Asia Pacific Casino’s Year of Leap Forward

“All eyes” on the casino sector will likely keep an eye on Thailand to see what progress it can make towards legalising such businesses and creating casino resorts during 2024. Brendan Boothman of consultancy B2 Global said in a comment to GGRAsia.

From the perspective of Asia-Pacific emerging markets, “all eyes will be on Thailand at this point” as to how the country “shapes” after Thailand’s legislature took into account its latest report on the subject as expected, the consultant said.

“There is a clear opportunity to do this properly, but it will all come down to regulation and have an appropriate regulatory environment in place,” Mr Boothman said

He added that Thailand “hopefully embraces and looks at that opportunity for professionals who can build the right base, not limited to the spectrum of [introduced] [casino] operators on the market.”

Daniel Cheng is a former senior executive at Hard Rock and Genting casino brands. He worked with Hard Rock to explore opportunities to work with Hokkaido when it was a Japanese prefecture that was interested in finding casinos and integrated resorts (IRs) during Japan’s liberalization process.

On Thailand, he told GGRAsia that Thailand offers “a ray of hope” to the industry.

“The active activity of the new Game Congressional Committee demonstrates real progress through over six meetings and hearings,” Cheng said

He later added that it was aimed at supporting economic activity across the kingdom, referring to proposals for five location markets put forward in 2022. While “political volatility” within Thailand remains a concern, bipartisan support for the Thai entertainment complex plan suggests a possible slowdown, not a dead end, for the Thai gaming industry

Cheng also noted, “At this rate, legislation in 2025 is a good possibility.”

Joe Pisano, a veteran of casino operations and technology supply in the region, had a cautious view of Thailand.

He told GGRAsia: “In my opinion, legislation will still take years and the bidding process and approval will take years more.

“If we allow time for construction, more than eight years would be a reasonable estimate,” he added of how long it could take to set up a casino sector in Thailand.

Mr. Pisano is the founder and chief executive of Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies Inc., a casino equipment and gaming service provider based in the Philippines.

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Sega Sammy Online tilt continued after Yokohama’s IR exit

In comments to GGRAsia, a management spokesperson said interest in Japan’s Sega Sammy Holdings “continues” to carve out its overseas online gaming services sector after the “withdrawal of the Yokohama IR project”.

fintech icon and technology element on mobile phone 3d rendering represent Blockchain and Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept.

In 2021, the group said it was willing to spend about 120 billion yen (currently $845.3 million) on the cost of an integrated resort (IR) with Japan’s Yokohama Casino as part of a proposed consortium that includes Genting Singapore Ltd. In the fall of 2021, Yokohama was officially out of the race to host IR.

In November last year, Sega Sammy Holdings said in a statement it would pay about $107.6 million to acquire GAN Ltd, which provides company-to-business software services in the U.S., and a company that provides company-to-consumer online gaming services in Europe and South America. The transaction is expected to be completed by the third quarter of the fiscal year ending in March 2025.

A spokesperson for Sega Sammy Holdings told GGRAsia: “Sega Sammy continues to explore business opportunities in its overseas online gaming business after withdrawing its Yokohama IR project.”

The official added: “Especially in terms of compliance, we have our eyes on the huge North American gaming market, which is well controlled by strict regulations.”

The iGaming market has been “particularly promising” within the U.S. and “has potential for expansion going forward,” the source added.

“If we can enter the U.S. iGaming market prior to widespread legalization, we will provide a promising opportunity to grow our presence in the segment,” added Sega Sammy, a spokesperson for Holdings.

“As [U.S.] states legalize online gaming, we expect existing operators to expand and new operators to enter the online gaming market. We believe GAN’s turnkey technology solutions are very competitive in enabling these operators to quickly enter the online gaming market.”

Sega Sammy Holdings noted that GAN is a “integrated” provider of Kulvet-branded online gaming platforms and Bulgaria’s online casino gaming development studio, Silverback Gaming, in Europe and Latin America.

The Japanese group has already flagged potential for synergies between GAN’s portfolio of services and products and its own casino equipment and gaming content unit, Sega Sami Creation Inc., the latter with a particular focus on North American land casino operators right now. Sega Sami Creation will be a group company that acquires GAN through a special purpose company.

