“Cheap, cheap, cheap” Hanwha Eagles re-sign mercenary Felix Peña for up to $1.05 million .

Hanwha re-signed foreign pitcher Felix Peña on December 9.

The contract is worth up to $1.05 million, including a $200,000 signing bonus, $650,000 in salary, and $200,000 in incentives.

This will be Peña’s third year playing in the KBO in a Hanwha Eagles uniform.
The Hanwha Eagles are accelerating their plans for 2024.
Following the signing of foreign slugger Jonathan Peraza, the team has re-signed Peña, accelerating its plans to add foreign players next season. So far, they are on the fastest pace of all the teams.

No sharp corners

Hanwha re-signed foreign pitcher Felix Peña on December 9. The contract is worth up to $1.05 million, including a $200,000 signing bonus, $650,000 in salary, and $200,000 in incentives.

This will be Peña’s third year in a Hanwha Eagles uniform in the KBO.
Peña joined the Hanwha Eagles as a replacement foreign player in the 2022 season and was re-signed after starting 13 games that year, posting a 5-4 record with a 3.72 ERA in 67.2 innings pitched.
In 2023, Peña started 32 games and pitched 177.1 innings, posting an 11-11 record with 147 strikeouts and a 3.60 ERA.

His numbers ranked sixth in the league in innings pitched, tied for ninth in wins, tied for sixth in strikeouts, and 14th in ERA.
Peña’s consistency in the starting rotation throughout the season has been a plus.

His 19 quality starts are good for sixth overall.

Peña has also had a positive impact on the team by getting along well with his teammates, including teaching Moon Dong-ju how to grip his changeup. 호텔카지노
Nowadays, the market for foreign pitchers is not easy to find, even for $1 million.

Many clubs are screaming that they don’t have enough players.

The base price of $1 million is a given, and even at that price, it’s hard to get a good pitcher.
In that sense, $1.05 million with an option for a pitcher who made 19 quality starts in 177 innings last year is not a bad deal for Hanwha.
Peña said, “I’m very happy to sign.

I’m grateful to the Hanwha Eagles for giving me the opportunity to play in Korea once again,” said Peña. “

I hope to prepare well in the offseason so that I can be healthy next season and help the team reach the postseason.”

ORYX Gaming Strengthens Its Entry Into Switzerland

Canadian gaming B2B provider and content collector Bragg Gaming Group continues to enter the regulated European market after signing a new content distribution agreement. 카지노사이트 This was achieved by ORYX Gaming, a subsidiary of the company that signed a partnership agreement with Swiss operator Grand Casino Baden. Therefore, we are strengthening our position in the local market.

Since its establishment in 2018, Bragg Gaming Group has transformed itself into one of the leading game technology and content providers in the iGaming industry. Thanks to its ORYX gaming subsidiary, the company is able to offer exclusive, proprietary and integrated casino titles to many operators in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Earlier this year, ORYX Gaming and Grand Casino Baden signed the deal and are releasing content to operators through proprietary remote gaming server partner GAMOMAT. Content rollouts include top performance titles for companies such as Royal Seven, Rames Book, Crystal Book, and Take 5, all of which have increased player engagement tools.

Grand Casino Baden is the first fully licensed casino operator in Switzerland, and is one of the leading game brands. With the deal, Bragg Gaming Group is seeking international growth beyond its expansion into the European market and regulatory markets. It also highlights the potential of the growing Swiss game market.

Chris Looney, who serves as chief commercial officer for Canadian suppliers, said existing partners are a way to strengthen the company’s brand. And on behalf of the company, he said the new partnership with the Swiss operator would allow the company to work with one of the strongest representatives in the local market.

Brian Krisner, chief of online gaming at Grand Casino Baden, also commented on the contract. He said ORYX’s titles and products are perfectly suited to help operators get off to a successful start in the online industry. He added that the company’s goal is to provide Swiss gamblers with the best content from the most successful providers.

Bragg Gaming Group achieved another significant milestone in early December when it signed an agreement between ORYX Gaming and White Hat Gaming. Bragg Gaming’s premium iGaming content is now integrated into White Hat Gaming’s casino brand network. The first batch of games will be released by the end of the year, and the second game will be released in early 2022.

In addition, in November, global B2B game providers expanded their presence in the Dutch game market. ORYX Gaming’s content and player account management iGaming platform was launched through JACKS.NL, which provides Dutch operators with a content management system with promotions, bonuses, rewards, anti-fraud and rule engines.


