Japan faces a prolonged heatwave nearing 40 degrees.

As the world continues to experience unusually high temperatures, the Japanese archipelago is also experiencing a heat wave with temperatures approaching 40 degrees.

According to local public broadcaster NHK, the high temperature in Hatoyama, a town in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo, reached 39.6 degrees on the 30th.

In the Kanto region, the cities of Isesaki and Tatebayashi in Gunma Prefecture and Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture all had high temperatures above 39 degrees.

The highest temperature in the center of Tokyo was recorded at 36.2 degrees.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued heat stroke warnings for most of the country, except for Hokkaido and Akita prefecture in northeastern Honshu.

The Japan Meteorological Agency predicted that the heat wave with extremely high temperatures will continue until around the fourth of next month.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that 39 patients had been taken to hospitals due to heat stroke by 3 p.m. that day.

In Higashimurayama, Tokyo, a couple, a man in his 90s and a woman in her 80s, were found dead in bed the previous day.

Fire officials are investigating the exact cause of death, believing that the couple likely died of heat stroke, 먹튀검증토토사이트 given that their air conditioner had been turned off.


Bangladesh police clashes result in over 120 injuries.

Opposition and police clashed in Bangladesh ahead of general elections early next year, resulting in multiple injuries on both sides.

According to AP and Xinhua, hundreds of supporters and party members of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) attempted to block main roads across the capital Dhaka the previous day when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and wielded batons to disperse them.

In the process, clashes lasted for more than five hours, leaving scores of people injured.

Police said they arrested at least 90 BNP supporters, and 20 policemen were also injured.

Two BNP leaders were also temporarily detained.

Police claimed that opposition supporters fought back by throwing bricks and other objects and even attacked police vehicles with mace.

The BNP said more than 100 of its supporters were injured and at least 124 party members were arrested by police.

Earlier, on March 28, the BNP held a massive rally in the city, which was met with a counter-rally by supporters of the ruling Awami League (AL).

The BNP and other opposition parties sympathetic to it have alleged that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina rigged the results of the 2018 general election.

They have been staging anti-government protests since August last year, demanding that Prime Minister Hasina step down and establish a neutral transitional government in order to hold a fair and free general election scheduled for January next year.

Among the demands is the unconditional release of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, a political rival of Hasina, who is serving time for corruption.

However, Hasina, who is seeking a fourth consecutive term in power, maintains that the general election must be held under government supervision, as stipulated in the constitution.

In response, the United States, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations are calling on both sides to exercise restraint and find a way to hold a credible general election.

The AL and BNP have alternated in power in Bangladesh since 1991, with the exception of 2007-2008, 카지노사이트킴 when paramilitary rule was in place.


Putin attends Russian naval ceremony, plans to acquire 30 warships.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today local time that the Russian Navy will receive 30 new warships this year.

Putin made the announcement at a ceremony marking Russia’s Navy Day in the country’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, according to Reuters and Tass news agencies.

“Today, Russia is confidently fulfilling the large-scale goals of its national maritime policy and continues to increase the strength of its navy,” Putin said after watching a parade of warships, “which this year alone will include 30 warships of various classes.”

President Putin congratulated the Navy on Navy Day, calling it an indomitable defender of Russia’s borders.

“Our Navy meticulously fulfills its missions, 카지노사이트넷 fights bravely and demonstrates true heroism,” he said, “The qualities of naval servicemen – courage, bravery and determination – have been fully demonstrated.”

“Our navy has existed for centuries and remains an indomitable defender of our country’s borders, pride, and glory,” Putin added.


Niger military coup d’état prompts West African Community intervention.

The military junta that staged a coup in the West African nation of Niger has spoken of a possible military intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), AFP reports.

“The purpose of this meeting is to authorize an invasion of Niger,” the Niger military warned ahead of an ECOWAS summit later in the day, “which will take the form of a military intervention in the capital, Niamey, in collaboration with African countries that are not members of the regional organization and some Western countries.”

In Niger, military forces staged a coup on June 26 and detained President Mohamed Bazoum.

The head of the presidential guard, Abdoulahmane Tiaani, who led the coup, later declared himself head of state.

The African Union (AU) subsequently called on the coup-led forces to return to their posts and restore constitutional order within 15 days, while the European Union (EU) said it could not recognize the military junta and suspended financial aid and security cooperation to Niger.

