Tesu-type reversal 4 hits in a row…Kim Jong-kook hits a grand slam

“It was exactly what I expected”.

The pregame prediction was spot on. Kia Tigers manager Kim Jong-kook predicted Socrates Brito’s breakout game before the game against the Kiwoom Heroes on Sunday.

Socrates was batting just 2-for-3 with no home runs and four RBIs in August. His batting average for the season dropped to 2-for-8. He struck out 10 times in 52 at-bats. The Athletics trio of Na, Sung-beom, and Choi failed to capitalize on the opportunities they created. The cohesion of the batting lineup also dropped.

Coach Kim said, “It’s been a few days, so it will come out. I’m frustrated, too. It’s going to happen soon. It just needs to happen once. I just want him to do it once in the center.” He was looking forward to their performance. The expectations were quickly realized.

In the bottom of the second inning, with runners on first and second, he hit a leadoff single that rolled into the right field seats. Then, in the sixth inning with a 2-1 lead, Na Sung-bum doubled and was doubled out, which seemed to be the end of his chances, but he launched a solo shot to make the score 3-1. He also earned 2 million won in pocket money by hitting a home run over the ‘ink coffee home run zone’.

The last at-bat was epic. In the top of the eighth inning, with runners on second and third, Lim Ki-young gave up a triple to Song Sung-moon. One inning later, Choi Hyung-woo drew a walk and Kim Sung-jin hit a two-run homer to right-center to tie the game.

Choi roared toward the dugout and raised the energy of his teammates. They capitalized on their chances with Lee Chang-jin’s single to right, Kim Tae-gun’s walk, Park Chan-ho’s infield single, and Kim Do-young’s RBI double to make it 8-4. With the win, the team returned to winning ways and moved into fifth place.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook was thrilled. “After giving up the lead in the top of the eighth inning, we almost gave them the 사설토토 game, but Socrates hit the game-winning two-run homer. He hasn’t been hitting well lately, but he came through when it mattered. He was responsible for four of the team’s RBIs, including a home run in consecutive at-bats,” he said.

“Park Chan-ho and Choi Won-joon set the table and created a lot of chances for us, and it was great to see them stay focused after the deficit and get the extra base hits from Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young. It’s a shame that Panoni didn’t get the win because he pitched really well. It’s always good to have a starter go more than seven innings, it helps our bullpen. We’re looking forward to more performances like today’s.”


“The void is too big for Son Heung-min to fill”

Tottenham Hotspur made a big splash by sending Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, but the void is predictably large.

British media outlet Athletic highlighted Kane‘s departure on Sunday.

“Tottenham boss Enze Postecoglou has tried to maximize his attack with Son, Heung-min, Michy Batshuayi, James Maddison and Dejan Koulousevski. Kane’s absence has left an even bigger void,” pointing to the lackluster performance of the Son Heung-min-centered attack.

Kane moved to Munich this summer. Aside from an interim loan spell, the Tottenham one-club man was looking for a new challenge.

He broke numerous records in the English Premier League (EPL). Including the most joint goals in league history with Son Heung-min.

More than records and Tottenham legends, Kane wanted a trophy. Spurs were struggling to win the title and qualify for the UEFA Champions League. His patience ran out and he was approached by title favorites Munich.

Tottenham wanted to keep Kane, but with a year left on his contract, they couldn’t get a transfer fee unless they let him go 바카라사이트 this summer. In the end, they let him go for a €100 million transfer fee.

As a result, the first game against Brentford was played without Kane. Tottenham tried to find an answer with the combination of Son, Heung-min, and Klucepski. Concerns grew as Son and Heung-min struggled. Spurs are looking to find Kane’s successor, but for the time being, Son will have to step up to the plate.


GK who almost stopped Son Heung-min scoring record returns to EPL

Tim Krul has returned to the English Premier League (EPL).

