The belated regret of the Vietnamese media, “Coach Park Hang-seo, who led his heyday, was ‘forced’ when he was appointed.”

“Coach Park Hang-seo made tremendous achievements when he was appointed to Vietnam, but he also suffered from ridiculous criticism,” Vietnam’s “The Tao” said on the 2nd (Korea time). “However, compared to his successor, Philippe Trusier, Park’s achievements are outstanding.”

Under Coach Park Hang-seo, Vietnamese soccer has developed greatly. It was also a great performance in the Asian Cup, where many Asian countries compete for the good performances of various Southeast Asian tournaments. In the last 2019 tournament, he advanced to the quarterfinals by catching Jordan in the round of 16.

Vietnam also made it to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup in 2007, but only eight countries played the tournament at that time. Since the reorganization into a 16-nation system, only Park Hang-seo from the 2019 tournament has made it to the quarterfinals among all Southeast Asian countries. Even at the World Cup, Vietnam led the country to the third round of qualifying for the first time.

Vietnam’s rival Thailand has not advanced to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup for 50 years. It was eliminated in the round of 16 at the tournament, losing to Uzbekistan 1-2. Indonesia under coach Shin Tae-yong also failed to advance to the quarterfinals as it lost 0-4 to Australia.

“The quarterfinals of the Asian Cup are a very difficult achievement in Southeast Asian countries. Thailand’s defeat against Uzbekistan makes Park Hang-seo’s 2019 Asian Cup achievement even greater,” Saoh said. “At that time, they not only caught Jordan in the round of 16 but also lost 0-1 against Japan, the favorite to win the quarterfinals.”

Meanwhile, Vietnam, where Park Hang-seo left, is struggling under Philippe Trusier. They were eliminated early, leaving the worst performance in the tournament.

Vietnam also lost 2-3 against Iraq in the third Group D match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 24th.

Due to the loss, Vietnam lost all three games and left the stadium in loneliness. Including this match, Vietnam ended the tournament in loneliness with all three losses, including 2-4 loss to Japan in the first match and 0-1 loss to Indonesia in the second match. Analysts say that the tournament was a tournament that showed all problems under Trusier’s coach system, who took over as coach Park Hang-seo.

At the time, Vietnam’s Bongdanet said, “The team failed to win a point because it lost all three games. It is the worst Asian Cup in Vietnam’s history. It advanced to the quarterfinals in both 2007 and 2019,” adding, “The team also lost eight points in three matches in a single competition. It is even more than all the lost points (seven points) recorded in 2007 and 2019.”

The media outlet said, “We were even sent off twice in three group games. This contrasts with the fact that we received two yellow cards in more than five years under coach Park Hang-seo,” stressing, “Since Trussier’s leadership, he has been showing excessive performance including four dismissals in 11 games.”

“The main reason for criticizing Coach Park Hang-seo in Vietnam was his poor performance in the third qualifying round for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. He was able to score his first goal in the eighth game after seven consecutive losses,” De Thao said. “However, considering the gap between the teams, it was natural. He even won 3-1 against China and a 1-1 draw against Japan.”

“At that time, Vietnam had four points in the third round of the World Cup, but Thailand had only two points in 10 games. The performance itself was outstanding,” he said. “Even Vietnam seemed to have stabilized more and more. I gained experience from confronting strong teams.”

Another reason for criticizing Coach Park Hang-seo in Vietnam is his defensive style. “Honestly, it’s ridiculous. As Vietnam is a weak team in the third round of the World Cup, it should be counterattacking by going defensively,” The Thao said. “Compared to Thailand, Vietnam was superior (8 points, 19 points, 6 points, 25 points) in 10 games of the third round of the World Cup qualifying round.”

“In addition to this nonsense, there are also criticisms that coach Park Hang-seo did not find a new face. However, it is nonsense. Coach Park Hang-seo discovered all the new faces in Vietnam. In fact, even under Trusier, Park Hang-seo’s students are being appointed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s Trusier, who failed perfectly at the Asian Cup, will risk his life and death in the second round of the World Cup qualifying round. “Now, Vietnam is showing the second round of the World Cup qualifying round, and the legacy of coach Park Hang-seo is at the center,” The Tao said.

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