“LG has a 95.8% Chance of Going Directly to the Korean Series” Professional Baseball

LG has taken a step forward toward going directly to the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years.

LG, the leader in professional baseball, defeated 5th place KIA 12-2 in a visit to Gwangju on the 8th.

With this victory, LG took the lead with 70 wins (2 draws, 44 losses).

In 25 of the 33 seasons (75.8%) in which the postseason was conducted in a ‘step-like’ manner, the team with 70 wins won a direct ticket to the Korean Series.

Looking at the current rankings, it can be said that the probability of LG going directly to the Korean Series this year is higher than this ratio.

If LG ends the season with its current winning percentage (0.614), second place KT must record at least 23 wins and 2 losses (winning percentage 0.920) in the remaining 25 games.

0Calculating by the same standard, 3rd place NC must have 27 wins and 3 losses (win rate 0.900), and 4th place SSG must have 27 wins and 1 loss (win rate 0.965) to surpass LG. 지울프-토토

Even if LG just ‘maintains the status quo’, it is virtually impossible for a lower-ranking team to surpass LG.

According to, a site that predicts season performance through Monte Carlo simulation, the probability that LG will advance directly to the Korean Series is 95.8%.

In 1990 and 1994, when LG reached 70 wins, it won the regular league and Korean Series combined championships.

However, in 2013, even though they became the first team to record 70 wins, they only finished in second place and were eliminated from the playoffs.

However, in 2013, even when LG reached 70 wins first, it was behind Samsung (0.591), which had 68 wins, in winning percentage (0.588).

According to, Samsung (49.1%) had a higher probability of going directly to the Korean Series than LG (38.5%).

2nd place KT defeated 4th place SSG 16-7 in Suwon’s home game that day, but it is still too early to guarantee a direct advance to the playoffs.

This is because 3rd place NC also achieved a 4-3 comeback victory over Lotte in their home game in Changwon and recorded 4 consecutive wins, maintaining the 1.5 game gap.

Since NC will play back-to-back games (double headers) on the 9th, KT and NC may swap places depending on the results.

On the other hand, SSG, ranked 4th, fell into a 3-game losing streak with today’s loss, and is getting further and further away from going directly to the playoffs.

Doosan, ranked 6th, maintained its hopes of advancing to the postseason by winning a walk-off victory over Samsung in its home game in Jamsil that day and chasing KIA by two games.

In Gocheok, where 9th place Hanwha and lowest place Kiwoom faced each other, Hanwha won 6-5 after a close match in the 12th overtime.

Hanwha recorded a winning percentage of 0.431 (47 wins, 6 draws, 62 losses)

dropping Samsung (0.427 winning percentage, 50 wins, 1 draw, 67 losses) to 9th place and becoming 8th.

A total of 9 games will be held on September 9th. This is because double headers will be held in all four stadiums except Suwon.


Little Giant Lee Da-yeon ‘Starts with a bright smile’

On the 9th, the third round of the ‘KB Financial Star Championship

(total prize money of 1.2 billion won, winner’s prize of 216 million won)

was held at Blackstone Icheon Golf Club 먹튀검증사이트

(par 72, 6,689 yards in preliminaries, 6,668 yards in finals)

located in Ganam-eup, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In the middle of the open field, Lee Da-yeon is moving to the first hole.


94 holds over 4 years 10 wins in the first year as a starter

Seibu Lions’ Taira Kaima (23), who won the Japanese Professional Baseball’s best middle pitcher award last year

converted to a starting pitcher this season and achieved 10 wins. 

It’s been 22 consecutive innings without allowing a run.

Tyra took the mound as a starting pitcher in the away game against the Nippon Ham Fighters held at Escon Field in Hokkaido

Japan on the 8th, and pitched 115 pitches over 7 innings, allowing 3 hits, 9 strikeouts, and no runs to win the game.

He had his first hit after one out in the first inning, but ended the inning with a straight hit by the second baseman and a strikeout on a missed swing. 

The 2nd and 3rd innings were consecutive three-way failures. He struck out three batters in a row.

He was in crisis in the fourth inning. 

He walked leadoff hitter Kotaro Kiyomiya, struck out and got one out, and then hit a double to right by Martinez

putting him in danger on second and third base. 

Gole Matsumoto struck out a swing and got 2 outs. 

When the 2nd pitch was a wild pitch against Taiki Narama, the runner on third base was caught in a narrow throw while running home and was tagged out. 온라인섯다

In the 5th inning, KKK ended the inning by striking out 3 batters in a row with a 150km fastball.

