Paysafe Introduces a Modified iGaming Wallet for Ontario People

PaySafe, a leader in providing payment solutions, introduced a new and improved Skrill online wallet for online betting companies in Ontario, Canada. This new version of the wallet was developed specifically to meet the payment criteria for online gamblers’ needs, as Ontario people can immediately fund their bets and smoothly withdraw cash on a win.

Skrill’s enhanced wallet was first introduced in the U.S. back in 2021 and is currently available in all 26 U.S. iGaming markets where PaySafe serves operators. The wallet currently launched its own online gaming segment for third-party operators in April 2022 and was introduced in Ontario, run by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

With Paysafe 2023 being offered to operators in Ontario, 73% of Ontario’s online sports bets were found to have been deposited into digital sportsbooks via e-wallet. However, with the latest Skrill improvements, businesses can be better served by region-based customers who already prefer these digital wallets for transaction security and speed.

Post-integration technology takes seconds to link an Ontario bettor’s bank account to your wallet through a simplified registration process. This version allows players to safely deposit into their iGaming account via bank transfer immediately. You can also refill your Skrill wallet with the Paysafe Cash option, and return users can skip logging in with the ‘Remember Me’ option.

However, the complete UX available on desktop, iOS and Android devices allows users to enjoy a whole new state-of-the-art user face, meeting the needs of both casual players and high roller sports bettors. In addition, the tile display ensures that users have all the important information in their hands, as well as an uninterrupted deposit process.

Finally, the new version of the monetization option is as simple as a deposit, with real-time funding available from the player’s Skrill account, while the jackpot is available online using merchant-backed scrolls or by transferring credit to the player’s linked bank account, giving users an even more enjoyable experience.

Ontario’s market was somewhat new, but it’s one of many, according to a recent report by iGaming Ontario, the regulator of Ontario. In April, the state released its first-year summary of the market, disclosing more than C$35.6 billion in betting handles and revenue of about C$1.4 billion. Therefore, the state’s iGaming category is in the top five in North America.

Due to the large number of active operators and websites, Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission is keeping an eye on the sector. Recently, three operators were fined for violating local standards by providing unauthenticated slots. The three brands caught red-handed are Come On!

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