Rumors in the Baseball World, Lim Hye-dong Scandal, Signs of Expansion

The controversy over blackmail of Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres in the U.S. Major League Baseball has not subsided. Kim Ha-sung sued his junior Lim Hye-dong for blackmail. 토토 In February 2021, a physical fight broke out while drinking, and Kim Ha-sung paid a whopping 400 million won in settlement money. However, the point is that even though Lim agreed, he recently asked Kim Ha-sung for money again.

Lim’s side claimed through the media that Kim Ha-sung habitually assaulted him and gaslighted him. In response, Kim Ha-sung has filed an additional complaint against Lim for defamation.

The reason for why Kim Ha-sung, who claims he did not assault, gave a large amount of 400 million won was revealed to some extent. February 2021, when the incident occurred, was in a serious quarantine crisis due to COVID-19. And Kim Ha-sung, who benefited from military service with the Asian Games gold medal, was an alternative service period at that time. If it was revealed that he had drunk with a large number of people in violation of the anti-collective quarantine rules, he was forced to agree on it because he was concerned that his personal information would be greatly damaged ahead of entering the U.S.

Whose words are true should now be revealed through a police investigation. However, there is another problem. There is a possibility that there may be another player other than Kim Ha-sung who was robbed by Lim.

A media outlet that mainly represents Kim Ha-sung’s position claimed that another big leaguer besides Kim Ha-sung was threatened by Lim this year and handed over the settlement money. However, not only the media’s claim, but there are already rumors in the baseball world that a big leaguer gave Lim a large amount of money. It is even heard that the amount is larger than 400 million won given by Kim Ha-sung.

In addition to Kim Ha-sung, Ryu Hyun-jin, Choi Ji-man, and Bae Ji-hwan are all Korean players playing in the Major League. If this is true, it means that one of the three people gave Lim a huge amount of money, and the baseball community is worried that the incident could get bigger.

If it is true that the money was handed over, it will inevitably remain a mystery whether the reason is a violence problem or for other reasons.

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