Son Heung-min changed the goal post after the penalty shootout against Saudi Arabia

South Korea entered overtime with Cho Kyu-sung’s miraculous header in the round of 16 of the Asian Cup at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, on the 31st.

The two teams, which failed to decide the winner in overtime, will advance to the quarterfinals through a penalty shootout. Wearing the captain’s armband, Son Heung-min went to the center circle and stood in front of the referee along with a Saudi player. It was time to decide the goalpost for the shootout and the team to kick first. However, a small scuffle arose during the process.

According to the Korea Football Association, the referee unilaterally decided to proceed with a penalty shootout at the left post based on the headquarters of the goalpost. As relay cameras were installed near the goalpost, the referee intended to proceed there for convenience. Coincidentally, the goalpost was filled with Saudi fans only.

Son immediately protested. They countered by tossing coins to decide the goal post according to the regulations. The referee had no choice but to accept Son’s demand to proceed according to the regulations.

As a result of the coin toss, the penalty shootout was decided as the goalpost where there were some Korean fans. Just behind the penalty shootout goal was a large red hanger called the “Korean Red Devil,” and Korean fans were also gathered.

Korean players were able to shoot a penalty shootout after seeing the cheering sound and banners of Korean fans. Son Heung-min, Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan), Cho Kyu-sung and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) successively scored a penalty shootout, while Cho Hyun-woo (Ulsan), who defended the goal, staged a “pre-show” twice.

The Korean national team, which has overcome its first challenge to win the Asian Cup in 64 years, will play in the quarterfinals against Australia at 12:30 a.m. on the 3rd at Al-Zanup Stadium in Alwakra, Qatar.

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