“We believe that the combination of [Segasammi Creation’s] customer base and content development capabilities with GAN’s market-leading technology can help [us] realize synergies. This includes [massive] customer growth and enhanced content delivery,” a parent spokesperson told GGRAsia.

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Student Baseball, A Wooden Bat or a Non-Wood Bat?

Which is Better for Student Baseball, A Wooden Bat or a Non-Wood Bat?’

Baseball Softball Association public hearing successfully completed… Association: “We will think deeply about it”

As there was a lot of discussion about whether wooden bats should continue to be used in student baseball or whether to return to non-wood bats,

such as aluminum bats, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) held a public hearing and heard various opinions. 파워볼게임

According to the association on the 29th, a ‘public hearing regarding bats to be used in competitions for under-18s (high school)’ was held at Daejeon Health University the previous day with 90 field leaders, parents, players, and certified bat company officials in attendance.

A panel of experts, including journalists, discussed the clear definition and explanation of non-wood bats (alloy, hybrid, composite, etc.),

which were previously recognized as aluminum bats, the importance of thorough operation and management of the bat certification system,

the diversity and implications of interpretation through game data,

and the sports industry The need for a careful review of the overall situation, including the college entrance exam system, was shared with the attendees.

The association collected the results of a survey on bat material conducted over the past three years and student athlete game data (batting average, number of hits, number of home runs, slugging percentage, earned run average, strikeouts, average number of pitches per game, etc.)

since 2004 when the association switched to wooden bats, and reference materials such as non-wood bat testing methods and standards were presented.

As Korean baseball recently performed poorly in international competitions, voices began to emerge that non-wood bats should be used again in order to prevent student baseball, which is the lifeblood of baseball, from drying out.

The view is that if student athletes use non-wood bats with good repulsion and swing more boldly, their offensive power will improve.

Cost saving was also taken into consideration as it is more durable than wooden bats, which tend to break easily.

On the other hand, there is a counterargument that returning to non-wood bats without a thorough analysis after 20 years of using wooden bats could have a negative impact on the stabilization of player performance and the industry as a whole.

According to the association, attendees said, ‘It was an opportunity to clearly understand non-wood bats,’

‘I wish there were more events or opportunities like this in relation to the association system,’ and ‘There seem to be some aspects that need to be verified by forming an expert group.

It is said that responses such as ‘I hope it will be carried out with a sufficient grace period through a careful approach and clear procedures’.

In a bat preference survey conducted through anonymous voting after the public hearing,

wooden bats (67.9%) dominated non-wooden bats (30.9%).

Kim Yong-gyun, secretary general of the association, said, “We will continue to collect opinions from various stakeholders,

including coaches, players, and parents, and carefully consider the selection of student baseball bats.”


NBA Lakers Win, LeBron James 4th Quarter Blowout

LeBron James 4th Quarter Blowout… NBA Lakers Come from Behind to Win by 21 Points Over Clippers

Chicago defeated Cleveland in the second overtime.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers achieved a thrilling 21-point comeback victory over their local rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Lakers defeated the Clippers by 116 points, led by LeBron James (6 rebounds, 8 assists),

who scored 34 points, including 7 3-pointers, in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season held at Arena in California, USA on the 29th (Korean time).

He defeated it by 112. 온라인카지노

James scored 19 points in the fourth quarter alone and became the protagonist of the comeback victory.

The Lakers, who ranked 9th in the Western Conference with 32 wins and 28 losses,

kept alive their hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals of the playoffs through the play-in tournament.

The Lakers, who were behind 77-98 early in the fourth quarter,

narrowed the gap to 104-106 with 4 minutes and 36 seconds left thanks to scores from James and D’Angelo Russell (18 points).

With 4 minutes left, Anthony Davis (20 points) made 2 free throws to make it 106-106, tying the game to even level.

The Lakers gained momentum and took the lead with Rui Hachimura’s 3-point shot and layup,

and Russell’s 3-pointer 1 minute and 12 seconds before the end sealed the win.

For the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard (26 points) and James Harden (23 points) worked hard, but they could not overcome James.

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-123 in a close game that went into second overtime in a home game held at the United Center.