The Final Winner of The Lottery in August Will Be Revealed

Western Canadian Lottery Corporation and Manitoba Liquor and Lotto Lottery confirmed on August 14, 2021 that Manitoba locals won Lotto 6/49 jackpot. 우리카지노탑 The winner’s name is Jeff Morton, and he had a winning lottery ticket on the shelf of his house before scanning at a retail store this month. Thanks to the draw, he is now richer with 10,000,000 Canadian dollars.

Lotto 6/49 is a Canadian national lottery game that draws twice a week. Tickets are available at retail stores and can be purchased online, depending on your location. In addition to the general prize money, the draw for the game is always guaranteed at 1 million Canadian dollars. Winners of this reward will also be randomly drawn.

Mr. Morton is currently the latest Canadian resident to join the Lottery Millionaires Club. He explained that the winning lottery had been on the shelves of his home for months, usually waiting for him to pile up some lotteries and go to a local retailer to scan them.

He said that when he first heard about the unclaimed lottery, he didn’t think it could actually be him. But after scanning the lottery this month, he found out that he was the one who won a huge prize. Also at first he grabbed it together but when he got home he really realized he had won CA$1,000,000,000.

Mr. Morton said he didn’t think of many big ideas at the time that would cost him a lot of money, but some small ideas came up. His first idea is to pay off his mortgage along with other bills, but he has no big plans yet. He will also not quit his job, but plans to retire before he turns 65 next year.

The winning ticket, which gave Mr. Morton a huge windfall, was a free play ticket won in the previous draw. The winner received a CA$10,000,000 check at the Hamiota Super Affordable Drug Mart. His ticket shared CA$20,000,000 jackpot with another ticket holder located in Ontario on Aug. 14.

Mr. Morton’s winnings were the latest in the last few months to see Manitovan win a big lottery ticket. Also in December, Brandon’s Lewis Montroy earned a CA$5 million dividend from the Lotto round 6/49. In the November 24 draw, 10, 11, 18, 20, 35, 48, and Montroy were chosen to be the winners of the lottery.

Prior to that, Jerry Nott from Wasagamac also won the lottery from Lotto Max, but this time from Lotto Max. Mr. Nott said he had bought a game ticket and had forgotten it in his pocket. Then, he found out that he won a huge CA of $20 million for his daughter’s wedding in Winnipeg. He claimed his prize money on October 14 this year.


Lotto Max Prize Money of C$28 Million

According to a recent report by the Canadian lottery industry, last Friday’s Lotto Max winnings remain the same. 릴게임사이트 That means no lottery holder in the country has won just over CA$23 million for Christmas. Now, the next draw will offer a much bigger prize.

Lotto Max is one of Canada’s most popular and generous Lotto games, as the round of Lotto Max can offer a shocking 70 million Canadian dollar jackpot. To do so, users need to accurately guess the seven-digit winning combination, which is drawn once every week, once every Tuesday, and once every Friday.

Players had one last chance to win a mega jackpot as a great surprise for Christmas, as the draw was the last one before Christmas on Friday, December 24, 2021. However, tickets sold across the country did not exactly match the combination of seven winning numbers for the draw’s highest prize of CA$23 million.

Despite no main prize winners recorded, Friday’s round still awarded a heavy CA$250,000 prize as the runner-up prize. According to reports, their ticket, the winner, was purchased somewhere in Quebec, and if they claim it, the winner will be revealed. The draw on December 28, 2021 will now offer a larger prize of CA$28 million or more.

Previously, the Lotto Max game was a draw on Dec. 17, with the main prize reaching up to C$70 million. After the round, the Ontario Lottery and games company announced that the lottery was won by a ticket holder from Brampton, Ontario. The lucky player will take up to 52 weeks to receive a prize that can change their lives.

Earlier this year, Saskatchewan also found the latest lottery millionaire, with Matthew Poppels winning CA$5,500,000,000 in a popular draw-based game. His ticket was randomly selected as the winner of the Oct. 19 draw. Lottery winners usually took only eight days to take their time to get their hands on his checks.

In addition, last week, the Atlantic Lottery Company announced another important lottery win, and this time it is located in Charlotte Town. The lucky winner is Nancy Adams. After winning the first prize on the Scratch’N Win ticket, she now had to be named for an impressive CA$3 million. Now she has claimed her huge winnings in the ALC office.

