Self-study of Three Cushions while working part-time…Hye-won Lim “I’m going all in from now on”

“From now on, I’m all in.”
Lim Hye-won (27), a self-taught three-cushion player who got her start while working part-time at a billiard hall, lost 1-4 to Japan’s Ayako Sakai (Hanacard) in the women’s final of the 2023-2024 PBA-LPBA 7th Tour Haiwon Resort Championship at Haiwon Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do on April 29.

It was her first-ever final appearance and she was hoping to win the title but fell short. However, Lim grew from the loss.
“I’m glad it’s over. I think I can sleep well now,” she said after the match.
“I’m surprised that I made it to the final, and from now on, I’ll be all-in on billiards,” she said.
In her match against Sakai, Lim showed promise by winning the first set, but lost the next two to five sets to the stronger Sakai.”

It can be said that she lacked experience in big matches and was outclassed in the basics.
“I was really nervous.

I felt the limitations of my inexperience,” she said, adding, “I think I’ve matured a lot more through this tournament.”
On the day, Lim’s 0.532 average was behind Sakai’s 0.813, and her four high runs were behind Sakai’s five. “

I think I was too nervous,” she said, adding that her body stiffened and she was unable to execute her strokes properly. 바카라사이트
Lim, who got into billiards through pool at the age of 20, had a completely different path to the elite.

She first picked up a cue in her 20s and moved from pool to four-ball and then to three-cushion.
It wasn’t about winning tournaments, money, or a job.

I was just happy to play against customers at my part-time job at a pool hall, and I was proud when I did well in club tournaments.
Last season, I joined the professional ranks as a priority registration player and wore the title of professional, but I still didn’t think of myself as a professional player.

Even leading up to this tournament, I wasn’t able to train intensively.

I practiced with my boyfriend at a local pool hall.
However, her focus and determination helped her reach the finals, earning her the nickname “Champion Killer” in the process.

She defeated Thong Piavi (Blue One Resort) in the quarterfinals and Natsumi Higashiuchi (Welcome Savings Bank) in the round of 16.

Kim Bo-mi (Nonghyup Card) is the face of ELPB, but she was trapped by Lim Hye-won and packed up in the round of 64.
Commentator Kim Hyun-seok said, “She can be seen as a player who stands alone.

If she gains more experience, it could be different,” he said.
Last season, Lim’s best result was 33rd place in the Haiwon Resort Boat.

This season, after hovering in the qualifiers and round of 64, she made a sharp rise in the Hi-One Resort Vessel.
Equipped with new experience, she has emerged as a promising player in women’s professional billiards.

“I will pay more attention to systematic billiards and basics.

I will make more efforts for the fans and do my best to become a strong player in the future,” she emphasized.

Liverpool nervous Salah could leave, but have already found a replacement

Liverpool are planning a move to lure teammate Kim Min-Jae away from Bayern Munich.

“Liverpool are considering signing Leroy Sane (27, Bayern Munich) in the January transfer window next year. They plan to move aggressively.”

If it becomes a reality, winger Sane will return to the English Premier League after a four-year absence.

He moved to Munich from Manchester City in 2020. It was a 49 million euro ($69.5 billion) transfer at the time.

Sane quickly adapted to life in Munich. In his first season, he exceeded expectations with 10 goals and 12 assists in 44 appearances across all competitions.

Fast-forward to this season, and he has eight goals and six assists in 12 league games. Along with Harry Kane, he leads the Munich offense.

However, the problem is that Sane is under contract with Munich until 2025, so in order to keep his high transfer fee, the club will have to either re-sign him to a new deal or sell him in the upcoming transfer window to cash in on his rising price tag.

Munich want to keep Sane for a longer period of time. They are reportedly actively pursuing a new contract.

However, Sane is in no rush to leave. In the meantime, Liverpool have reportedly entered the fray.

