I Was Surprised To Hear From Japan

The KIA Tigers named pitcher Lee Hyung-bum, who played for the Doosan Bears, and infielder Ko Myung-sung, who played for the KT Wiz, in the second draft on the 22nd. 사설토토 In addition, right-hander Kim Jae-yeol was handed over to the NC Dinos, left-hander Lee Tae-kyu to KT, and catcher Shin Bum-soo to SSG Landers, respectively.

Giving up catcher Shin Bum-soo is seen as a confidence that KIA’s home turf depth is not bad now. However, giving up right-hander Kim Jae-yeol remains to be seen how it will work in the future. He is a 27-year-old right-handed pitcher who can spray up to the late 140km range. Last year, I shot 150 kilometers.

Kim Jae-yeol joined Lotte Giants in 2014 as the 71st pick in the second round of the seventh round, but his first career in the first division was in 2020. He served in the military in the defense industry and joined KIA as a nurturing player. Then, when the main bullpen in the 2022 season left due to poor condition or residual injuries, he performed well and received the impression of head coach Kim Jong-kook.

According to Statistics, a baseball statistics site, Kim Jae-yeol threw an average of 145 kilometers of fastballs in the 2022 season. He ran 143.4 kilometers this season, too. Use curves, splitters, and don’t throw sliders much. A case that has the potential to grow into a power feature, but has not fully achieved its potential. Consistency of commands was also a concern.

This season, he pitched in only nine games as KIA’s first-team bullpen depth got better. With an ERA of 13.11, he failed to make the 35-member protection list and left for Changwon with NC’s nomination. From my hometown Busan to Gwangju, from Gwangju to Changwon. It’s the third team.

In a cold way, it is not easy to get a chance in KIA. Unlike the starters, KIA’s bullpen has plenty of right-handers. NC has also reorganized into a young must-win group over the past year or two, centering on Ryu Jin-wook, Kim Young-kyu, and Kim Si-hoon. However, NC said, With right-handed all-weather resources, we have a lot of experience in the first team and can throw fast balls. I immediately decided that it was all-power and nominated it, he said.

In fact, NC is not very rich in bullpen depth. Crucially, there are a lot of worries about the selection team. Shin Min-hyuk hit the jackpot in the postseason, but it’s not clear yet. Koo Chang-mo has a health issue. In many ways, Kim Jae-yeol, who can serve as both a starter and a middleman, is perfect.

Kim Jae-yeol was sweating in Okinawa, Japan, until just before the second draft. According to a video posted on KIA YouTube channel Gyativi, he was making various attempts with the advice of pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon. In the 2024 season, his will to do something right was read.

Now NC can show that will. Kim Jae-yeol said through NC, I was a little surprised to receive a sudden call during the Japanese camp. I think the team nominated me because I needed it, and I think it’s a good opportunity. Currently, the family is also staying in Busan, and there seem to be a lot of positive things personally. I want to show good performance in NC. I want to thank the KIA fans for their support.

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