He walked leadoff hitter Chusei Mannami in the 6th inning, but blocked hits 2 through 4 with base hits to continue the scoreless run.

In the 7th inning with 2 outs and runners on 1st base, the first baseman threw an error and the runners were on 1st and 3rd

but the final crisis was well prevented by treating the follow-up batter as a fly ball.

Seibu scored the first run in the 6th inning with Shuta Donosaki’s solo home run, and in the 7th inning, walk – walk – double (1 RBI) – hit (1 RBI) – hit (1 RBI) – sacrifice fly (1 RBI) – hit – sacrifice He scored 5 points with a fly (1 RBI) and won 6-0.

Tyra, who collapsed with 7 runs in 4 innings against Softbank on August 18th, allowed 3 hits and no runs in 8 innings against Nippon Ham on August 25th

gave up 6 hits and no runs in 7 innings against Softbank on the 1st, and gave up 3 hits and 3 hits in 7 innings again against Nippon Ham on the same day.

Scored no runs.

Tyra, who played an active role as a bullpen pitcher until last year, switched to a starting position this season and appeared in 20 games (131 innings)

recording 10 wins, 6 losses, an ERA of 2.13, and 138 strikeouts. 

He is tied for second in most wins, second in earned run average, and second in strikeouts.

He is chasing Japan’s best pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (13 wins, 5 losses, ERA 1.34), who is first in terms of most wins and ERA.

Taira, who joined Seibu in 2019, won the Pacific League Rookie of the Year Award by recording 33 holds in 2020, and in 2021, he set a record of 39 consecutive scoreless games, the most in Japanese history. 

In 2022, he pitched in a league-high 61 games (57⅔ innings), recording 1 win, 3 losses, 9 saves, 34 holds, and an earned run average of 1.56, earning him the ‘Best Middle League Pitcher’ award. 

He participated in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with the Japanese national team and contributed to winning the gold medal.

He played four seasons as a bullpen pitcher, recording a total of 203 games, 7 wins, 8 losses, 31 saves, 94 holds, and an ERA of 1.66.

This year, in his first year as a starting pitcher, he established himself as a top-class starter in the league.


Hundreds Claim to Win CA $70M Lotto Max Jackpot

Recently, the Ontario Lotto and Gaming Corporation reminded players that there are still unclaimed Lotto Max wins worth C$70 million. The windfall is due to expire on June 28, 2023, and Crown Agency says it has received hundreds of calls from people claiming they have lost tickets to change their lives since the statement. 우리카지노탑

According to Crown Corporation, a ticket won in the National Lotto Max draw on June 28, 2022 was the trigger for the win. The ticket was purchased in the Scarborough area and the winning numbers are 8, 19, 22, 41, 42, 46, 47 bonus 10. However, the 52-week deadline is just around the corner and time is running out for the holder.

In an interview last week, OLG spokesman Tony Bittenty said Crown had received 760 calls about tickets that had expired since May 23, 2023. He also explained that the call included general enquiries about tickets and individuals who claimed to be ticket holders but said they had lost them and could not be found.

However, if you lose your ticket, OLG will ask some follow-up questions and conduct an investigation, and then if you present several correct answers to those questions, you will move on to the next stage of review, and if you fail to provide the correct answer, you are definitely wrong.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bittenty said that the actual winner of the Mega Jackpot has yet to come out. It has previously been explained that if there are no winners, this would be the largest unclaimed lottery win in Canadian history. The previous winner was Canadian $15 million, which also remained unclaimed, in the August 2021 Lotto Max winnings.

It also noted that there was no activity after ticket purchases, and Mr Bitonti noted that in the past, it was common for big winners to take months to talk to financial advisors first. Said if I didn’t charge it on time, money would go to the game for future prizes, promotions, jackpots, etc.

Players from the rest of Canada also received impressive prize money through the Lotto Max while Ontario awaits the appearance of a major winner. In April 2023, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission announced that a ticket holder in the state had won an amazing jackpot worth C$55 million. Winners can claim this for up to 52 weeks.

In the fall of 2022, an 83-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother from Ontario won a Canadian $60 million Lotto Max prize. The lucky winner was named Vera Page and she lives in Vankleek Hill. With the money, she plans to buy land on the Ottawa River and build a second-generation house for herself and her son’s family.