It”s unclear if the Reds will be able to keep winger Mohamed Salah, who has been heavily linked with a move. The Reds are in need of new resources, both as a contingency plan and for generational change.

“Liverpool want to stay in the Premier League title race and hopefully Sane will be part of their return to the Premier League,” said Fichajes. Sane’s market value is estimated at €75 million, according to transfer website TransferMarkt. Liverpool will need a big transfer fee to sign him.



Seungil Hope Foundation hosts ‘With Ice Relay Run’ ahead of hospital groundbreaking ceremony

Seung-il Hope Foundation organized a special campaign ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lou Gehrig’s disease nursing hospital.

On the 25th, the Seungil Hope Foundation successfully completed the 4th Miracle365 With Ice Relay Run campaign with over 250 participants and volunteers, hosted by MC Prime, at Nodleseom Lawn Plaza in Seoul. Isaacs Toast participated in the campaign as the main sponsor, and added a special touch by donating KRW 30 million to build an ALS nursing hospital.

This is the fourth edition of the campaign, which started in 2018, and the participation fee will be used to build the first ALS hospital in Korea. It is also contributing to the formation of a new donation culture in the sense that anyone can easily and enjoyably participate in donations. Through the relay run format, people with Lou Gehrig’s disease are united in cheering and cheering for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease, continuing the chain of hope for the construction of the Lou Gehrig’s Hospital.

The With Ice Relay Run requires teams of six runners to run 1.5 kilometers each for a total of 9 kilometers, as well as play fun mission games before passing the baton to the next runner. Dress codes expressing each team’s personality and batons prepared by the participants themselves, combined with individuality and fun, enriched the atmosphere of the campaign.

Ha-kyung Kim, CEO of Isaac Toast, said, “We are very grateful that Isaac Toast was able to participate in the construction of the ALS Hospital. It is especially meaningful that our employees were able to participate in the donation campaign at the end of the year. We hope that people with ALS and their families will be able to find strength.”

Sean, Co-CEO of Seungil Hope Foundation, participated as a relay runner and also made a gesture of gratitude to the participants. “We are so grateful that Isaac Toast is interested in building an ALS hospital and donated 30 million won. I am especially grateful that we are able to do this in advance of the groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital, which has been a longtime dream of Park Seung-il, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, and the Seung-il Hope Foundation. We promise to do our best to repay everyone’s support and ask for your continued interest in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Seung-il Hope Foundation will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the Lou Gehrig Nursing Hospital on December 13, 13 years after establishing the foundation in 2011 for patients with severe muscular rare diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Through this hospital, the foundation is promoting various fundraising and support projects to provide specialized medical and nursing care services to patients.



How a second-year signaler overcomes growing pains

Although he’s only been playing professionally for two years, Shin has matured considerably. He continued to think positively and quickly found ways to improve.

OK Financial Group won the second round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division against KB Insurance in three sets to one (25-21 25-15 18-25 25-22) at Sangryoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, South Korea, on March 29. With their second straight win, OK Financial Group dropped Samsung Fire to fourth place and moved into sole possession of third place (8 wins, 4 losses, 21 points).

Shin was the star of the victory. She was the team’s top scorer with 19 points (65.52% attack percentage).

After the match, Shin said, “I’m glad we won today, but on the other hand, it was our mistake to let our guard down in the third set and lose the set. I’m happy, but it’s a bittersweet feeling.”

Shin, who entered the professional scene as a first-round pick last season, scored his most points since his debut. He said, “(Kwak) Myung-woo-hyung put the ball up well. I hit it confidently and got lucky. I think I relieved the pressure on Leo. I think I fulfilled my role well,” he smiled.

After picking up his form at the end of last season, Shin has quickly made his presence felt on the court this season. Although he came into the team a bit late this season, he has been a consistent scorer and a key part of OK Financial Group’s offense.

“I think the biggest difference is the pressure,” he said, comparing last season to this season. This season, I’m not trying to do better, but rather to come out of the game happy whether I win or lose. This is something that has been working well in practice lately.”

