin-seo, who exceeded 1 billion won in prize money for four consecutive years from 2020 to last year, earned 1,479.6 million won last year, the highest record ever. The victory of Eung’s Bae, whose prize money was $400,000, was decisive.

However, as the prize money exceeded 600 million won in just two months this year, it is certain that the prize money will surpass 1.5 billion won for the first time ever. The key is how far the prize money will rise.

More major world competitions are taking place this year than ever before. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Chunlan Boat, and Lancashire, as well as the Ng Clan Boat, which is held every four years and is called the Baduk Olympics, are scheduled. There are also numerous domestic mechanisms.

Shin Jin-seo, who unfortunately failed to challenge for the first annual “90% win rate” last year, has a terrifying 19-1 record in 20 matches this year. As shown in Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup, Shin Jin-seo’s performance, which has been the best so far, is the best ever. Even if it is impossible to win all the competitions, if two to three more major world titles are added, it can rise to more than 1.5 billion won and nearly 2 billion won.

Shin Jin-seo’s determination not to lose the world competition is also a factor that increases the possibility. After returning home through Incheon International Airport on the 24th, Shin Jin-seo met with reporters and said, “I don’t want to lose the world competition this year as much as possible.” Korea, China and Japan all know how scary Shin Jin-seo is when he is “deciding.”

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Is it an indication of “Fabull”?…Tuchel “Kim Min-jae, Neuer, etc. won’t be happy just because I’m leaving”

Coach Thomas Tuchel left a significant statement suggesting factions within the team.

Bayern Munich won 2-1 against RB Leipzig in the 23rd round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, at 2:30 a.m. on the 25th (Korea time). Munich, which added three points, remained in second place in the league (53 points), while Leipzig, which lost on the road, was in fifth place (40 points).

Munich, which is in its first full season under Tuchel, is facing a crisis as it has won three consecutive official matches and two consecutive league titles. Starting with the Leverkusen match in the 21st round, Munich lost in both the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Lazio and the League Bochum matches, achieving its humiliating record of three consecutive official matches in about 10 years.

With three consecutive losses, the team is losing hope for the trophy. Currently, Munich is in second place, eight points behind Leverkusen, and is on the verge of being eliminated after losing 0-1 in the first round of the UCL. As a result, public opinion has been mounting that Tuchel should be replaced, and even rumors of a possible defeat have surfaced.

In the end, Munich announced that it would end the season with Tuchel. “The club and Tuchel have decided to end the contract, which was originally scheduled to expire on June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024. This is the conclusion of smooth talks between sporting director Jan-Christian Dressen and Tuchel,” Munich said on its website on Sunday.

If things go wrong, it could discourage his team. Fortunately, thanks to Harry Kane’s multi-goal, Munich beat Leipzig 2-1 to end its three-game losing streak.

Apart from his victory, however, Tuchel’s post-match interview has become a big controversy. According to German football team Barbarian Football, Tuchel said after the match, “I don’t think Alexander Pavlovic will be happy or relieved that I am leaving after the season is over. The same goes for Rafael Guerreiro, Kim Min-jae, and Manuel Neuer. I would have been very surprised if I were the backpack they were carrying. The main reason for making this decision was to avoid a confusing process. Now everything is clear. Like it or hate it, I don’t have to solve the mystery of what the backpack is anymore.”

Tuchel’s remarks also seem to be related to the factionalism within the Munich locker room recently reported in Bild. “The current locker room in Munich is divided between those who support him and those who do not,” Bild said on the 20th, citing the names of Neuer, Guerreiro, Jamal Musiala, Leroy Sane, Kane, Eric Dier, Bantuchel Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Thomas Muller, Matthijs the Licht, Matthijs Tell, and Serge Nabri.

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