PSG To Consider Sale Of Captain Marquinos With No Exception

The team’s captain is no exception. 스포츠토토핫 Paris Saint-Germain France, hereinafter referred to as PSG is considering the sale of Marquignos 29. PSG is willing to sell Marcinos, the team’s captain, by angering the club with remarks related to Kylian Mbappe 25, soccer media “Gol Dotcom” reported on the 28th Korea Standard Time.

At a press conference, Marquis expressed his desire to continue playing with Mbappe. This remark made the club leaders uncomfortable. PSG is expected to be willing to put Marcinos up for sale in the transfer market as his words are believed to not support the club.

Mbappe continues to have an uncomfortable relationship with PSG this summer. A year before his contract expires, he said he would not renew his contract with the club. Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid (Spain) and can join as a free agent after his contract ends next year.

PSG are outraged by his attitude and are trying to get him out somehow this summer. In addition, Mbappe has now been expelled from the first team and excluded from the club’s preseason Asian tour list. Mbappe is training with second-tier players. In the midst of this, Marquis publicly made remarks about Mbappe, disturbing the club.

Marquinos had already been marked by club officials as a key figure. In the second leg of the UEFA Champions League UCL round of 16 in the 21-21 season, he provided a decisive excuse for losing points and became the main culprit of the elimination. In addition, his position is unstable due to the evaluation that he is not playing his role in the team.

Marquinos joined PSG in 2013 and has been active for 10 years. He became the main player with 38 goals and 10 assists in 407 career games at PSG and took over as captain when Thiago Silva 39 left for Chelsea England in 2020. As such, Marcinos is a key player of the club, but when he was out of sight, he was immediately reduced to a sales target without exception.

Meanwhile, PSG will play a pre-season schedule with Cerezo Osaka Japan at 7:20 p.m. on the 28th. Lee Kang-in 22, who joined PSG this summer, suffered a hamstring injury and missed the last match against Al Nasr Saudi. Currently, he has returned to team training, but is still focusing on recovery.

PSG will move to Busan, South Korea, on the 3rd of next month to play a friendly match against Jeonbuk Hyundai. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-in will be able to appear in front of Korean fans.

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