“I think the reason I felt so much pressure was because I was playing with the pro’s wall up high. My confidence dropped. “I was most anxious about my serve,” he said, “because it didn’t go smoothly in practice and it made me anxious during the match. My hands were shaking when I served. Even when I asked my brothers, they said, ‘I felt the same way,’ so nowadays, I’m trying to be more relaxed,” he added.

Shin also faced a lot of expectations when he was named MVP of the KOVO Cup tournament in August. “When I won MVP, I let my guard down and set my expectations high. I started the season thinking, ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ so I didn’t play well in the beginning,” he said.

Shin has been receiving a lot of coaching from Ogino Massage this season. After being coached by domestic coaches since his amateur days, this is the first time he has been coached by a coach of a different nationality.

“He’s definitely different,” she says. First of all, he says a lot of things like, ‘Let’s have as much fun as possible playing volleyball. He claps when he wins or loses, so it makes me feel positive.”

For some players in Korea, Massa asks for a steady floater serve rather than a strong spike serve. Shin is no different. He alternates between spike and floater serves.

“I think it’s good that the pressure on my serve is gone,” he said, “My serve is weaker, but I’m practicing a lot of blocking and covering. I’ve never played this style before. All the players, including me, are trying hard to adapt.”

He also said, “When I watch other players, I want to try to serve without pressure, but my spike serve is not perfect, so I also have the intention to serve a floater. If I increase my finesse and power, I think they will ask me to hit it like Leo.”



Hitting King Story gets emotional, ‘admits’ to 20-win monster ace

“I felt like it would be a jinx if I didn’t do it again this year.”

Aside from the LG Twins, who just won their first Korean Series title in 29 years, Son As-seop (35, NC Dinos) might be one of the happiest people in the KBO this year. In 140 games this season, Son is batting .339 with 187 hits in 551 at-bats, five home runs, 65 RBIs, 97 runs scored, 14 doubles, a .443 on-base percentage, a .393 OPS, and a .836 slugging percentage.

Won the batting title for the first time in his 17th season as a pro. Lost two straight batting titles. The team lost in the playoffs, but Son proved his worth in his second year of free agency. What’s more, he made up for missing out on the batting title by finishing second in batting in 2013 and 2020 and third in batting in 2012 and 2014.

In fact, Son hit .345 in 2013, but Samsung Lions head coach Lee Byung-gyu won the batting title with a .348 average. In 2020, he hit 0.342, but Choi Hyung-woo (KIA Tigers) hit 0.354 to take the title. In fact, in 2014, he came in third with 0.362, but it wasn’t by much as the winner, Seo Gun-chang (then of the Nexen Heroes), hit 0.370.

The NC Dinos official YouTube channel focused on Son Ah-seop, who attended the KBO Awards on April 28 (KST). In addition to his official comments to fans and reporters, the channel also showed some of his conversations with Eric Peddie and with Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes) at a table.

Son had a good-natured confrontation with Kim Hye-seong. Kim also ranked third in batting with a .335 average. She had the most hits with 186, just one behind Son. When Kim Hye-sung mentioned Son’s history of challenging for the batting title, Son replied, “The batting title is the first. I’m not the kind of person who sees a lot of balls, so I’ve only been second three times (twice actually).”

He continued, “I felt like it would be a jinx if I didn’t win this time. I lost all of them by two or three strokes.” When Kim Hye-sung said, “That’s a real difference,” Son Asob smiled and extended one of his fingers, saying, “A real difference of one hit.”

When Kim Hye-sung said, “You’re the senior now,” Son said, “I’m too old now.” Despite his words, the corners of his mouth turned up as his junior praised him. Afterward, he spoke with an NC foreign player interpreter, who told him that he was “crying” after winning the batting title. I was very emotional.”

The employee also told Pedi about Son’s bid for the batting title. Pedi told him that he “definitely deserved (the batting title and the most hits)”. Son didn’t say anything else, but his pride was evident. It was a big day for him.



