Tottenham Have No Words To Remain Silent Over Unqualified Agents Controversy

Tottenham Hotspur remain silent over allegations they violated agent rules 15 years ago. 스포츠토토핫 The British Daily Mail said on the 23rd, Tottenham faced charges of breaking serious transfer rules when it traded Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth in 2008. They are accused of using an unqualified agent, the report said.

The case goes back 15 years. Tottenham earned 7.5 million pounds about 12.1 billion won in January 2008 when it traded striker Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth.

The problem is that the person involved in the transfer negotiations at the time was an unqualified status agent. According to the ‘Times’, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, Portsmouth coach Harry Redknapp, and Defoe all dealt with unlicensed agents during the negotiations. If the allegations are true, both clubs and the player himself cannot avoid responsibility.

The charges remain in writing. The Investigative Committee, which investigated the incident at the time, concluded in January 2010 that Thomas was involved in helping him agree to the terms of Defoe’s transfer. Thomas’ calls to Levi, Redknapp, Defoe and another agent Stuart Peters are reportedly detailed in a ruling that Defoe ordered to pay compensation to his former agent.

Even the FA knew this. At the time, the FA found out that Mitchell Thomas, who played for West Ham and Tottenham, was involved in the negotiations as a central figure during a closed-door hearing over Defoe’s move to Portsmouth. He was an unqualified agent, but the FA took no action.

Agents can intervene in the player transfer process, but must have a formal license to qualify. In addition, an official proxy contract must be signed, and the contract must state all agreements between the parties related to the proxy activities, including details including fees. However, Tottenham does not appear to have followed this properly.

And now, 15 years later, the problem has risen again. Violation of agent regulations is a serious matter. Violations of this can result in a number of severe penalties, including a transfer ban, points deducted, suspension, and relegation. In fact, in 2008, the same year, Luton Town lost 10 points due to agent rule issues.

The FA will also launch a re-investigation. The FA said, We are looking at the case and will review the arbitration panel’s decision as part of that. It is also known that he is attempting to interview an employee who has worked for the FA in the past.

The FA also does not seem to have an accurate grasp of the incident. An FA spokesperson said: 15 years ago, an independent arbitration panel heard the case. The FA was not an arbitrator. It was unclear how much information was shared with the FA at the time, and there was no disciplinary action. If there is new evidence that we did not know at the time, and if there is evidence that indicates that the rules were seriously violated, we will start a review, he said.

If Tottenham’s violation of the regulations is confirmed to be true, Tottenham will also have difficulty avoiding severe punishment. Clubs could be banned from transferring, deducting points, or even being demoted. The agent and player may also be subject to various disciplinary actions, such as warnings, fines, or prohibitions of activity. However, as 15 years have passed, it is unclear what judgment the FA will make.

Tottenham are currently reticent. Talk Sports and the Daily Mail said Tottenham declined to comment on the incident. On the other hand, Portsmouth said, Defoe’s contract in 2008 was made before he was transferred ownership of the club. Those involved already left the team a few years ago. Currently, board members and executives are not aware of anything related to the Defoe negotiations, he said officially.

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