ECOWAS, a grouping of 15 countries in the West African region, is holding an emergency summit in Abuja, Nigeria, to discuss the situation in Niger, and has stated that it will take all necessary measures, 먹튀검증 including suspension of membership and economic sanctions, to defend democracy in Niger.

ECOWAS has suspended the membership of three other member states, Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso, which have been under military rule since 2020 following a series of coups.


Playtime Casino Hanover Resumes Work This Week

Gateway Casino and Entertainment recently suffered a cyberattack violation, which has now closed Ontario properties for more than two weeks. 우리카지노탑 On Monday, however, the operator launched a phased resumption approach and has already resumed work in several places. Playtime Casino Hanover is expected to be next as it needs to resume work this week.

Gateway Casino and entertainment is a leading Canadian gaming facility operator overseeing a total of 29 locations in Ontario and British Columbia and two other locations in Alberta. The operation currently offers premium gambling services through 369 table games, 30 poker tables and 14,284 slots across the game floor, while providing work to over 7,000 individuals.

From Monday, May 1, 2023, operators have already resumed work at some casinos across Ontario following a strong ransomware attack on IT systems. Playtime Casino Wasaga Beach, Gateway Casino Innispil and Gateway Casino London are now open, and Playtime Casino Hanover is expected to renew its game operations sometime this week.

After the reopening of Wasaga Beach and the London site, company spokesman Rob Mitchell said the two casinos were operating normally and operating normally. He added that Hanover Location will begin operations this week. But he did not provide an exact date for the reopening. Customers are advised to keep an eye on the company’s website for updates.

In addition, the operator’s representative explained that ransomware attacks on the company’s IT systems may have led to personal information leakage. But he was convinced the company was working around the clock with third-party experts to determine if personal information was affected by cyberattacks.

He did not specify what kind of personal information could be affected by the attack. He also shared that the company has hired third-party cyber specialists to help restore the system and has already notified privacy officials, police and government regulators about the incident. But he wasn’t willing to discuss what cybercriminals were after.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment first announced on April 16, 2023, that it had suffered a cyberattack, which shut down all 14 game points in the province. This causes a system-wide failure that prevents you from performing regular game operations. However, regarding the reopening of the Hanover site, it said it relied on the progress of the restoration and approval from regulators.

Some tech experts, such as Carmi Levy, are already weighing on the theme of casino closures across the state. Mr Levy noted that one of the biggest concerns regarding ransomware attacks is that personal information could be compromised. According to his expert opinion, this is a very likely outcome for Ontario and the Gateway.


Tech Analyst Provides Advice On Gateway Casino Cyberattacks

Recently, Ontario’s land gambling industry has been shaken by cyberattacks that shut down gateway casinos and entertainment properties for more than two weeks. 릴게임 Technology analyst and journalist Carmi Levy pointed out on the topic that the incident requires companies to invest more money and time in cybersecurity and employee training.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment, which operates 14 gaming locations across Ontario, announced on April 16, 2023 that it had suspended gambling activities for more than two weeks following a cyberattack. The company later identified itself as a victim of the ransomware attack, but said no information from customers or employees was leaked.

In a recent interview, Mr. Levy explained that such ransomware attacks are now much more prevalent. As an expert on the subject, he explained that digital criminals usually send phishing emails that seem legitimate to people inside the organization. This type of email often asks recipients to download files to access your corporate network.

In this situation, Ransomware adds that it locks data from individuals or organizations and requests payment to return it. Mr. Levy noted that while many people consider ransomware a technology issue, it explains that it is more of a human resources issue. It also added that there is no guarantee that data will be unlocked by cybercriminals.

In addition, Levy said organizations need to find previously backed up backup materials to recover from ransomware attacks. In many cases, he said, organizations will find that backups are not as effective as they thought. He also argued that better education is the best defense against ransomware attacks.

Finally, experts say it is time for companies to strengthen their culture to prevent such attacks in the future. He shared whether people’s personal information was violated, saying that public-related organizations and companies need to be more transparent when they become victims of cyber incidents.

This week Gateway Casino and Entertainment finally returned to normal gaming activity as the operator reopened all 14 locations in Ontario. Casino Lamar resumed work on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 10 a.m., and both slot and table games were available. The resort’s Simcoe Yard House and Couching Court Buffet will also reopen this week.

In a recent statement, the game leader guaranteed that he would continue to work with third-party experts around the clock to determine if there had been any personal information leaks. We also shared that we have already reported cases to relevant privacy officials, law enforcement and government regulators. The company will provide any updates.


