Casino Woodbine employees form picket line after closure

Casino Woodbine recently closed nearly 1,000 employees days after voting in favor of rejecting a contract offer. Employees were presented by the Canadian Public Service Union and were closed at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, May 8, 2023. This fact has led union workers to form picket lines in front of current game properties.

Located at 555 Rexdale BLvd, EtoBicock, ON M9W 5L1, Casino Woodbine offers over 3000 slot machines and virtual game tables for baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sico, and more. It is owned by Woodbine Entertainment Group, Ontario Lottery and gaming company, Great Canadian Entertainment, Brookfield Business Partners LP and One Toronto Gaming.

Lagacos, regional president of PSAC DCL 533 Casino Woodbine, is one of the main reasons for the lack of agreement over concerns about the rights of part-time workers. He explained that the union has 945 members who fill a number of jobs, including dealers, cleaning staff and cashiers.

Moreover, Mr. Lagacos said, 50% of the workers at casinos were part-time, and for quite some time, workers had tried to work three shifts at least three days a week to maintain their standard of living, but their employers were not budging. He argued that employers are not guaranteeing any hours of work, which is a problem for the people.

It is not known how much the current shutdown has affected casino operations, but Mr Lagacos said negotiations will continue depending on the employer for the company that has decided to close its employees. He added that employers will have to change their minds and wait to come to the negotiating table so the union can resume negotiations and potentially find an agreement.

This is not the first time that casino workers have gone on strike. Employees represented by Unipo Local 1090 and Great Canadian Entertainment in the summer of 2022 have not reached an agreement on a new collective agreement. This created picket lines at all six entrances that prevented access to game amenities.

Recently, the casino Woodbine has also been embroiled in controversy, as Ontario State Police arrested people who conspired with table game dealers. OPP says five people have been detained for conspiring with table game dealers working at Woodbine Casino. The gambling worker in question was 52-year-old Arthur Segovia, a resident of Etovik.

He is accused of criminal breach of trust, fraud in play, theft worth more than C$5, and fraud worth C$5, 000. In addition, authorities say all five perpetrators have been released from custody and are awaiting court appearances in the near future. Meanwhile, the investigation remains open.

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