Luton Town officially announced the signing on their official website on Sunday, saying, “Luton manager Rob Edwards has strengthened his goalkeeping options with the arrival of Tim Krul from Norwich City.”

Krul is a veteran goalkeeper born in 1988. Krul grew up in the Dutch league, but has a unique background. He joined Newcastle United as a youth and made his debut for the club. After gaining experience on loan, Krul became a regular for Newcastle in the 2010-11 season.

A starter for Newcastle until the 2014-15 season, Krul became a recognized player in the English Premier League (EPL). A regular at the Dutch age-group level, Krul quickly earned a call-up to the Dutch national team. He wasn’t a starter, though. He was consistently selected as the second or third choice goalkeeper.

However, he fell on hard times at Newcastle in 2015-16 when he started to lose his place in the team. He had spells at Ajax, AZ Alkmaar, and Brighton, all of which failed to establish him as a first-team regular. It wasn’t until he joined Norwich City in the 2018-19 season that Krul found his form again.

After joining Norwich from the second tier, Krul helped the club win promotion to the EPL and return to the EPL in 2019-20. As a starter for Norwich, Krul faced Tottenham in the final league game of the 2021-22 season.

Tottenham had two goals at the time. They wanted to win and make Son Heung-min the EPL’s top scorer. Son was one goal behind Mohamed Salah, so he could have become the EPL’s top scorer with or without a goal in the final game.

On a day when he could have become the first Asian to score in the EPL, Krul made the save of his life. On 토토사이트 multiple occasions, he saved Son Heung-min’s shots, sending Korean soccer fans into a frenzy. Krul’s performance was so good that his Tottenham teammate Dier shouted, “Is Salah doing something to you?” which went viral.

But as it turned out, the South Korean scored back-to-back goals in the 25th and 30th minutes of the second half to make history in the EPL and Asian soccer. Krul was utilized as a rotation member at Norwich after the 2021-22 season. Looking for a new challenge, he headed to promoted Luton Town.

Krul said: “I’m delighted to be joining a team that has had an incredible journey over the last nine years. EPL teams have a lot of competition. It will be no different here,” Krul said, adding that he is determined to compete for a starting spot.


Senior’ Yoo Kang-nam expresses pride in ‘junior’ Lee Jung-geun’s performance

Lotte Giants’ Yoo Kang-nam (31) expressed his delight at the performance of junior Lee Jung-geun (23).

Yoo Kang-nam started at third base and catcher in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against SSG Landers at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, going 3-for-5 with a double, one walk, two RBIs, two runs scored, and one strikeout.

This raised Yoo’s batting average to 0.234 this season, up from 0.226. Behind Yoo’s bat, Lotte swept SSG 15-4 to extend its winning streak to four games.

Lotte’s main catcher, Yoo Kang-nam, was sidelined from the first team on July 29 due to a torn left adductor muscle.

After a successful three-week rehabilitation, he returned to the first team on July 29.

In his first game back in the first team after a long absence, Yoo Kang-nam made his presence felt. He drew a walk in his first at-bat in the top of the first inning to adjust his batting stroke, then followed it up with a clean hit to right field in his second at-bat in the top of the third.

In his third at-bat, Yoo’s bat was still hot. In the bottom of the fourth inning, with his team leading 3-2, he hit an RBI single with runners on first and second. It was a crucial hit that extended the lead to 4-2.

Two at-bats later, Yoo hit an RBI double in the eighth inning to give his team a 12-4 lead. He also shined on defense. In the sixth inning, he caught Choi Jeong-jeong trying to steal second base.

“It was embarrassing to have an injury after seven years, but I thought it was not a serious injury and was positive. I think it was a message from heaven to take care of my body,” Yoo said after the game.

He continued, “The rest period became the medicine. While watching the game, I felt things for myself, and it was 토토 a time for me to think, ‘What should I do when I get to the first team, and why did I do this in that situation,'” he said, recalling his injury period.

