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Women’s table tennis, the ‘strongest’, failed to overcome the Great Wall and was eliminated from the Busan World Championships in the quarterfinals

Shin Yu-bin competing against Wang Yi-di

First medal in 12 years Qualification for the team finals at the Paris Olympics has been secured.

The match between Korea and China in the women’s quarterfinals of the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships held at BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of the 22nd.

Korean women’s table tennis failed to overcome the ‘Great Wall of China’ and was eliminated in the quarterfinals at the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships.

Korea (5th place), lined up with Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities), Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), and Lee Si-ion (Samsung Life Insurance), defeated China (1st place) with a match score of 0-3 in the quarterfinals of the tournament held at the BEXCO Special Stadium in Busan on the 22nd. was completely defeated.

Korean women’s table tennis aimed to win the first prize in 12 years since the 2012 Dortmund tournament (bronze medal) at the World Championships held at home for the first time, but was unable to achieve its goal due to being blocked by the tall Great Wall of China. 카지노사이트

The team that made it to the quarterfinals of this tournament had to be satisfied with securing a spot in the team event at the 2026 Paris Olympics.

‘Net play’

The match between Korea and China in the women’s quarterfinals of the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships held at BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of the 22nd.

The women’s national team won all four games in the group stage, where it was grouped with Malaysia, Italy, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, and advanced to the round of 16 as first place.

In the round of 16, they defeated Brazil with a match score of 3-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Korean women’s table tennis has never won a team event at the World Championships since winning the Sarajevo Tournament in 1973 and the Chiba Tournament in 1991 as a unified North and South Korean team called ‘Korea’.

China, which is trying to win its sixth consecutive title, will play the semifinal match against the winner of the France-Germany match on the 23rd.

China is an absolute powerhouse, having won the women’s team event at the World Championships a whopping 22 times.

Coach Oh Gwang-heon of the women’s national team sent Lee Si-on, rather than the ‘one-two punch’ Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee, to the first singles match to face ‘the world’s strongest player’ Sun Ying-sha.

The strategy was to expect unexpected results from Lee Si-on, while actively aiming for victory in the second and third singles matches where Jeon Ji-hee and Shin Yu-bin would compete.

The gap between Lee Si-ion, ranked 44th in the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) singles world rankings, and Sun Yingsha, ranked 1st, was large. 토토사이트 순위

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Pepper Savings Bank player A is suspected of bullying juniors KOVO holds a rewards and punishment committee on the 23rd

Pepper Savings Bank players

Two players who claimed to have been bullied left the team last year

Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked professional volleyball women’s team in the swamp of 23 consecutive losses, is embroiled in an internal dispute.

Pepper Savings Bank’s veteran player A was referred to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Rewards and Punishment Committee under suspicion of continuing to harass his juniors. 메이저사이트

A KOVO official said on the 22nd, “We are planning to hold a reward and punishment committee regarding player A at 10 a.m. tomorrow.”

It is known that junior players B and C were continuously harassed by senior A on the same team last year.

B and C left the team at the end of last year, and during this process, Pepper Savings Bank discovered that A had engaged in inappropriate behavior.

Pepper Savings Bank recently reported the related matter through the Grievance Center on the KOVO website.After receiving the relevant information, KOVO decided to hold a reward and punishment committee regarding A.

A Pepper Savings Bank official said in a phone call with Yonhap News, “The club reported it directly through a post-investigation and the official position will be revealed after the rewards and punishment committee ends.”

Pepper Savings Bank is having the worst time this season.

The club spared no investment, including recruiting free agent Park Jeong-ah ahead of the opening of this season, but lost 23 games after winning against GS Caltex on November 10 last year.

This is the record for the most consecutive losses in the professional volleyball V-League women’s division.If they add 4 more losses, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO at the time) will tie the men’s record of 27 consecutive losses, which they suffered during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.

Pepper Savings Bank is in last place this season with 2 wins, 28 losses, and 8 points, regardless of the remaining games.

Pepper Savings Bank will play a visiting game against Korea Expressway Corporation at the Gimcheon Indoor Stadium on the afternoon of the 23rd when the Rewards and Punishments Committee is held. 토토사이트 추천

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Kim Se-young, 2nd place on the first day of LPGA Honda Thailand, 2 strokes behind

Kim Se-young’s powerful tee shot.

Kim Se-young broke her long silence and laid the foundation for her 13th win on the LPGA Tour.