Silva’s firepower halts GS Caltex’s much-vaunted corporate banking winning streak

Women’s professional volleyball team GS Caltex rode the firepower of Giselle Silva to halt IBK’s winning streak.

GS Caltex came from behind to win the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Second Round home match against IBK 3-1 (19-25 25-19 25-22 25-20) at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Monday.

Silva was the star of the show for GS Caltex. Silva poured in a team-high 35 points, including two aces and one block, to lead her team to victory.

Outside hitters Kang So-hwi (17 points) and Yoo Seo-yeon (11 points) also contributed double-digit points.

GS Caltex secured 22 points (8-4), pulling within one point of second-place Hyundai E&C (23-7), which has played one less game. At the same time, the gap with fourth-placed Jungkwanjang (16-5 W-7 L) widened to six points.

Enterprise Bank, which saw its two-game winning streak come to an end, remained in fifth place (14-5 W, 7 L).

While Brittany Abercrombie (registered name Abercrombie) led the way with 25 points and middle blocker Jung-min Choi had a match-high 18 points, the rest of the wing attackers’ offense was a bit lackluster.

Choi was responsible for nine of the team’s 12 blocks on the night. The nine blocks are tied for the fourth-most in a single game in program history. The top spot in this category is held by Kim Se-young (retired), who recorded 12 against GS Caltex on February 8, 2017, while playing for Hyundai E&C.

It was a good start for IBK. They took the first set thanks to Choi Jung-min’s eight points, including three blocks.

However, GS Caltex turned the tide when Silva’s offense came alive. After a lackluster first set with three points and a 17.6 percent attack percentage, Silva turned things around with 11 points in the second set.

GS Caltex took the third set and moved closer to victory. At 20-19, Silva’s back-attack and an opponent’s error combined to widen the gap.

At 24-22, Kang So-hwi broke through Abercrombie’s block with a quick opener to take the set 2-1.

Silva’s offense was on fire in the fourth set. She tormented IBK with 13 kills and a 61% attack percentage.

At 22-20, Silva scored the final three points to seal the match.



NYT hints at water supply racecourse closure

After years of international racing, Aqueduct Racecourse operations will end. In a recent interview, Marc Holliday, president of the New York Racing Authority, hinted that Queen’s facilities may be shut down after the long-awaited renovation of Belmont Park. 카지노사이트 Once the renovation is complete, the track will be able to host a winter race.

Through an agreement in 2008, Empire State completely acquired Aqueduct racetrack and Belmont Park, thus granting the NYRA a 25-year racing license. Now, after years of exciting horse racing, the Queens facility can be forgotten. However, that decision has not yet been made, and further clarification will be needed from the organization.

In an interview on June 20, 2022, Mr. Holiday said that the AquaDuct racetrack may eventually be closed once the renovation of Belmont Park is completed. But it remains to be seen if this will happen because the state legislature has rejected a New York state legislature’s plan to pass a $450 million bond law to fund Belmont Park’s modernization.

Mr. Holiday did not hide his disappointment at the rejection of the bond-buying effort, but he remains optimistic that bond-buying could gain momentum in Albany next year. He also pointed out that if the bond purchase fails, it may mean a review of the future of Queens Aqueduct racetrack. This is because, by not having the redundancy of race operations that are an obstacle to the two state tracks, it could potentially provide tremendous value to the state.

Previously, the NYRA had already shared the idea of closing the Queens track and relocating the six-month race to the renovated Belmont Park. However, over the past few years, AquaDuct has become a hot spot for horse racing gamblers, as attendance at clubhouses during the cold winter varies from hundreds of thousands to thousands of people every day.

But if the association decides to close the 190-acre property in the middle of the South Ozone, it will require numerous approvals and permits. Under current state law, racing continues at the property while the casino is still in operation, and this must change for NYRA to succeed and move the race to Belmont Park.