Meanwhile, Yoo Kang-nam was genuinely happy when asked about his junior, Lee Jung-geun. Lee has been on fire this season, batting .418 with a 1.115 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage), one home run and 11 RBIs. In his last 10 games, he’s batting a whopping .545.

“I was so happy,” said Yoo Kang-nam of his latest blow. (I felt like he was going to keep hitting because his timing was perfect. I was surprised.”

“I was cheering him on and hoping for the best. I was happy and thought to myself, ‘That’s cool,'” he said. Yoo Kang-nam, a senior, expressed his pride at his junior’s performance.


“Basketball is so much fun these days,” says Korea Gas Corporation’s Ahn Se Young.

Ahn is doing her best to prepare for next season.

Ahn Se-young (180 cm, G) was selected in the third round of the 카지노사이트 2022 KBL Rookie Draft with the 8th pick, the last pick of the draft. Her strength was defense. She has excelled in defense since she was a student at Sungkyunkwan University.

However, it was hard to see Ahn’s performance in the first team. In seven games in the D-League, Ahn averaged 2.4 points in 12 minutes and 40 seconds of play.

Although she didn’t play much last season, Kang Hyuk, the new head coach of KOGAS, said, “This season, I’m going to use the players evenly. We need to utilize their strengths and mask their weaknesses. In particular, we want to play more young players. (Ahn) Se-young will get her chance when she’s ready,” he said, explaining his plans for next season.

Indeed, Ahn Se-young has been getting plenty of opportunities in practice. After a practice match with the Korean national team, Ahn said, “The acting coach is very meticulous. So I’m learning a lot from him. He pays attention to every single step in defense. In fact, I’ve been defending the opposing ace since college, but what I’m learning now is completely different from the past. At the same time, I’m also playing. Basketball is so much fun these days,” he said.

“In college, I used to struggle with their screens. Recently, it’s gotten a little better. (Laughs) I hope to show my good form during the season as well.”

In that game, Ahn also made a three-pointer late in the game. Looking back on the game, Ahn said, “I don’t even remember if I made the shot. (Laughs) I think (Moon) Sung-gon was the older brother in front of me. It feels so good,” she said of her three-point shot in front of her best defender.

Ahn continued, “Even during the vacation, the acting coach gave me extra homework. He emphasized my steps, so I tried my best to live up to his expectations,” she said, recalling her experience with Kang.

As mentioned earlier, Ahn’s strength is defense. In order for her to get more opportunities, she needs to work on her defense. Ahn knew this, too. “Actually, all of my brothers in the same position are better than me. To win the competition, you have to look beyond your skills. First of all, I’m younger and I play better. (Laughs) So I want to play defense and do dirty work.”

“My biggest goal is to be a player that helps the team. To do that, I have to do everything I can. That’s my determination,” he concluded the interview.


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KT Wiz homegrown ace Ko Young-pyo (31) continued his streak of 11 consecutive quality starts (QS – six innings or more and three or fewer earned runs) with a stellar outing despite giving up a career-high 13 hits. On 12 December, Ko started a home game against the NC Dinos of the 2023 Baseball World Series at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon, South Korea, and threw 106 pitches over seven innings, allowing three runs on 13 hits with one walk and one strikeout .Ko tied the record for the most consecutive games of QS by a KT pitcher, set by Dustin Nippert (retired) in 2018.He went at least six innings in every game from 6 June against the Lotte Giants to today’s game, giving up three earned runs or less. He also had a streak of six consecutive quality starts (QS+ – seven innings or more and three earned runs or less) dating back to 8 June against the KIA Tigers. Trailing 0-2 in the first inning, Ko struck out Yoon Hyung-jun with runners on first and second to prevent further damage .With the bases loaded in the third, he got Do Tae-hoon and Yoon Hyung-joon to ground out to short to end the inning In the 스포츠토토링크 fifth, he gave up three consecutive singles to Park Gun-woo, Jason Martin and Kwon Hee-dong, but with the bases loaded, he got pinch-hitter Son Asub to fly out to second and Kim Joo-won to ground out to first. In the seventh, he gave up back-to-back singles to Kwon Hee-dong and Do Tae-hoon to put runners on first and second, but he got Kim Han-byul to ground out to the infield and caught Kwon Hee-dong trying to rush home in between .KT trailed 2-3 at the end of the eighth inning.