Coney Islanders Fight Against Casino Bid

Residents of some parts of Coney Island are not satisfied with the proposed plan to build a multi-billion casino complex on the iconic boardwalk. 릴게임 For the casino, Thor Equity has partnered with Saratoga Casino Holdings, Chicaso Nation, and Legend Hospitality. However, their projects, which include casinos, hotels, and entertainment venues, have not been well received by some people.

New York is in the process of awarding three commercial game licenses for the downstate area. Earlier this year, the Game Location Facilities Committee launched an application request to review bids from third-party companies. Winners will be announced by the end of 2023 and the licensing cost is estimated at US$500 million.

The licensing process is still in its infancy, but some Coney Islanders are not happy about potential casinos in their neighborhood. Opponents of the gaming resort believe the project will not be created to benefit the community, instead bringing about more crime and gambling addiction while also worsening traffic in the area.

Over the weekend, more than a dozen residents and advocates gathered at the casino’s proposed location to voice their opposition. They held up a sign that read “No! Casino on Coney Island,” but last weekend’s rally saw a small crowd gathering compared to the previous one. But the message was still the same.

Not long ago, Thor Equities revealed more details about what the casino complex would feature if it acquired one of its licenses. The Thor Equities and Partners project, officially titled The Coney, will be located near the famous Coney Island Boardwalk and the iconic 150-foot Wonder Wheel. Also, for this plan, Thor secured about five acres of land on Surf Ave. and W. 12th St.

One of the current opponents of the project during the weekend rally was Ann Michel Valdez, a longtime resident of Coney Island. In an interview with local media, she said money should not be injected into such game resorts. Instead, she believes the fund should create a channel to create something that helps communities that could include something about youth.

Recently, Community Board 13, one of New York’s 59 community boards, declared against owning a $3 billion casino resort in an area already plagued by traffic. The CB13 chairman, Lucy Mujica Diaz, said: “The traffic nearby has been pretty boring and the board doesn’t want to make it worse.

In addition, the CB13 resolution stated that the board was listening to opinions from the community and recommended that officials be called to inform the New York State Game Commission of the decision while opposing the casino project in the area. The resolution was passed by a vote of 23 to 8. It should be explained that the Board’s position is not legally relevant and that a potential project cannot be discontinued alone.


Coach Krisman is Absent From The Legendary Match

The national soccer team, led by coach Klinsmann, will play two consecutive A matches in Europe in September. 토토사이트링크 On the 8th, they played an away warm-up match against Wales in Cardiff and drew 0-0.

It was a great disappointment. Klinsmann declared offensive football, but showed only one effective shot. However, he did not properly prevent the counterattack of the counterattack. It exposed a lot of crisis situations, and if it wasn’t for the luck of the goalpost, it wouldn’t be strange to have lost.

The Klinsmann is off to a bad start. He has not won one game in five games since his launch, including the match against Wales. Klinsmann is the first foreign coach in the history of Korean soccer to have no victory in five games since he took office. Ahead of the A match schedule, the controversy over overseas trips had to be resolved sexually.

Against Wales, however, South Korea has rarely advanced. As there was no linked play in the midfield, ball possession was not good and mistakes were made, so the direction of the build-up began to be limited to the side. The offense was dull and the defense was in a hurry. Kim Min-jae had to prevent it with difficulty as he won the speed fight with the opposing striker.

Meanwhile, South Korea failed to catch the flow throughout the first half with attacks that rely on individual skills rather than on promised plays. In the 39th minute of the first half, Son Heung-min’s shot with a winding kick was the only effective shot.

The national team, which continued to be frustrated in the second half, was relieved that Keeper Moore’s header hit the post in the 21st minute of the second half. Hwang Ui-jo was put in to change the atmosphere, but it didn’t change much. In the end, the winless game increased to five games as they finished without scoring against Wales.

After the game, manager Klinsmann said, It was a difficult game. I didn’t create many opportunities. It was an equal game. The result of the draw seems to reflect the way the game was operated, he said. It was difficult to break down the opponent who played as a five-back. Wales was organized. When I met a similar team in the future, I was able to see how to solve the game, he added.

Now the national team is moving to England. The national team, which trains for recovery in the morning as soon as dawn breaks in Cardiff, takes a bus to England after lunch. Kim Ji-soo will prepare for the Saudi Arabia match at the training ground in Brentford, where he belongs.

In this situation, the issue of coach Klinsmann’s departure from his workplace erupted. On the 9th, he was listed on the legend match list between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. The list of players Chelsea announced on its official website made my eyes suspicious.