After receiving the check, she explained that she almost fainted when she found out that she had won it after helping the cashier scan her fateful ticket. Ms. Adams plans to financially help her family with mega-money, buy a new car, and get her first home. She is the second Irishman to win CA$3 million this month.


Midfielder Likely To Go To Tottenham and Brighton After Missing Opening Game

Caicedo was likely to go to Arsenal in the winter transfer market in January. 토토사이트 However, the situation went in a difficult direction as side striker Leandro Trosar, who was the same route, was first selected by Arsenal. Brighton’s position was no transfer. With Trosar also bleeding heavily, there was a concern that the overall balance would be broken if it went out to Kaiseido, the center of the midfield.

Kaiseido, who had horns, did not participate in the training. He continued his unconventional move to part ways with Brighton on his social networking service. Manager Roberto DeGerby Brighton and the club could not hide their absurdity and drew a line with disciplinary action excluding training.

However, after the transfer was finally canceled, he returned to training as if he had never done so, swore allegiance to Brighton, and contributed to winning the right to participate in the Europa League, the first European club competition in history. Kaiseido, who showed emotional fluctuations in his early 20s as his favorite.

The interest is as the summer transfer market opens. Arsenal dropped interest in Caicedo by signing Declan Rice from West Ham for £105 million W175 billion.

However, teams that need to reinforce the central midfielder did not let it go. Manchester United also watched Kaisedo, but funds such as delayed acquisition of the club were not properly secured, and the relationship was also unable to continue as they paid attention to Sofien Amravat Fiorentina.

The remaining teams were Liverpool and Chelsea. Liverpool challenged Caicedo with a transfer fee created by Fabinho Al-Etihad and Jordan Henderson Al-Etipark heading to Saudi Arabia. It offered 110 million pounds about 186 billion won, exceeding 100 million pounds about 167.6 billion won that Brighton wanted and Chelsea stressed would pay.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp also said Kaisedo is not a bad build-up and evaluated him as the right person to fill the midfield gap. Expectations were also high as the club’s highest transfer fee of 75 million about 126.8 billion won paid when it recruited Fairgil van Dijk.

However, after an agreement was reportedly reached between the clubs, Caicedo declared that he would not go to Liverpool. He showed his willingness to dream only of Chelsea. Liverpool were embarrassed, but Chelsea said they would not stop Caisse from coming.

It seems only a matter of time before Kaiseido leaves. He was not included in the list against Luton Town. It was difficult to play because he was injured, but manager de Gervi said, Kaiseido wants to transfer. That’s all and true, he said, summarizing it as a situation that is no longer difficult to recover. The waistline, consisting of James Milner and Mahmoud Dahood, is experienced, but it is hard to avoid concerns that the amount of activity is low.

In a complex composition, the Scottish Line has the possibility that Celtic’s Hatate Leo will go to Brighton. Coach de Gerby is also interested in it. Brighton is likely to pay a large transfer fee,’ he said.

Brighton has dribbling wizard mittoma kaoru. It is expected that there will be no big problem in adapting. I have also played with Kawasaki Frontale in 2020-2021. Alexis McAllister left for Liverpool and Levi Colewill returned to Chelsea on loan, making the midfield feel loose.

Hatate missed the opening game against Ross County. Manager Brandon Rogers said, Please compete confidently and show yourself. I’m training without any problems, he said coolly. For this reason, it has been said that it is drawing attention from Tottenham Hotspur coach Enje Postecoglou, who played Celtic until last season.

What remains is Brighton’s sincerity. It is how much you approach Hatate with interest. Compared to other recruitment candidates, there are concerns about whether it is better. Once Kaisedo is confirmed to transfer, it is expected to speed up the preparation of alternatives.

If he moves, it will be a good opportunity for recruit Kwon Hyuk-kyu, who is looking for a chance to play. Even though he was on the list of replacements for the opening game, it seems to be in Rogers’ eyes for now. Kwon Hyuk-kyu should take a close look at Hatate’s movements.

The second round of 2023-24 Celtic is against Aberdeen at 8 p.m. on the 13th. The match and the 2023-24 PL first round Brentford-Tottenham match, in which Son Heung-min will play with the captain’s armband, will start at 10 p.m. Including this match, Celtic’s SPFL, Tottenham’s PL and FA Cup are available at SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.

Meanwhile, SPOTV is planning to hold a SPOTIME SEASON OPENING event where you can watch the Brentford-Tottenham match live on Yebit Island on the Han River in Banpo-dong, Seoul, to mark the opening of the 2023-24 PL. Details of the viewing can be found on the SportTV website or the OTT SportTV Now announcement.


