Fortune Coins Anniversary Celebrations

This April, Fortune Coins is hosting a festival as social casino brands in the U.S. and Canada celebrate their first anniversary. 슬롯머신 To this end, the platform with the giveaway element announced a special marketing campaign titled RACE TO FORTUNE, which will feature numerous daily events and thrilling competitions for players. introduced its online social gambling service in April 2022 and became one of the top three leaders on the wipeout site. The free-to-play model was an instant hit among betting companies in the United States and Canada, winning 2 million registered users in less than a year, ranking the company among the top social casino brands in both jurisdictions.

Social casinos have spared no expense to offer special festivals to their customers on their first anniversary. Marketing campaign #RACETOFOUNTEONTE holds special daily events and riveting competitions throughout April. #SPINTOFOUNTEONTE gives players a chance to win GC1,000,000 and free FC5,000,000 every day.

There is also #SHARETHEFOUNTHFOUNTE, which recommends a friend a chance to win the GC 10 million and gives the user the option to receive another additional and free FC 10 million. In addition, the special campaign features #SHOWCASTHEFOUNTE to post FC winning videos using the hashtag #showcasefortune for a free FC 10 million chance to win.

However, that’s not all, as the leading social casino brand is preparing more for many players in both countries. It reported that in the coming weeks, its online platform will showcase 56 new interesting titles in its existing library of 115 casino-style games. The new products will deliver the best possible experience while impressing you with increased play sizes and larger jackpots.

Yuliya Ivanisova, head of marketing & partnership, said the company was happy to celebrate its first anniversary while sharing the festive mood with players. She added that her goal is to provide the ultimate gaming experience for the players and that a month of fun activities is on hand in the casinos to show appreciation for the users.

In March, Fortune Coinz issued a statement announcing it had signed a partnership agreement with leading iGaming supplier Relax Gaming. As part of this joint business project, the emerging social casino website will be able to adopt world-class content from vendors and offer a much broader catalog of games to U.S. and Canadian customers.

It should also be noted that Relax Gaming is a major name for the real money casino industry, which operates in numerous jurisdictions around the world. In April 2022, the developer announced that it had been granted permission to participate as a B2B provider in Ontario’s new online gambling market, allowing it to offer its state-of-the-art products to operators in the region.

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