And for the association to move the season to Belmont Park, the track must be upgraded with facilities to accommodate betters and horses throughout the year. And speaking of upgrading the Elmont track, in March, the New York racetrack hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the multipurpose center, which will be located at the entrance to Gate 6.

Also, recently, the NYRA released its 2021 financial statements. These reports suggest that the association has recovered well financially from unprecedented events in 2020. With fans returning to the track, the association was able to hit a record $815.5 million in 2021. This broke the record of $705.3 million set in 2019.


ORYX Gaming and Jumpman Gaming’s Content Integration

On June 21, 2022, Bragg Gaming Group announced that it will further develop its presence in the regulated European market through a contract with Jumpman Gaming. 우리카지노탑 This is done through its subsidiary, Orix Gaming, which announced that its top-notch content was launched alongside Jumpman Gaming’s UK-based network of operator brands.

ORIX Gaming enables the Canada-based Bragg Gaming Group to offer exclusive, proprietary, and integrated casino products to many partners around the world. The subsidiary utilizes its in-house remote gaming server RGS and state-of-the-art Orix Hub distribution platform to provide content for Wild Streak Gaming and its recently acquired Spin Games.

The content distribution agreement allows ORYX Gaming to launch exclusive RGS content to the operator brand of Jumpman Gaming in the UK regulated iGaming market. This includes not only titles developed through our own studios, but also content for third-party partners. This means that players can enjoy premium features and jackpots designed to drive engagement and retention.

Currently, Jumpman Gaming has one of the fastest growing networks of websites in the UK. It combines its expertise with state-of-the-art design and gamification to provide the best casino and bingo content possible. And the latest agreement is the latest from Bragg Gaming Group, which further supports its global expansion trajectory across the legitimate market.

Chris Loony, chief commercial officer of the Canada-based supplier, said the UK’s web site network provides a comprehensive new pathway for the company to expand its presence in the UK. He said his supplier is happy with the contract and gives up on commitments to the local market. In other words, contracts like those with jump men will be important to the aggregator’s future.

Chris Kukula, managing director of Jumpman Gaming, shared that the operator’s goal is to continue to disrupt one of the world’s most competitive sectors and that contracts with Toronto suppliers are essential to the company. He argued that the operator’s website is differentiated from the rest thanks to the wide range of content provided and exclusive gamification features.

Last week, Bragg Gaming Group delivered some exciting news for its fans, announcing that Yaniv Sherman will take over as CEO. With more than 20 years of experience in gambling, software and iGaming, Sherman will take over from July 1, 2022. His appointment will conclude the board’s review of strategic alternatives.

In April, the Toronto-based iGaming Game title supplier marked a significant milestone when it entered the regulated online gaming market in Ontario. The province has adopted a model that allows game companies to legally offer their products in its jurisdiction.


Jason Porto Ondo leaves Woodbine for AGCO

This week, Woodbine Entertainment will say goodbye to one of its longest-serving employees as Jason Portuondo prepares to quit. Mr. Porto Ondo was one of Ontario’s horse racing leaders for over a decade while working as a broadcaster. 릴게임사이트 He will now join the racing executive of Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission of the Ontario.

The popular horse racing celebrity has been involved in the sport since he began as a groom in Toronto’s oval-shaped lantern in 1985. Then in 1999, he became part of Woodbine Entertainment’s Thoroughbred racing coverage team, and three years later began working for Sportsnet. In 2014, he returned as a horse racing leader and covered racing once again.

After more than a decade with the organization at the end of Ontario, Mr. Portuondo will now officially leave it on June 26, 2022. He will then head to take on a completely different role in Ontario’s alcohol and games as a racing executive. Mr. Portuondo himself said he viewed the new role as an opportunity for him to grow and find new opportunities.

Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson commented that Portuondo has been a major part of the organization’s racing products for many years. In his words, he represented the company’s brand, sports, and industry with professionalism, passion, and integrity. He thanked the broadcaster on behalf of the organization, industry, and fans, and wished him good luck in his next chapter.