Seiyoung Kim hit 6 under par 66 in the first round of the LPGA Tour Honda Thailand (total prize money of $1.7 million) held at Siam Country Club Old Course (par 72) in Chonburi, near Pattaya, Thailand on the 22nd.

He hit 8 under par 64 strokes, ranking 2nd, 2 strokes behind Jian Beiyun (Taiwan), who took the lead, the highest ranking among Korean players participating in this tournament.

Seiyoung Kim has reached the top 12 times on the LPGA Tour, but has spent three seasons without winning since winning the Pelican Championship in 2020. 스포츠 토토사이트

Due to poor performance until last year, the world ranking fell to 60th place.

Kim Se-young, who finished last season and prepared for a comeback during the winter, made 7 birdies as if she had regained her prime skills from the first day of this competition.

Kim Se-young, who started on the 10th hole, was anxious at the beginning due to a bogey on the 12th hole (par 3), but quickly rose to the lead with consecutive birdies on holes 14 to 16 and a birdie on the 18th hole (par 5).

Kim Se-young, who caught stepping stone birdies at the 3rd (par 4), 5th (par 4), and 8th holes (par 3), said, “I was anxious for the first few holes, but after making bogey, I decided to relax and play comfortably. “Coach (Lee Kyung-hoon) came to the stadium, talked about various things, and advised me to stick to the basics, which gave me strength,” he said.

Seyoung Kim has been training at a winter training camp near Bangkok, Thailand.

Kim Hyo-joo, who was competing in her first tournament this season, recorded 5 under par 67 strokes with 6 birdies and 1 bogey, ready to jump into the championship race.

Lee Mi-hyang and Shin Ji-eun joined the joint third-place group with Kim Hyo-joo.

Jinyoung Ko, who also participated in the LPGA Tour event for the first time this season, finished the first day refreshingly by hitting 4 under par 68.

Ko Jin-young, who tied for 11th place, missed the green eight times, but her green play was outstanding, including six birdies.

Choi Hye-jin finished the first round in a tie for 30th place (2 under par, 70 strokes), and Ji Eun-hee and Yoo Hae-ran tied for 42nd place (1 under par, 71 strokes).

Yang Hee-young, who won this competition three times (2015, 2017, and 2019), was pushed back to a tie for 60th place with a 1-over-par 73. 슬롯게이밍

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Korean men’s basketball lost to Australia, ranked fourth in the world, in the first round of the Asia Cup preliminary round

The men’s basketball team played against Australia on the 22nd.

Coach Ahn Jun-ho’s national team lost in its debut game. Clash with Thailand in Wonju on the 25th

The Korean men’s basketball team lost to Australia in the first match of the 2025 International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Asia Cup qualifiers.

The national basketball team (51st in FIBA ​​rankings) led by coach Ahn Jun-ho lost 71-85 to Australia in the first game of Group A of the 2025 FIBA ​​Asia Cup qualifiers held at the Red Energy Arena in Bendigo, Australia on the 22nd.

In this preliminary round, which will determine the team that will advance to the FIBA ​​Asia Cup finals to be held in Saudi Arabia in August 2025, 24 countries will be divided into 6 groups and compete in a home-and-away format until February next year.

The top two countries in each group will advance directly to the finals, and four of the six countries ranked third in each group will also advance to the finals. 파워볼사이트

Korea, which is in Group A along with Australia (4th), Indonesia (74th), and Thailand (91st), has won both of the recent Asia Cups (2017 and 2022) and has not surpassed Australia, which has the highest world ranking in Asia. They started the preliminaries with one loss.

Coach Ahn Jun-ho, who was appointed as the new head coach of the Korean men’s national basketball team last month and returned to the field as an on-field leader after 12 years, suffered a defeat in his debut game.

Director Ahn Jun-ho

Against Australia, where 6 of the 12 young players were born after 2001, Korea performed well in the beginning.

With a strong defense that recorded 4 steals in the first quarter and forced 6 turnovers, they tormented Australia and took a 15-14 lead.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Jeong-Hyeon Lee (Sono) played well, scoring 8 consecutive points at 18-16, creating a double-digit gap (26-16) with 7 minutes and 20 seconds left.At 3 minutes and 34 seconds before the end of the quarter, Byun Jun-hyung (Sangmu) hit a 3-pointer to increase the lead to 33-20.