Doosan Coach Lee Seung-Yeop Now Fights Well With The Top Ranks

Doosan Bears, which has lost two consecutive games after 11 consecutive wins, is seeking to escape from consecutive losses. 토토사이트링크 Doosan will face the Jamsil rival LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on the 28th.

Coach Lee, who met at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 28th when the home game against the No. 1 LG Twins was held, said, The game with the top players has not worked out well so far. It was difficult to overturn if we lost a point in the beginning because the batters did not explode, he said, adding, Now our batters have power. I will be confident and do my best to fight against the top ranks, he said.

Coach Lee then said, We need to stop losing consecutive games quickly, adding, Ace Raul Alcantara will start today, and Yang Eui-ji will play as a catcher not a designated hitter. I will do my best to fight, he said, expressing his desire for victory.

Doosan was sluggish with two wins and five losses against LG this season. In the first three consecutive games in April, they lost 1 win and 2 losses, and on May 7, they were completely defeated 1-11. It also slowed down to one win and two losses in three consecutive games in June.

Doosan is also inferior to the second-place SSG Landers with two wins and six losses. However, Lee and Doosan gained confidence during their 11-game winning streak in July. Although he lost consecutive games to the Lotte Giants on the 26th and 27th, his confidence remains.

Coach Lee said, We also came up to the third place, adding, I want to show everything we have prepared against the top players. If I win today, I’ll be happy, and even if I lose, I’ll prepare hard for the next game, he said.


PSG To Consider Sale Of Captain Marquinos With No Exception

The team’s captain is no exception. 스포츠토토핫 Paris Saint-Germain France, hereinafter referred to as PSG is considering the sale of Marquignos 29. PSG is willing to sell Marcinos, the team’s captain, by angering the club with remarks related to Kylian Mbappe 25, soccer media “Gol Dotcom” reported on the 28th Korea Standard Time.

At a press conference, Marquis expressed his desire to continue playing with Mbappe. This remark made the club leaders uncomfortable. PSG is expected to be willing to put Marcinos up for sale in the transfer market as his words are believed to not support the club.

Mbappe continues to have an uncomfortable relationship with PSG this summer. A year before his contract expires, he said he would not renew his contract with the club. Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid (Spain) and can join as a free agent after his contract ends next year.

PSG are outraged by his attitude and are trying to get him out somehow this summer. In addition, Mbappe has now been expelled from the first team and excluded from the club’s preseason Asian tour list. Mbappe is training with second-tier players. In the midst of this, Marquis publicly made remarks about Mbappe, disturbing the club.

Marquinos had already been marked by club officials as a key figure. In the second leg of the UEFA Champions League UCL round of 16 in the 21-21 season, he provided a decisive excuse for losing points and became the main culprit of the elimination. In addition, his position is unstable due to the evaluation that he is not playing his role in the team.

Marquinos joined PSG in 2013 and has been active for 10 years. He became the main player with 38 goals and 10 assists in 407 career games at PSG and took over as captain when Thiago Silva 39 left for Chelsea England in 2020. As such, Marcinos is a key player of the club, but when he was out of sight, he was immediately reduced to a sales target without exception.

Meanwhile, PSG will play a pre-season schedule with Cerezo Osaka Japan at 7:20 p.m. on the 28th. Lee Kang-in 22, who joined PSG this summer, suffered a hamstring injury and missed the last match against Al Nasr Saudi. Currently, he has returned to team training, but is still focusing on recovery.

PSG will move to Busan, South Korea, on the 3rd of next month to play a friendly match against Jeonbuk Hyundai. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-in will be able to appear in front of Korean fans.

Sports News

Son Heung-min reflects on last season: “I couldn’t abandon Tottenham I’ll be back to being Sonny”

Son Heung-min of the South Korean national soccer team greets fans after the 1-1 draw between South Korea and El Salvador during the Hana Bank Invitational Football Tournament at Daejeon World Cup Stadium in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, on June 20.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min, 31, reflects on his sports hernia injury at the end of last season, saying it was a “really tough moment” but that he feels like a new man after the operation.

“Everyone wondered why I waited so long to have the surgery, but I couldn’t turn my back on a team that was struggling,” Son Heung-min, who is in Singapore for the ongoing preseason, told the British media on Sept. 25 (local time). I didn’t want to disappoint the fans.”

