Too Bad Cho Myung-Woo Won The Runner-Up Prize At The Seoul World 3 Cushion Billiards World Cup

Cho Myoung-woo won 50-23 in the semifinals against Jung Ye-seong. Jung Ye-sung broke down Tobjorn Bromdal Sweden, 3rd place and Dick Jaspers 4th place, the Netherlands, who are called the 3rd cushion 4th king, one after another, so his momentum hit the sky, but he finished third by kneeling on Cho Myung-woo, a senior at Matan High School. 스포츠토토

Eddie Mooks, who took the lead with seven early high-run points as soon as the final began, took the early victory with a terrifying score of 27 points in eight innings until break time. On the other hand, Cho Myung-woo, who overpowered his opponent with an overwhelming performance throughout this World Cup, continued to have a difficult game with his early batting unlike the previous games.

In the second half, the game was similar. Cho Myoung-woo once chased up to eight runs, but ran away again with four runs in 15 innings, taking advantage of Eddie Mox’s brief hesitation by hitting a ball in 12 innings. In the end, Edimux, who maintained the flow, beat Cho Myoung-woo with a score of 50-43 in 21 innings and won his 13th trophy.

Eddie Mooks, who has reached 14 finals, won 13 of them, showing a strong matchmaker temperament on the big stage. In addition, starting with Guri in 2014, Seoul in 2018 and Guri again in 2019, four years later, he won the Seoul World Cup again in 2023, continuing his strong performance in the tournament in Korea.

Cho Myung-woo, who finished second in the Seoul World 3-Cushion Billiards World Cup last year, also finished second in this competition, with four Korean players advancing to the quarterfinals and discovering new Jung Ye-sung.

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