The story behind the ‘downpour’ before Tottenham is revealed…”I was looking up to Ronaldo”

Nicola Jackson performs a ‘downpour’ ceremony after scoring against Tottenham in the 11th round of the 2023-24 EPL on Sunday. Photo: Chelsea Social Media

The whole world is Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr).

English Premier League (EPL) striker Nicola Jackson has vowed to emulate Ronaldo’s signature gesture once again.

The Daily Mail cited a report from The Telegraph on Aug. 24 (ET) as the reason for Jackson’s decision to mimic Ronaldo’s gesture after his hat trick against Tottenham on Aug. 7.

“It wasn’t a real shirt because the shirt was expensive, but I had a shirt with Ronaldo’s number 7 on it that I had drawn with my own pen,” he told the outlet.

“I pretended to be Ronaldo, but it was hard to see because his games were expensive,” he recalled.

“When I scored two goals for Villarreal, I did his serenade,” Jackson said, adding that he vowed to “only do it when I score a hat-trick, not every goal.”

Jackson fulfilled that dream on July 7 against Tottenham.

Spurs, who were unbeaten in the league at the time, were dealt a blow when Cristian Romero was sent off in the early hours of the game and a string of key players went down with injuries.

Chelsea took advantage of the situation, putting Spurs under constant pressure and eventually winning 4-1 to turn the tide.

Jackson scored three goals in the second half to complete his hat-trick.

“It was my first career hat-trick,” Jackson said of his performance against Spurs.

It was really special.”

He remained calm after his goal, and after his hat-trick, he performed a Ronaldo celebration that caught the attention of fans. 호텔카지노

It was a moment to recreate the superstar’s movements that he idolized as a child.

Born in 2001, Jackson made his European debut in a Villarreal jersey in 2020.

With his natural physicality, he scored 13 goals in 38 official games in the 2022-23 season.

Chelsea recognized his potential and spent €37 million on him, most notably signing him to a long-term contract until 2031.

Jackson got off to a slow start, scoring one goal each against Luton Town and Burnley.

However, he followed that up with a hat-trick against Tottenham and a goal against Manchester City in a 4-4 draw.

His league record is six points in 11 games. Jackson’s Chelsea next face an away match against Newcastle on November 26.

With the Blues still in 10th place in the league (16 points), it will be interesting to see if they can build on their momentum after the international break.

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