190.4km Bullet Hit Amazing ML Home Run Defeat

Otani started as the second designated hitter against the Houston Astros in the 2023 Major League at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on the 13th and recorded one hit, two strikeouts, and one run in four at-bats. The season’s batting average remained at 0.305. 토토사이트링크 The Angels lost 3-11, losing two games in a row. American League wild card hopes are getting slimmer.

Ohtani did not easily target the ball of Houston right-hander JP France from the beginning. In his first at-bat with one out in the first inning, he struck out a foul tip on a cutter thrown by France at the ball count 2-2, and continued to cut the ball with a foul in his second at-bat in the bottom of the third inning.

I didn’t get hit three times. Otani faced France once again as the leadoff hitter in the top of the sixth inning when he was being dragged 1-7. Otani cleared the first and second-ball changeups with fouls and hit an 87.3 mph 140.5 km cutter for the third pitch to lead to a direct double to the right-center fence. The batting speed reached 118.3 miles 190.4 km. reporter Let Bollinger said, Ottani’s double, which hit the right-center fence, hit 118.3 miles. It is the fastest ball produced by Otani this season, he explained.

The ball, which stretched from Otani’s bat, recorded a crazy speed of 118.3 miles, according to U.S. data analysis company CodyFi. There is only one batting faster than this in the Major League this season. It was a home run hit by Matt Olson 29, Atlanta Braves.

Ohtani even scored an additional goal. Otani stepped on third base when Brandon Drury stepped down with a ground ball to second base with no outs, and stepped home thanks to Mike Mustakas’ sacrifice fly to left field at third base with one out to narrow the distance to 2-7.

He succeeded in producing a good ball, but the home run didn’t hit in the end. In his last at-bat after two outs in the top of the eighth inning, Ohtani swallowed his disappointment by hitting a fly ball to left field. Otani has not been able to hit the ball out of the fence for eight games since he hit his 40th home run of the season against the Seattle Mariners on the 4th.

In the meantime, Atlanta slugger Olsen surpassed Otani. Olsen hit two home runs in the first game of the doubleheader against the New York Mets on the 13th, recording 42 home runs in the season. It was the first time in two games that he hit his 40th home run of the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 11th and was on par with Otani.

Olsen beat Otani by two and quickly became the overall leader of Major League home runs. Otani gave up the title of No. 1 Major League home run to Olsen, but remains the No. 1 American League home run title. Lewis Robert Chicago White Sox, 31 home runs, who is second in the American League home run, is leading by nine.


PSG Completely Different From Mallorca

Lee Kang-in started the 2023-2024 French League 1 opening game against Lorien at Parc des Frans in Paris, France on the 13th and made a successful French stage debut by playing about 82 minutes until the 37th minute of the second half. 스포츠토토핫

Lee Kang-in, who played as a right wing forward, moved the most actively among the strikers who started. He revitalized with his unique creative pass and ability to move forward, and thanks to this, he was able to play a lot of time even though he was not in 100% physical condition. It was a confirmation of PSG manager Luis Enrique’s trust in Lee Kang-in.

It was also a game that confirmed the assignment. Lee Kang-in was a member of Majorca, which is considered a weak player in Spain’s La Liga last season. Mallorca did not lead the game because of its relatively low power. According to soccer statistics website HussaudCom, Mallorca’s average ball share per game in the 2022-2023 season was only 40.4%. It was a team that lost to the opponent in market share by 4-6. Naturally, Mallorca was familiar with the pattern of focusing on defense and scoring a goal with a counterattack. In the process, Lee Kang-in served as an advance guard for counterattacks.

PSG is different. On this day, PSG had a 78% ball share. With Lorien building a five-back and all the field players coming down the half-line and focusing on defense, PSG owned the ball for most of the time and sought opportunities to attack.

It overwhelmed the market share but did not create many decisive opportunities. Lorient’s defense strategy, which gives little space, worked. Lee Kang-in often caught the ball, but he failed to create something from nothing through his long-term dribble. There may be the aftermath of a thigh muscle injury, but it was difficult to even try because two or three Lorien players were stuck together. In the meantime, Lorien’s choking defense made PSG’s attackers difficult to the extent that he seemed to be great at using several sharp plays. Left wing forward Marco Asensio showed little threat, and striker Gonzalo Hamus also scored a sharp shot in the first half, but the overall move was regrettable.