Mr. Porto Ondo recalled the best memories he had in Gyeongju over the years. He said hosting the Queen’s Plate and reporting the Breeders’ Cup were among the company’s most cherished memories. And this year at the Queen’s Plate, we won’t be attending the network booth, but we’ll still be tracking the race on August 21, 2022.

The presenter also shared that he will always love the sport and he looks forward to continuing it. However, he explained that he will miss the daily broadcasts that he has done on radio and TV for the past 26 years. In his words, it was a major part of his life, and certainly his rich experience will be essential to his new role as a racing formula.

Mr. Porto Ondo is the only one to leave Woodbine Entertainment this week. The organization announced that Jessica Buckley, senior vice president of Standard Bread and Thoroughbred Racing, has now stepped down. Having been in the position since 2020, she will now look for other job opportunities. Ms. Lawson thanked her for her contribution and wished her luck.

Ontario’s horse racing organization also released a collaboration with the You Can Play Project, so that wasn’t all news from Ontario’s horse racing leader. Through this collaboration, the company will strive to strengthen its engagement efforts for everyone in the horse racing industry, including 2SLGBTQ+ athletes, managers, equestrian athletes, and fans.


FA Gye-reuk First baseman Yang Seok-hwan

After the 2023 professional baseball season, Veteran Jeon Joon-woo signed a four-year, 4.7 billion won contract with the original fastball team Lotte Giants, signaling the opening of the free agent market. 토토사이트 An Chi-hong, who belonged to the same Lotte, then signed a contract with the Hanwha Eagles for up to six years and 7.2 billion won, igniting the market. The stove league began to boil as KT Wiz closer Kim Jae-yoon signed with the Samsung Lions for four years and 5.8 billion won.

However, regarding Doosan Bears big shot first baseman Yang Seok-hwan, who was considered the biggest fish in the stove league, 10 days have passed since the FA approval announcement, which allows contracts and negotiations with all clubs, but there is no word.

Yang Seok-hwan, who has been wearing Doosan’s uniform since the 2021 season, has hit 28, 20 and 21 home runs, respectively, in three years. Considering the distance to the fence at Jamsil Stadium, the home stadium, 30 home runs are possible at other stadiums. His batting average and RBIs are not bad either. There is no problem with the first base defense. There were three teams that needed a big gun first baseman. Hanwha, Lotte, and KIA Tigers. Hanwha needed to reinforce its batting lineup, and Lotte and KIA did not have clear first base resources.

However, Hanwha has already completed a dynamite lineup that leads to An Chi-hong, Peraza, Noh Si-hwan, and Chae Eun-sung by catching An Chi-hong and foreign hitter Jonathan Peraza. The lineup has been sufficiently reinforced, and if Yang Seok-hwan comes, overlapping will occur.

Lotte also announced its withdrawal from the external FA market. KIA is also reducing its interest in FA first baseman as Lee Woo-sung volunteers for first base. However, KIA can show interest in Yang Seok-hwan if negotiations with internal FA Kim Sun-bin go awry. Doosan, an elementary fastball team, also seems to be waiting and seeing. Ransom goes up only when there is competition, but the current trend is not in favor of Yang Seok-hwan.

There is another reason why other clubs cannot easily attack Yang Seok-hwan. This is because Yang Seok-hwan was classified as A grade in the FA market. Grade A is a player who ranks within the third place in the team’s annual salary and within the 30th place overall annual salary, and if you recruit from another team, you must compensate the original team with one compensation player and 200% or 300% annual salary. There is no choice but to judge carefully.

Still, the majority say that Yang Seok-hwan can sign a contract of more than 5 billion won on a four-year basis because he is a batter with more than 20 home runs guaranteed in a season. We cannot rule out the possibility that each club will run late after confirming the ransom that does not rise unexpectedly.