Chicago, which went into the second overtime with the score tied at 115-115,

won thanks to consecutive scores from DeMar Durogen (35 points, 10 rebounds) and Andre Drummond.

The team scored 10 points in the first and second overtime periods alone,

including hitting all three free throws to tie the game while trailing by 3 points with 12 seconds left at the end of the first overtime period.

The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 110-101 in their home game at Target Center in Minneapolis,

taking sole lead in the Western Conference by 0.5 games.

Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards contributed 17 of his 34 points in the third quarter to help secure the win.

Minnesota (42-17), which won three games in a row,

was ahead by a half-game over the second-place Oklahoma City Thunder (41-17), which did not have a game.


Dodgers Yamamoto, 3K Scoreless Runs in 2 Innings

Dodgers Yamamoto, 3K Scoreless Runs in 2 Innings in First Exhibition Game… A Brilliant Debut

Perfect pitch against the 2023 WS winning team, Texas.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), a Japanese right-hand pitcher wearing the Los Angeles Dodgers uniform

after receiving the highest guaranteed salary for a Major League Baseball (MLB)

pitcher in history, was unveiled in a flashy manner. 카지노

Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Yamamoto started in the visiting game against the Texas Rangers in the 2024 MLB exhibition game

held at Surprise Stadium in Arizona, USA on the 29th (Korean time) and pitched 2 innings, allowing 1 hit, 3 strikeouts, and no runs.

He showed off his best control by throwing a total of 19 balls and catching 16 of them as strikes.

Yamamoto easily caught the sluggers of last season’s World Series champion Texas.

He struck out infielder Marcus Siemien, who was selected as a 2023 American League All-Star, on a swing in the first inning.

Simeon was helplessly hit by a fastball high in the body at 154 km/h.

Yamamoto gave up a heavy hit to the follow-up batter, Evan Carter,

but caught Wyatt Langford in a double play that led to third base, second base, and first base.

The second inning was blocked by a three-way strike.

He ended the game by striking out Nathaniel Law, who won the 2022 American League Silver Slugger Award,

with a swing-and-miss strikeout, Jonah Haim with a fly ball to left field, and Leody Taveras with a swing-and-miss strikeout.

According to, Yamamoto threw 11 fastballs, all of which reached 151 to 154 kilometers per hour.

All three curves were within the strike zone.

The splitter and cut fastball were also sharp.

In December of last year, Yamamoto signed a 12-year, $325 million (approximately 434.2 billion won) contract with the Dodgers,

surpassing Gerrit Cole’s existing contract with the New York Yankees for the highest guaranteed contract for a pitcher (9 years, $324 million). It was a breakthrough.


Kim Ha-seong, Hit Streak in All Exhibition Games

Kim Ha-seong, Hit Again Today… Hit Streak in All Exhibition Games

Ji-hwan Bae allowed 2 walks in 2 at-bats… Choi Ji-man is absent

San Diego Padres’ starting infielder Kim Ha-seong (28)’s bat did not rest today either.

Ha-seong Kim recorded 1 hit in 3 at-bats in a visiting game against the Chicago White Sox in the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB)

exhibition game held at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona, USA on the 29th (Korean time). 카지노사이트

As a result, Ha-seong Kim continued his hitting streak in all four exhibition games this year,

achieving outstanding results of 4 hits in 7 at-bats, a batting average of 0.571,

and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.414.

Kim Ha-seong, who started as the 5th hitter and shortstop, unfortunately retired in his first at-bat.

He took the lead in the top of the second inning when the score was 0-0 and hit a fly ball to right field against right-hander Deivi Garcia.

Ha-seong Kim produced a hit in his second at-bat.

With the score tied 0-0, he hit right-handed pitcher Brian Shaw with one out in the top of the third inning and hit a big hit.

Ha-seong Kim stepped on second base during Show’s wild pitch,

but was unable to return home because the follow-up hit did not occur.

In his third at-bat in the bottom of the sixth inning, he was on first base due to an error by the shortstop,

and was replaced by a pinch runner to end the game.

On the same day, Pittsburgh Pirates’ multiplayer Ji-Hwan Bae succeeded in getting on base multiple times.