From now on, we should get used to this pattern of play. Last season, PSG had an average ball share of 60.9% per game. Even if it’s not to the extent of the match against Lorien, in the future, instead of owning the ball for a longer time, the task of breaking through the opponent’s tight defense is solved. This means that a completely different style is needed from the play in Mallorca, which mainly used counterattacks.

You have to be more sophisticated and bold in League One. If many defenders are concentrated near the penalty box, the probability can be increased only by using more accurate and detailed kicks. Sometimes it is also necessary to actively use one’s specialty, dribbling. With Neymar and Kylian Mbappe not playing, Lee Kang-in should leave a stronger impact as he plays as a wing forward. It may be difficult for world-class players in the same position, but they still need to show a little more individual ability to gain the upper hand in the PSG survival game.


What about Suwon soccer fans…Suwon Samsung and Suwon FC are also in danger of relegation

After Suwon Samsung was relegated to the second division for the first time in its history, Suwon FC (11th in K League 1) is also in danger of relegation.

If Suwon fails to beat Busan I-Park (2nd place in K League 2) by multiple goals in the second round of the relegation playoffs on the 9th, both professional soccer clubs with Suwon ties will be relegated.
Suwon FC lost 1-2 to home team Busan in the first leg of the 2023 Hana One Q K League Promotion Playoffs at Busan Asiad Stadium on April 6.

Despite taking the lead in the 42nd minute, Suwon conceded two penalties in the second half and were unable to overcome the deficit.

Lee Seung-woo, who has 10 goals and three assists this season, was sent off for accumulating cautions on the day and will not be available for the second leg. 호텔카지노
Busan, which is looking to return to the top flight after a four-year absence, will be promoted to the top flight with a draw in the second leg on Sept. 9 in Suwon.

Since the away goal rule was abolished in the promotion playoffs this year, the team with the higher total score in the first and second legs will be promoted, and if the score is tied, it will go to extra time.

For Suwon FC, they need to win on aggregate to stay in the top flight without extra time, but they are struggling to find a replacement for Lee Seung-woo.

Busan was relegated to the second division for the first time in its history after losing to Suwon FC in the 2015 promotion playoffs.

This time around, Busan has a chance to beat Suwon and move into the first division.
Meanwhile, Gangwon FC (10th in K League 1) and Gimpo FC (3rd in K League 2) are also heading into their final matches for relegation and promotion.

They played to a 0-0 draw in the first leg.

As a result, the second leg at Gangneung Sports Complex at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9 will be the final match to decide promotion and relegation.

‘Wonsan bombing’, senior ‘headbutted’ on court during game…what’s going on in front of juniors?

The behavior of putting your arms behind your back and supporting the floor only with your feet and head is called ‘Wonsan Bombing’.

In the military, it’s called a kind of stagger, and you can think of it as a combination of the stomach drop and the fever dream.
But during the game, the senior was in front of the junior, with his head in the court and his hands on his hips.

What happened?
On the 3rd of this month, the Dodram 2023~2024 V-League match between OK Financial Group and Woori Card was held at Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province.

The two teams battled fiercely, going to a full set.

Matej exploded for 42 points, including 15 back attacks, four service aces, and two blocks, to help Woori Card win the set 3-2 (25-21 21-25 25-19 28-30 15-13).

In addition to Matej, Woori Card was supported by 16 points from Han Sung-jung and 14 points from Kim Ji-han.

In particular, Han Sung-jeong was the lifeblood of the offense, playing both offense and defense with a high offensive success rate (51.81%) in 13 matches this season.

Her high success rate in timeouts (9th in the league) adds to the versatility of Woori Card’s offense, while her 39.94% receiving efficiency and 1.766 digs per set make her a standout on defense.

That’s sixth best in the league, second only to liberos.
After being traded to KB Insurance and returning after a year and five months, he is indispensable to the team as he is responsible for the offense, defense, and team atmosphere.

However, in this game, Han Sung-jeong hit himself in the head with an ice pick. Why?
In the first set, Han Sung-jung hit a ball from setter Han Tae-joon, but she failed to hit it and saw Han Tae-joon’s face.

Han Tae-joon was blaming himself for his mistake, and when she saw this, Han Sun-jung said, “It’s all my fault,” and slammed her head into the court. 바카라사이트

The teenage setter, Han Tae-joon (19), created a funny situation so that he could play his game without being intimidated.
Seeing this, Han Tae-joon approached Han Sung-jung, laughed with her, and continued to play his game unflinchingly.
Han is a young player in his second year as a professional, having been drafted fourth overall in last year’s rookie draft.