It is something I have never seen before that the coach leaves the national team during the A match. At a time when the issue of negligence in work was highlighted because he did not already reside in Korea, he could not stop looking at whether he prioritized his personal schedule even when he went on an expedition.

Fortunately, it was misinformed. An official from the Korea Football Association said, Coach Klinsmann is committed to the national team. It’s true that I was invited to a legend match, but I don’t attend. On the day of the legend match, the national team dismissed the controversy, saying, The afternoon training is scheduled.

Klinsmann is now preparing for the Saudi Arabia match. As it is the first time to meet an Asian country since its launch, it is now a point to watch whether it will win its first victory. It will be held at St. James Park in Newcastle on the 13th, and South Korea is inferior to Saudi Arabia with four wins, seven draws and six losses in all-time matches.


South Korea Virtually Fails To Advance To The U-18 Final

Japan won the second round of the World Baseball Softball Confederation U-18 Baseball World Cup World Youth Baseball Championship against Puerto Rico in the 10-05th inning at Tienmu Stadium in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 8th. 토토사이트

Japan had three wins and one loss. Puerto Rico has one win and three losses. Japanese starter Higashi Onna had a perfect five innings. He struck out five, six infield grounder and four fly balls without any hits, walks, or errors against 15 batters.

After one out in the first inning, Japan got a chance to first and second base with a walk and a defensive error. Pitcher wild pitches made the runners on second and third bases, and Riku Takeda’s timely hit led 2-0. Japan was tagged out when the first baseman ran to third base during Yuzuki Nakayama’s heavy hit in the third inning with one out and runners on first base. With two outs and runners on second base, Maruta Minato’s timely hit added one point. They ran away 3-0.

In the fourth inning, he made first and second base with consecutive infield hits after one out, and scored his fourth run with Ogata Ren’s timely hit with two outs and runners on first and third bases. a 4-0 lead. In the fifth inning, it became second base with no outs due to a leadoff hit and a left fielder error, and first and third base with no outs due to the fielder’s choice during the sacrifice bunt. The bases were loaded with a walk, and the score was 5-0 with a push-off walk with one out and a full base.

Since then, he has run 8-0 with two RBIs and an infield grounder one RBI in full base, and it has become 10-0 as consecutive hits have occurred. I won the fifth inning with a cold game. In the super round, a total of six teams from the first to third places in each group will be held in a round robin manner. They will play against three teams from other groups, holding the results they faced in the group stage. Among the six teams, the first and second places advanced to the final, and the third and fourth places will play the bronze medal match.

South Korea lost to Taiwan 1-6 in the group stage. It lost to Japan 1-7 in the first round of the Super Round on the 7th. South Korea 1 win and 2 losses will have to beat both the U.S. and the Netherlands to win 3 wins and 2 losses. As of the 8th, Taiwan has three wins and Japan has three wins and one loss. Only when Taiwan and Japan lose all the remaining games will the victory and defeat be equal with three wins and two losses. However, if the three teams have the same win or loss, the ranking will be determined by TQB Team Quality Balance, difference in gains and losses per inning.

Even if South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have three wins and two losses, South Korea has the lowest TQB with two points and 13 runs. No matter which team wins the Taiwan-Japan match by a 10-point cold game, both teams have a higher TBQ than South Korea.


Pragmatic Play Based On The Relationship With The Betson Group

Pragmatism Play has been pretty busy over the summer, as a well-known provider of online gambling content linked another important collaboration. 우리카지노탑 This time, the iGaming Company has strengthened its partnership with the already existing Betson Group by agreeing to supply Betsafe, the operator of the Betson Group, with the widely popular live roulette in Spanish.

As one of the leaders in delivering premium content for online gaming, Fragmatism Play boasts a huge portfolio of digital titles offered to many operator partners around the world. The company creates industry-leading live casinos, virtual sports, slots, and bingo games and makes them available through one API.

Betsafe is ready to expand in Latin America, and its dealings with the iGaming supplier, which has a fairly popular title in the region, will greatly support their efforts. The developer’s Rulelett comes with an innovative Live Casino customized brand to provide a coordinated and dedicated brand experience that gives operators complete control over their lookups and experiences.

Earlier this year, Betson Group and its suppliers signed another partnership, and the supplier introduced a customized brand to Betson’s Swedish operator, Jalla Casino. Meanwhile, Betsafe can maintain new titles and deliver industry-leading titles through the latest partnerships and live Casino content from vendors.

