Kim Ha-sung Can’t Exercise Due To Heartache And His Face Looks Slim

I feel sorry for those watching. My face has lost a lot of weight. 토토 He is said to have been unable to exercise due to police investigation into him. Kim Ha-sung, who plays in the U.S. Major League, has had a nightmare over the past week.

A close aide of Kim Ha-sung told Sports Seoul, I saw Kim Ha-sung and his face got thinner. It’s time to exercise hard. He said he was agonizing. I have to start preparing for the spring camp early, so I have to set a departure date, but I can’t schedule it due to this incident. I’m not feeling well inside.

In particular, A, a junior and younger brother whom he once really cared about, called him a devil and claimed that he was habitually and constantly assaulted. It was a shock not only to the player himself but also to his family. A former colleague of Kim Ha-sung, A, has threatened to blackmail Kim Ha-sung over the past two years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he ripped off hundreds of millions of won several times on the pretext of violating quarantine rules. Under the Special Military Service Act, if a person is sentenced to a safe penalty or higher, the exemption will be canceled. A threatened Kim Ha-sung by using this weakness, and Kim Ha-sung, who is about to enter the ML, paid the settlement on the condition of keeping a secret.

However, A wasted the settlement money in a short period of time and demanded an additional deposit. The amount requested was beyond imagination and crossed a line that should not be crossed, such as breaking the confidentiality agreement. This is why Kim Ha-sung, who was struggling, defied his image and sued A for blackmail in order to prevent second and third victims.

The incident spread widely after a group of people who tried to exploit Kim Ha-sung’s fame in the form of disclosure was known to the world by A’s unilateral claim. However, the situation is rapidly changing over time. As the evidence that A claimed was clearly false was revealed one after another, and his vanity and wrong words and actions were known through some media, leading to the formation of public opinion that Kim Ha-sung was the victim. The A has not been able to refute anything. Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint against A last month on charges of blackmail and on Wednesday, filed an additional complaint on charges of defamation.

Kim Ha-sung’s acquaintances are also voluntarily repeating the situation at the time. The police also reportedly secured statements from player B, who was present in the form of a reference investigation, and former agents. A closest aide to Kim Ha-sung said, Player B, who came out as a witness, did not contact Kim Ha-sung, but he came out first. My family is really grateful. This means that as the situation, which was not true, spread out as if it were true, colleagues who knew Kim Ha-sung’s personality voluntarily stepped up to determine the authenticity.

The 2024 season will be an important year for Kim Ha-sung. He will become a free agent after next season. He has a batting average of 0.260 in the 2023 season, an on-base plus slugging percentage OPS of 0.749 with 17 homers and 38 steals, and is the first Asian infielder to win the Gold Glove Award. If he continues this pace and finishes the next year healthy, chances are high that he will make his jackpot in the FA market.

He also wanted to show great performance to Korean fans at the opening game of the ML, which will take place at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from March 20 to 21, 2024. However, he was hampered by an unexpected obstacle. It will not be easy to start sports until he gets rid of allegations of assault.

In fact, Kim Ha-sung has been training intensely every day while being called to various awards ceremonies, strengthening his motivation for next season. On the 6th, when the first report on the incident came out, Kim Ha-sung did not neglect preparing for the new season by studying the hitting method at a practice range in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

However, due to A’s false claims and similar media that took it as it was or expanded and reproduced it, it was forced into a state of inability to train. A close aide of Kim Ha-sung complained of frustration, saying, Ha Sung, who I have seen since he was very young, is never a player who will hit anyone. The argument that the responsibility should not only be held by A, who made false claims, but also by similar media that expanded and reproduced unconfirmed issues is gaining convincing power.

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