After appearing in 18 matches and 45 sets last season, Han has started every match this season as the starting setter.

With 48 sets in 13 matches, he has already surpassed his numbers from last year.

He averages 12.438 sets per set, which ranks first overall.

However, he is still inexperienced and often falters in crunch time.
That’s why Han Sung-jung made the junior feel at ease with his witty “Wonsan bombing” and “headbutt.

Coach Shin Young-cheol also praised her, saying, “Han Sung-jung has become much more mature in terms of skill and mindset than before she joined KB Insurance.”

Will Ko Woo-seok’s MLB Challenge Succeed ?

LG Twins closer Ko Woo-seok (25) will try out for the major leagues.

As the post was officially announced on the 5th (KST), the situation is now open for negotiations.

Local teams are also showing interest in the pitcher.
Ko is one of the best closers in the KBO. In 2022, he led the league in saves (42).

His 1.48 ERA was also the best among bullpen pitchers.

While his performance this year has been shaken by injuries, with 15 saves in 44 games and a 3.68 ERA, the metrics that give us a glimpse into his power are still respectable.

In particular, his 12.07 strikeouts per nine innings is tops in the league among pitchers with 40 or more innings pitched.
In recent years, Major League Baseball has emphasized not only the big numbers, but also the smaller ones.

In this regard, Ko’s decline this season shouldn’t be a big deal.

On the contrary, his age in his mid-20s gives him a competitive edge in a bullpen market dominated by pitchers in their 30s.

Teams will be looking to see if he can continue to develop in the majors while he’s still young.
Developing a bullpen is a labor of love for any team.

If you want to be good, you need to have a strong back door.

Even rebuilding teams that aren’t looking to win a championship right away pay attention to their bullpen.

Weak starters often have to pick up the slack, and a good bullpen can be a valuable midseason trade chip.

As such, Go will have plenty of options.
Ko’s strength is his four-seam fastball.

He puts pressure on hitters with his powerful four-seam.

This year, his average velocity is down a kilometer from last year (152.5 km), but it’s still above the average velocity of major league bullpen pitchers (152.4 km).

While velocity alone is not a guarantee of success, having the velocity required by the major leagues is a definite plus.
The key to Ko’s success is his off-speed pitches. A bullpen pitcher who works in short innings doesn’t need a lot of pitches.

However, they do need to have a secondary pitch to back up their four-seam.

Baseball America (BA), which specializes in prospects, included Koo in its list of “International Prospects to Watch in the Major Leagues in 2024,” along with Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Lee Jung-hoo. 호텔카지노

He introduced a curveball as his second pitch, though he didn’t think it was as good as it is now.

The same goes for the third pitch, a cutter (locals consider his high-speed slider to be a cutter).

On a 20-80 scale, which is how scouts grade pitches, Koo’s four-seam was a 55, which is above average, but his curve was a 45 and his cutter was a 40. BA said of Ko, “His fastball will give him a chance to be a low-key bullpen arm.

However, his secondary pitches will need to be refined if he wants to move up in the organization.”

The team most closely associated with Ko is the St. Louis Cardinals.

After falling to 71 wins and 91 losses last season, St. Louis is looking to get back on track next year.

They’re looking to improve their bullpen, and Ko could be one of their targets.

Right now, the Reds don’t have a clear closer.

While it’s unlikely that he’ll be a closer right away, the shaky bullpen situation should motivate him.
Elsewhere, Elgie emphasized that he would not “give him away on the cheap.”

The posting system, which has undergone several revisions, has made it harder for clubs to get a big bargain.

In the past, the highest bidder was able to negotiate exclusively, but now all teams are on a level playing field.

Posting fees vary depending on the size of the contract, and it’s hard to go over the “$25 million” threshold, which is where the extra money is calculated.

Contracts that are not worth $25 million pay 20% of the total to the original club.

In December 2019, St. Louis, which signed Kim Kwang-hyun to an $8 million contract, paid the Eskay (SK) Wyverns (now SSG Landers) $1.6 million, or 20% of the total.
Go Woo-seok will be able to play in the major leagues next season, and if he’s determined enough, he’ll be able to make it.

However, I doubt it would make much sense for him to try again as a free agent next year.

If you want to increase your value in the major leagues, you need to be in the major leagues.