Founded in 2006, the company has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected gaming platforms in the world. It also controls the Nordic and Eastern European markets and currently focuses on Latin America. In addition, the parent company’s and supplier’s contracts will not only be another partner, but will also greatly help the company in the region.

Andrea Rossi, director of Southern Europe and Latam Commerce at the operator, said the studio’s live casino custom branding is already a huge hit across the company’s assets and is pleased to be integrated into Betsafe. Officials are quite optimistic that the operator’s players will go well with the new participatory roulette and look forward to building more partnerships in the future.

Practical Play has entered into several agreements over the past few months to solidify its top position as an iGaming supplier in Latin America. One of them was signed and unveiled in early July 2023 and was with Brazilian operator SL7. Distributors have enhanced the casino’s IGaming vertical service by offering slots, live casinos and virtual sports.

In mid-July 2023, it also signed a collaborative agreement with Paraguay’s JugaMax, through which the supplier integrated market-leading verticals such as slots, live casinos and Virtual Sports into the operator’s online offerings. Now some players in both countries are available


Bragg Gaming To Fight A Fan Duel In Two U.S

Bragg Gaming Group continues its path of expansion by teaming up with more operators and providing its content to a wider audience. This week, the leading iGaming supplier announced that it has debuted its portfolio with FanDuel Group in Michigan and Connecticut. 릴게임 As usual, the launch was facilitated by its remote game server technology.

As one of the leading iGaming technology providers, BGG offers high-performance data-driven and passionately crafted casino game titles from in-house brands Wild Streak Gaming, Spin Games, Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic and ORYX Gaming. The company has entered numerous regulatory markets for online gambling as a B2B provider, including Ontario’s open and competitive segment on iGaming.

On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Bragg Gaming Group released a statement to showcase its industry-leading portfolio with FanDuel in Michigan and Connecticut. Players in online casinos now have access to early selected games from Bragg Studios Brands, such as the Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic, and Spin Games, as well as titles from third-party creators.

In the two states, content integration between providers and operators is the establishment of existing relationships in North America and partnerships between the two companies. The content of the provider has already been provided to players in New Jersey and Ontario. It’s also worth noting that Aggregator launched a content rollout with Ontario’s FanDuel in June 2023.

Operator players in both states can also look forward to the title at Powered by Bragg Partner Studios. Bluberi, Incredible Technologies, Galaxy Gaming, Sega Sammy Creation and King Show Games. These games will be available in the coming months. According to H2 Daming Capital, the iGaming markets in both regions will generate a total revenue of more than $2 billion in 2023.

CEO Yaniv Sherman, an online gambling distributor, aims to enter the North American market by introducing attractive iGaming content to famous operators such as FanDuel. The launch of new proprietary games and technologies at Michigan and Connecticut highlights their successful U.S. content strategy that strengthens partnerships with operators and enhances player engagement for continued to grow.


Lee Da-Young, Kim Yeon-kyung, Another Disclosure Exhibition Preview

Volleyball player Lee Da-young once again shot Kim Yeon-kyung Heungkuk Life Insurance. 토토사이트링크 Lee Da-young posted a photo on her social networking service SNS on the 5th, saying, I will forever keep what I want to hide the most if I admit sexual harassment, bullying, workplace violence, and abuse of power in the national team.

In the photo released, Lee Da-young posed while lying on Kim Yeon-kyung’s arm. Recently, Lee Da-young has continued to expose Kim Yeon-kyung through SNS. Earlier, he posted a photo of Kim Yeon-kyung’s complaint with the Korea Volleyball Federation KOVO saying, Kim Yeon-kyung has been swearing at her mouth for a long time, and bullying is basic, and the national team treated her as a bar girl in front of her children.

He also released a message he shared with Kim Yeon-kyung. It’s scary to be on the same team as Lee Da-young Yeonkyung, but it’s good. When I sent a long message saying, I know you’re uncomfortable, but I hope you’ll have a good time in the future, Kim Yeon-kyung said, Just endure even if I’m having a hard time and scared because of that. I don’t like you either, and I’m holding it in even if it’s uncomfortable, he responded succinctly.

Since the release of the message, there has been not much criticism of Kim Yeon-kyung. The prevailing opinion is that Kim Yeon-kyung did not accept Lee Da-young’s intention and ignored it, and even though Lee Da-young sent a long message after midnight to a very hierarchical senior, there was also a public opinion that Kim Yeon-kyung seemed to be far from Lee Da-young’s scary senior.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing public opinion battle, Kim Yeon-kyung said, We will respond strongly to press releases and YouTubers written and distributed maliciously against players.