Bae Ji-hwan started as a center fielder and hitter number 6 in the visiting game against the Detroit Tigers held at McKechnay Field in Bradenton, Florida, and performed well with 2 at-bats and 2 walks.

Bae Ji-hwan recorded no hits in four at-bats in three exhibition games this season, but got three walks and walks.

Pittsburgh lost 3-5 to Detroit.

Choi Ji-man, the New York Mets’ spring camp invitee who hit a home run the day before,

did not get a chance to play in the exhibition game against St. Louis held at Clover Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA.

The Mets won 3-0.


Japan Women’s Soccer Defeats North Korea Advances to Olympic

Japan Women’s Soccer Defeats North Korea 2-1 and Advances to Olympic Finals… Australia Also Confirmed

Japanese women’s soccer beat North Korea and advanced to the finals of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Japan defeated North Korea 2-1 in the second home match of the Paris Olympics women’s soccer

third qualifying round held at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the 28th.

Japan, who had drawn 0-0 with North Korea in the first match held on the 24th from Pyongyang, North Korea, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,

won the two games with a total of 2-1, confirming their advancement to the women’s soccer finals at the Paris Olympics held in France in July-August this year. 바카라사이트

Japan succeeded in advancing to the Olympic women’s soccer finals for the second consecutive time and for the sixth time in total,

following the 2021 Tokyo Olympics (quarterfinals) held in the country.

Japan’s best performance in women’s soccer at the Olympics is a silver medal at the 2012 London Games.

Unlike the men’s team, where players under the age of 23 participate, the Olympic women’s soccer team,

where the adult national team plays, can only have 12 countries participate in the finals,

making it much narrower than the Women’s World Cup, where 32 countries participate.

North Korea, which participated in the finals of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London tournaments and was eliminated in the group stage,

attempted to advance to the finals for the first time in 12 years, but failed.

On this day, Japan took the win with consecutive goals by Hana Takahashi in the 26th minute of the first half and Aoba Fujino in the 31st minute of the second half,

while North Korea had to be satisfied with Kim Hye-young’s one goal in the 36th minute of the second half.

In the third preliminary match held in Melbourne, Australia, Australia defeated Uzbekistan 10-0 and won the first game (3-0) and a total of 13-0 to secure a ticket to Paris.

Australia, the fourth-place team in the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup,

will advance to the Olympic finals for the third consecutive time,

following the 2016 Rio de Janeiro (quarterfinals) and Tokyo Olympics (fourth place).

With the two Asian countries selected on this day, 9 of the 12 teams that will participate in the women’s soccer competition at the Paris Olympics were decided.

France, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Japan,

and Australia have confirmed participation, and one European team will be decided on the 29th.

The preliminary round to determine the two African teams will be held in April.

Meanwhile, Korea, which has never participated in the Olympic women’s soccer finals,

was eliminated in the second Asian qualifying round held in October and November last year.


SON says he was being used by Tottenham to re-sign after transfer market fiasco

It doesn’t protect against racism. Instead, they’re looking to capitalize on it.

Tottenham Hotspur journalist Paul O’Keefe was asked by a fan on social media on Sunday (July 17) about extending Son’s contract. “Maybe this summer, if Tottenham are unsuccessful in the transfer market, they will sign Son Heung-min,” he replied.

After the end of the season, one of the biggest questions is whether Tottenham will extend Son Heung-min’s contract. Son’s current contract expires at the end of next season. Naturally, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tottenham offered him a new contract.

However, Spurs have been reluctant to extend Son’s contract. Instead of signing Son Heung-min to a long-term contract, the club reportedly triggered a one-year extension option, which was criticized by fans. At 33 years old, Son’s performance is likely to decline in the near future. Recognizing this, Tottenham have been hesitant to sign him to a long-term contract in case his performance declines. As a result, soccer fans have criticized the club for letting one of their legends go.

However, Son Heung-min’s former coach Jose Mourinho took over the reins at Fenerbahce, and local media immediately reported that Mourinho was targeting Son Heung-min. The club’s president, Daniel Levy, quickly dismissed the rumors. The tide has turned and Tottenham are now pushing to re-sign Son Heung-min.