However, Korea faltered somewhat afterward and allowed the chase to end, finishing the first half with a 40-36 lead. At the end of the third quarter, Korea maintained a tight lead of 57-53, but gave up the momentum in the fourth quarter.

Laguna from Korea

Korea gave up offensive rebounds one after another, made mistakes, and was hit by consecutive 3-point shots, allowing a 61-64 lead with 6 minutes and 6 seconds left before the end. However, in the see-saw game, La Gun-ah (KCC) got into foul trouble and changed the mood. had a hard time

The players’ field goal success rate dropped sharply as they became impatient, and their defense gave up several outside shots, putting the game behind them at 67-77 with 2 minutes and 20 seconds left, effectively dividing the game.

National team captain La Gun-ah recorded the most in the team with 21 points and 14 rebounds, and Byun Jun-hyung, Lee Jeong-hyun, and Ha Yoon-gi (KT) added 9 points each.

In Australia, Nick Kay had 21 points and 12 rebounds, and Dejan Vasilievich had 14 points, 8 assists, and 5 rebounds.

Korea will invite Thailand to Wonju on the 25th for the second match. 슬롯

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Director Song Jin-woo, “Ryu Hyun-jin, run for all 8 years and break my record as the oldest!”

Coach Song Jin-woo giving a high five to Ryu Hyun-jin in 2012

Ryu Hyun-jin signs the second 8-year contract in history. If the period is fulfilled, active duty until the age of 44

Coach Jin-woo Song (58) of the Oneston semi-professional baseball team, who holds the record for the oldest player to play in professional baseball, asked Hyun-jin Ryu (36), who returned to the KBO League after signing an 8-year contract with the Hanwha Eagles, to break his record. I sent a message of support.

Coach Song Jin-woo said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 22nd, “It is surprising that Hanwha signed an 8-year contract with Ryu Hyun-jin. There may be internal circumstances at the club, but I hope Hyun-jin completes the entire contract period.”

He added, “I hope to break my record by running for all eight years without any injuries and in good health.”

On the 22nd, the Hanwha club announced that it had signed an 8-year contract with Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned from his Major League Baseball (MLB) career, for a total of 17 billion won.

The total amount was somewhat expected, but the contract period was surprising.

The 8-year contract is the longest contract in KBO League history, and is the second following the free agent contract (5+3 years, total KRW 14 billion) signed by NC Dinos with Park Min-woo in November 2022.

The situations of Park Min-woo and Ryu Hyun-jin are different.Park Min-woo signed an 8-year contract when he was 29 years old, but Ryu Hyun-jin is currently 36 years old.

He will turn 37 next month when the regular season opens.

In order to fulfill the eight-year contract, Ryu Hyun-jin must remain active until 2031, when he turns 44.

If Ryu Hyun-jin completes the contract period, he will far exceed the record of the oldest player in KBO League history (43 years, 7 months, 7 days) set by coach Jin-Woo Song in 2009.

Some say it is unrealistic.

There is also an interpretation that Hanwha signed an 8-year contract as a way to extend the payment period to solve the problem of exceeding the salary cap (total annual salary cap).

However, the Hanwha club explained that this contract contained ‘symbolism’.

Hanwha said, “This contract contains the meaning of a new history in the KBO League. If Ryu Hyun-jin remains active during the contract period, he will surpass Hanwha legend Song Jin-woo and set a new record in Korean professional baseball.” 일본야동

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Professional baseball SSG ends Florida camp Move to Taiwan 2nd camp

SSG team completed camp in Florida, USA

The pitcher and fielder MVPs are Lee Ro-woon and Ahn Sang-hyun. Ahn Sang-hyun is also the MVP chosen by the players.

Professional baseball SSG Landers will return to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 23rd after completing the first spring camp held in Viro Beach, Florida, USA.

SSG coach Lee Soong-yong said, “We took the first step well. The senior players took center stage and led the team, and the mid-level players also fulfilled their roles faithfully. The younger players followed suit well despite having a lot of practice, and most importantly, there were no major injuries. “I am satisfied,” he said overall.

After a short break, the SSG team will hold the second spring camp in Chiayi, Taiwan from the 25th to March 7th.

There are a total of 32 people, including 18 coaches including the manager, 15 pitchers, 3 catchers, 8 infielders, and 6 outfielders.

In the second spring camp, a total of six practice games were scheduled with the Taiwanese professional baseball team to check the actual sense and power.