France international winger Ousmane 카지노 Dembele has joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the same club where Lee Kang-in plays.

“Dembele joins from FC Barcelona,” PSG said on its website on 12 December, “and will play with the club for the next five seasons, wearing the number 23.”

Dembele, who played for Dortmund in the German Bundesliga, signed a five-year contract with Barcelona (Spain) in 2017 for a transfer fee of more than €100 million ($145.8 million).

With Barcelona, Dembele scored 40 goals and provided 43 assists in 185 official games. He also won three Spanish Primera Liga titles and two cups.

However, frequent injuries led to his eventual departure from Barcelona amid criticism that he had not lived up to his transfer fee.

Dembele is a winger who is known for his dribbling skills with both feet and his darting runs.

He was capped by the France national team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

For the national team, he made 37 appearances in A-matches (international matches), scoring four goals.

He has played mostly as a second-choice flanker for both his club and national teams, so his position overlaps with Lee Kang-in, the ‘future of Korean football’.

However, it’s hard to say that Dembele will remain just a competitor for Lee at this point.

With Neymar, the mainstay of the second-string attack, widely expected to leave the club, it’s possible that Lee and Dembele could play on either flank depending on the situation.

There’s also the fact that star striker Kylian Mbappe is in a bitter dispute with the club over a contract extension.

It’s entirely possible that Mbappe could be replaced by the more attack-minded Dembele up front, with Lee playing further down the pitch in midfield.

PSG kick off the 2023-2024 season with a home opener against Lorient at 4am on the 13th.



Jung Hong (Gimpo City Hall) and Park Eui-sung (Armed Forces Athletic Corps) have won the men’s doubles title at the Anseong Open Tennis Tournament. The pair defeated Son Ji-hoon (Uijeongbu City Hall) and Oh Chan-young (Dangjin City Hall) 카지노 2-1 (4-6 6-3 10-2) in the men’s doubles final on the ninth day of the tournament at the Anseong Sports Park Tennis Court in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, on 12 December.

Jung Hong and Park Eui-sung, who shared the doubles title, will face each other in the singles final on the final day of the tournament, the 13th, for the tournament’s second title.

In the women’s doubles final, Kim Da-bin-Oyu Kyung (Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province) defeated Kim Eun-chae (Andong City Hall) and Han Hyung-joo (Bucheon City Hall) 2-0 (6-2 6-4).

Oh also advanced to the singles final, where she will fight for the singles title against Ahn Yoo-jin (Goyang City Hall) on the 13th. The men’s and women’s doubles winners of the tournament will receive a training grant of 3 million won each.



South Korean striker Hwang Eui-jo, who plays for Nottingham Forest in the English Professional Football League, has been named in the squad for the first round of the 2023-2024 Premier League season. Nottingham Forest will host Arsenal in the first round of the 2023-2024 English Professional Football Premier League on 12 December at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. Hwang was not included in the team announced ahead of kick-off. He was left out of the starting 11 as well as the substitutes. Hwang made six consecutive appearances in the team’s pre-season games to start the season, giving him a green light to compete for a starting spot, but he was not 스포츠토토존 included in the squad for the first leg. After playing in the French league, Hwang joined Nottingham in August last year and was soon loaned out to Greek side Olympiakos .He then spent the first half of this year on a short-term loan to K-League side FC Seoul, where he played for six months, before returning to Nottingham to prepare for the 2023-2024 season In July, he scored the winning goal in a pre-season match against Notts County (fourth tier). Hwang will make his Premier League debut against Sheffield United in the second round on 19 September