However, the news of Son’s re-signing will take some time. There hasn”t been any news about Thurquié since the transfer speculation. The player himself said that nothing has happened yet.

Son Heung-min played for the South Korean national team against China in the sixth match of the FIFA 2026 World Cup North and Central America second qualifying round in 먹튀검증 Asia. After the match, he spoke directly about re-signing with Tottenham. “I can’t say exactly yet. I haven’t talked about renewing my contract at all, so it’s uncomfortable to hear rumors about it. I am always doing my best for Tottenham and I will continue to do my best. I still have a lot of time left on my contract. It’s important for me as a player to do what I need to do, rather than letting that distract me.”

True to his word, there hasn’t been any concrete news of a new contract. The reason for the delay is shocking. Signing Son was a contingency plan for Tottenham.

If Spurs were to fail in the transfer market this summer, they would be criticized by Spurs fans. According to O’Keefe, Spurs have been saving Son Heung-min for that criticism. The re-signing of one of Tottenham’s greatest legends is sure to please Spurs fans. In the end, re-signing Son Heung-min is a backup plan. Tottenham are using Son Heung-min to their advantage.

If O’Keefe’s allegations are true, they’re likely to have major ramifications. Rodrigo Bentancur’s racism has been a hot topic lately. Bentancur appeared on a local television 사설 토토사이트 program in his native South Korea on March 15, where the host asked him if he would “give Son Heung-min’s jersey”. Bentancur replied, “I could bring his cousin’s jersey and he wouldn’t recognize it. All Asians look the same,” he said. It was a clear racist remark.

The video was shared by fans abroad and then by fans at home, and naturally, Bentancur received a lot of criticism. In response, Bentancur took to social media to apologize, writing, “My brother, Sonny, I apologize for what just happened. It was a very bad joke and it was never my intention to demean or hurt anyone. I love you, Son Heung-min.”

However, Bentancur’s apology was written in a joking tone and lacked sincerity, and it was posted on an Instagram story that disappears after 24 hours. The sincerity of Bentancur’s apology was questionable, and it disappeared after 24 hours.

But Tottenham hasn’t responded to the situation. The team has remained stoic in the face of a player racially abusing its captain. According to O’Keefe, “Tottenham’s leadership is currently on vacation, so they are unlikely to discuss the racism incident.”

Tottenham will host Team K League and Bayern Munich in friendlies on July 31 and August 3 at the Sangam World Cup Stadium. They will be playing in front of their home fans. However, the club hasn”t reacted to the racist incident. If they don”t apologize by the time they arrive, they”ll most likely be booed by the fans.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min has remained silent about the racist incident. He hasn”t taken any position. Tottenham aren”t doing him any favors. Instead, they”re trying to use him to their advantage.



‘The next Messi’, 17-year-old supernova, ‘studied hard’ while competing at the Euros

Spanish prodigy Lamine Yamal, born in 2007, has revealed a student’s struggle to avoid failing his school exams.

“I just hope my teachers are watching the European Football Championship (Euro 2024) and won’t fail me,” he said, according to the UK’s Tribune.

While his peers are reading textbooks at school, Yamal is playing for Spain at the Euros and having a blast. At just 16 years and 338 days old, he became the youngest player in Euro history to play in the tournament. He also earned an offensive point against Croatia, assisting on the team’s third goal. It was also the youngest offensive point ever.

Yamal hopes his performances will pave the way for success both on and off the field. Off the field, of course, are school exams. “I have to take my exams soon. Whether I’ll get my grades online or in person depends on how high Spain goes at the Euros,” he says. “I believe we’ll go all the way,” he adds, confident of taking Spain to the final.

“I want my teachers to watch the tournament and support the team. I hope they will be happy to see my performance and help me pass my exams,” he concluded.

Before the Euro Games began in earnest, Yamal caused a stir when he said he brought his school homework. “I’m a senior in high school, so I brought my homework to the competition. I have online classes and I’m doing well,” he said, adding, “I hope my teacher doesn’t suspend me.”

Yamal was born in 2007 and is only 16 years old, but he is already a Barcelona regular. He burst onto the scene at the end of last season, making his first-team debut at 15 years and 290 days old, breaking the club’s record for the youngest debutant in the league.