Coach Lee said, “For the second camp, the first goal is to prevent injuries. The time to prepare for war is getting closer. In Taiwan, we will consult with the coaches and try a lot of game tactics and strategic aspects.”

Taiwan SSG Camp Participating Player List

Meanwhile, pitcher Lee Ro-woon and fielder Ahn Sang-hyun were selected as the MVPs of the first camp.

Ahn Sang-hyun also won the ‘Player-Selected MVP’ award, which was newly established at Coach Lee’s suggestion.

Coach Lee said, “The coaches selected the pitcher and fielder MVPs, and I suggested that the MVPs selected by the players be directly selected by senior staff. Rowoon was seen making extraordinary efforts with a serious attitude throughout the camp, and Sanghyun showed confidence through a lot of training. “I was impressed that he kept his promise,” he said.

Pitcher MVP Lee Ro-woon said, “As much as I worked hard, I want to show a good performance during the season. I went up with pitching design in mind, and that part went as well as I expected.”

Ahn Sang-hyun, who dominated the fielder and player selection MVP awards, said, “I think they appreciated my hard work. I’m glad that the amount of practice led to good results in proportion to my confidence. I will prepare so that I can maintain a good performance without getting injured in the second camp.” He said. 성인웹툰

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‘Messi 1 assist’ Miami beats Salt Lake 2-0 in MLS opening game

Lionel Messi of Inter Miami

After helping Messi with the winning goal, he made a big performance as the starting point for the additional goal.

Inter Miami, in which Lionel Messi assisted the winning goal and started the additional goal, enjoyed a pleasant victory in the opening match of the 2024 U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS).

Inter Miami won 2-0 over Real Salt Lake in the opening game of the first round of the 2024 MLS Eastern Conference held at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on the 22nd (Korean time).

Inter Miami, which ranked 14th out of 15 teams in the Eastern Conference last season, took a refreshing start in the opening game by defeating Salt Lake, which ranked 5th in the Western Conference last season.

Messi’s brilliant dribbling and selfless play led to victory.

Miami went on the offensive with the ‘four players from FC Barcelona’ including Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

Lionel Messi and teammates celebrating a goal

Miami scored first.

In the 39th minute of the first half, Miami received the ball from Busquets in midfield and sent a forward pass, and Robert Taylor rushed to the right of the penalty area and hit the net with a right-footed shot.

It was Messi’s first assist of the season.Taylor scored his first MLS goal this season.

Miami, which finished the first half 1-0, was confident of victory with an additional goal from Diego Gomes in the 38th minute of the second half.

The starting point for Gomez’s goal was Messi.

Messi, who attempted to dribble near the center line, passed a pass between three opposing players near the penalty arc, and Suarez took over and connected to Gomes with a one-touch pass.

Gomes scored an additional goal with a right-footed shot from the right side of the penalty area.

Coincidentally, all of Miami’s goals that day were scored by ‘Barcelona alumni’. 스포츠토토

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Promise the highest courtesy and exercise patience Hanwha saves Ryu Hyun-jin’s pride

Ryu Hyun-jin smiles

“I couldn’t get a $10 million offer from MLB” Based on participation in posts from 12 years ago Hanwha continues to woo and deliver a contract at the end of January. Son Hyuk’s friendship also played a role.

The 2012 Professional Baseball All-Star Game was held at Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium on July 21, 2012.Western team starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin of Hanwha is coming down the mound after allowing no runs in the bottom of the second inning.

The KBO League’s home team, the Hanwha Eagles, saved the pride of ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (36).

On the 22nd, Hanwha announced that it had signed an eight-year contract with Ryu Hyun-jin worth a total of 17 billion won.

The total amount of 17 billion won is the highest ever in Korean professional baseball, surpassing the previous record of 15.2 billion won for 4+2 years by Yang Eui-ji (Doosan Bears).

Ryu Hyun-jin, who faced the cold reality in MLB’s Stove League, is grateful for the hospitality of his home team.

Several clubs, including the San Diego Padres and Pittsburgh Pirates, were mentioned as destinations for Ryu Hyun-jin, who became a free agent (FA) in October of last year, but they were unable to reach an agreement.

If it had been a strategy to raise the price, there would have been no problem, but Ryu Hyun-jin said his pride was hurt by the poor evaluation of MLB clubs.

In particular, no team offered an annual average of $10 million, which was a psychological Maginot line.