Son, who won the English Premier League (EPL) Golden Boot in the 2021-22 season, struggled last season. He was heavily scrutinized by opponents and suffered an orbital fracture.

He also suffered a sports hernia at the end of the season and was not in top form, but he played through the pain and only had surgery after the season ended.

“It affected everything: turning, running, and shooting. I was excited to go to the stadium because there was no pain when I walked, but I was frustrated as soon as I stepped on the field for warm-ups. Every movement was painful,” he explained.

“I decided to have surgery after the season. It was the best decision I ever made,” he emphasized.

It’s been a tough time for Son, but also for Tottenham.

After finishing fourth in the 2021-22 season and qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, the club dropped to eighth in 2022-23. Head coach Antonio Conte parted ways with the club during the season, and acting head coach Christian Stellini was sacked. At the end of the season, Ryan Mason took over as acting head coach.

The turbulent situation, coupled with a bad team atmosphere, was the reason Son put off the surgery.

“People wonder why I didn’t have the surgery sooner, but the answer is simple,” says Son, “I didn’t want to abandon the struggling Spurs. I felt that the team was struggling every moment and I didn’t want to disappoint people,” he said.

He added: “I will not make excuses for my decision. It was my decision to play through the pain,” he said, adding, “Every soccer player plays through pain. But I didn’t want the fans to be disappointed. It was painful, but that’s all.”

Son embraced Conte, who he worked with last year. “Tottenham players are too selfish and don’t want to help each other,” Conte had criticized before his sacking. The comments were met with anger from Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, and he left the club shortly afterward.

“I don’t think it was sincere,” Son said of Conte’s comments, “I’m grateful to him. I had a good relationship with Conte and we won the Golden Boot together. I’m grateful to have worked with him.”

“The end was not ideal, but being with him made me more passionate. I learned a lot,” he added.

Son is looking forward to working with new coach Ange Postecoglou. The former Celtic (Scotland) manager is known for his emphasis on attacking soccer.

“I’m really happy to play attacking soccer, I think we can score a lot of goals and win games,” Son smiled.

Coming back from injury, he said, “I will show that last season was not the Sonny (Son Heung-min) that everyone knows. It wasn’t my best season, but it was the year I learned the most, 스포츠토토 and I’m determined to be the same Sonny again.”

Sports News

Hwang Sun-woo, 200m bronze, now 100m freestyle beats his own record by two years

South Korean swimming sensation Hwang Sun-woo holds a doll after winning bronze in the men’s 200m freestyle final at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan, Friday afternoon.

Hwang Sun-woo (20, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province), who broke the Korean record in the 200-meter freestyle to win bronze at the World Championships, will try to break the record in his next event, the 100-meter freestyle.

Hwang will compete in the men’s 100-meter freestyle preliminaries at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships Fukuoka at 11:13 a.m. on Saturday at Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan.

In the 200m freestyle final the previous day, Hwang won the bronze medal with a time of 1:44.42, 0.05 seconds faster than the South Korean record (1:44.47). Hwang, who won silver in the 200m freestyle at last year’s World Championships in Budapest, also reached a new milestone by becoming the first Korean swimmer to medal at two consecutive World Championships.

Hwang will now focus her efforts on her final individual event, the 100-meter freestyle. The 100 meters is scheduled for the semifinals at 8:26 p.m. and the final at 8:21 p.m. on the same day.

Compared to the 200m freestyle, which was a strong gold medal contender, the 100m freestyle is not a ‘medal’ event, so it’s a bit of an oddity.

“My world ranking in the 100m freestyle is ninth. As long as I make it to the final (of eight), I’ll be able to compete without any pressure, so I think I’ll have a good result,” he said, adding that he was looking forward to the challenge.

It’s not a direct comparison, but he was second in the first 100 meters of the 200-meter freestyle final, so a ‘surprise medal’ is not out of the question if he keeps his momentum going. For now, he is focused on pushing his own limits rather than medals.

Hwang holds the South Korean record of 47.56 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle. He broke the record in the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where fans were introduced to the star that is Hwang Sun-woo.

With his time, Hwang became the first Asian athlete to reach the final of the men’s 100-meter freestyle at an Olympic Games in 65 years, since Atsushi Dani (Japan) in Melbourne in 1956.

Hwang said, “It’s been two years since I haven’t beaten my best time in the 100 meters. I’m very eager to improve my time. 카지노사이트 A major competition is a great opportunity to break the record,” he said.