This season, he played as a first-choice winger, scoring seven goals and providing 10 assists in 50 games across 토토 all competitions, including La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. Barcelona finished second in the league and reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

At a young age, he earned a spot in the Barcelona first team and a call-up to the Spanish national team. He made his A-match debut against Georgia in September last year, coming on as a second-half substitute and scoring in a 7-1 win, becoming the youngest player ever to score for the Spanish national team.

A consistent call-up to the national team, Yamal was named to Spain’s roster ahead of the start of Euro 2024 and is set to make his first international appearance. His six assists in three friendlies leading up to the tournament not only earned him a spot on the final roster, but also made him a regular member of Spain’s ‘Invincibles’ squad.

Naturally, he’s been compared to Lionel Messi, the club’s biggest star. “Even Messi at his age wasn’t at that level,” says Fernando Llorente, a senior member of the Spanish national team, of Yamal, who has been touted as the next Messi. “He does amazing things. You can’t compare him to anyone.” Thumbs up

One of the tournament’s biggest talents, Yamal has lived up to expectations from his first game. Despite making his Euro debut, he was active on the ground against Croatia, scoring an attacking point and helping Spain to a 3-0 win.

Now, Yamal will prepare for one of the biggest matches of the group stage. Spain will face defending champions Italy in the second match of Group B on June 21 at 4:00 am. The Azzurri also claimed three points in their first match of the tournament on June 16 with a 2-1 come-from-behind win over Albania.

With both teams having one win, the winner of the second match will likely finish first in Group B. Yamal were in fine form against Croatia, so it will be interesting to see if they can repeat their brilliance against defending champions Italy.



‘Tied for most hits in KBO history’ NC’s Son As-seob

NC Dinos’ Son As-seob nears new KBO record for most hits in a career

NC Dinos outfielder Son As-seob is one hit away from tying the KBO League record for most hits in a career. The outfielder batted second in the lineup against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium on April 19 and recorded two hits. With the hit, Son reached 2504 career hits, tying Park Yong-taek’s record. He reached the milestone after 18 seasons, 2043 games, and 6283 days since his professional debut on April 7, 2007, against Suwon Hyundai.

In his first at-bat, Son faced Choi Won-jun with the bases loaded in the top of the first inning, but was forced out on a grounder to second base.

In the top of the third, he got the hit he was waiting for. With the score tied 1-1 and two outs, Choi lined a 136-kilometer fastball high and away from the first baseman. The ball landed in front of Doosan left fielder Kim Dae-hyun, but it bounced with spin and sailed past Kim’s outstretched glove. Son As-seob then stole second and scored the game-winning run. Son then came home on Park Gun-woo’s two-run shot to left.

NC leads 4-3 in the top of the sixth inning. Son led off with a walk and faced Doosan’s second pitcher, Lee Young-ha. After letting a first-pitch strike fly, Son swatted a two-pitch fastball away. After seeing a three-pitch low and away changeup again, he swung at an outside fastball to get into a favorable 3B1S count. Son stuck his bat out at a five-pitch pitch down the middle, but fouled it off. He pulled the sixth pitch on a full count, but it was a grounder to first base and he put his head down.

Another chance came in the top of the seventh. Doosan’s Jung Chul-won singled to left center off NC 바카라 Seo Ho-chul and Park Si-won walked to put runners on first and second. Son turned the bat on a 145-kilometer fastball that was on the outside of the plate. However, Son couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity as the ball sailed toward third base and Doosan’s Jeon Min-jae made the leadoff tag.

NC leads 7-5 in the top of the 9th inning. The opportunity came back to Son again. Park Min-woo drew a walk to load the bases with one out. Facing Doosan’s Kim Min-kyu, Son picked off two pitches before swinging wildly at a third. A four-pitch at-bat ensued in 2B1S. The Doosan infield gathered around the high fly ball, but it was a lucky hit, tying Son’s record for the most hits in his career.

“I heard it was a tie,” Son said after the game. I’m honored,” he said after the game, adding, “I’m grateful to the fans who always give me great support so that I can keep moving forward.” “I don’t think this record is the end, but a process,” he said, adding, “I will keep my focus and do my best so that I can continue to show my good form.”