An official on Ryu Hyun-jin’s side said, “This winter, we did not receive contract offers worth more than $10 million per year on average from major league clubs, and during this process, Ryu Hyun-jin considered returning to the KBO League.”

‘$10 million’ is also the minimum amount that Hanwha set when it posted Ryu Hyun-jin (private competitive bidding) in 2012.

At the time, Hanwha did not plan to allow the company to enter the U.S. unless there was a big league team offering more than $10 million.

However, MLB teams’ evaluation of Ryu Hyun-jin was beyond imagination.The Los Angeles Dodgers gave Hanwha 25,737,737 dollars and 33 cents, which ranks fourth in the major league posting system, and later signed a large six-year contract worth $36 million with Ryu Hyun-jin.

Twelve years have passed since then, and Ryu Hyun-jin may feel the passage of time.

It was impossible to avoid harsh evaluations from local American media.

Jim Bowden, a former MLB general manager, set Ryu Hyun-jin’s price at $8 million per year and advised, “Due to the risk of injury, we will have to accept a one-year contract.”

‘MLB Trade Rumors’, which specializes in transfer news, mentioned Ryu Hyun-jin’s strikeout rate (17.0%), number of innings (11 games, 52 innings), and average fastball speed (88.8 miles per hour) in the 2023 season, calling him a ‘5-inning pitcher’. “It seems difficult to receive more treatment,” he predicted. 토토사이트

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Former MLB All-Star Game MVP and ‘FA scam’ Hosmer announces retirement

Eric Hosmer, who won the World Series with Kansas City

Eric Hosmer (34), who once played as a top hitter in the Major League Baseball (MLB) but was reduced to a ‘scam’ after signing as a free agent, finally announced his retirement. did.

Hosmer said on his social media on the 22nd (Korean time), “Unfortunately, my life as an active player has come to an end, but (going forward) I will do my best to give back to baseball what I received.”

He added, “It takes 110 percent effort mentally and physically to play in the major leagues, but I’m not at that point right now. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished with the great people I’ve worked with.”

Hosmer, who debuted with the Kansas City Royals in 2011, recorded a career batting average of 0.276, 198 home runs, and 893 RBI until last year.

A four-time Gold Glove winner, he led Kansas City to a World Series victory in 2015 and was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the All-Star Game in 2016.

Eric Hosmer played with Ha-Sung Kim in San Diego in the 2022 season

Based on these achievements, Hosmer signed a large contract worth $144 million over 8 years with the San Diego Padres in 2018.

However, Hosmer, whose hitting skills declined after moving to San Diego, was traded to the Boston Red Sox in the second half of the 2022 season, but performed even worse and was released after the season.

Last year, he signed a minimum salary contract with the Chicago Cubs and attempted to make a comeback, but was released again after 31 games.

After failing to find a team, Hosmer eventually announced his retirement.

However, it is known that Hosmer will receive an average annual salary of $13 million until next year according to the free agent contract he signed with San Diego. 온라인섯다

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Seo Han-sol takes 2nd place in history and advances to round of 32 in women’s professional billiards

Seo Hansol looking at the ball

Seo Han-sol (Blue One Resort) advanced to the round of 32, setting a record of second place in average in all women’s professional billiards tour competitions.

Seo Han-sol faced Han Su-ah in the PQ round (2nd preliminary round) of the ‘Crown Haitai LPBA Championship 2024’ held at the KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 21st, and scored 25 runs in 11 innings to easily win 25-2.

Han Su-ah’s average of 2.273 in the second preliminary round is the second record in history, following 2.778 set by Throng Piavi (Cambodia, Blue One Resort) in the round of 64 in the opening match of this season (Blue One Resort Championship).

As a result, Seo Han-sol increased his chances of winning the ‘Well Bang Top Ranking‘ (prize prize of 2 million won), which is given to the player who recorded the highest average in each game of each competition.

Seo Han-sol also won 15-10 over Lim Kyung-jin in the round of 64 held on the same day and joined the round of 32.

In addition, past LPBA players such as Piabi, the winner of the previous tour and the most wins in LPBA history with 7 wins, Gayoung Kim, Ayako Sakai (Japan, Hana Card), Jeongsuk Lim, Minju Baek (Crown Haitai), and Minah Kim (NH Nonghyup Card) The champs also advanced to the round of 32.

This competition will take a day off on the 22nd, and the competition for the championship will begin in earnest from the afternoon of the 23rd. 섯다