Posting An Arm Pillow Selfie With Lee Da-Young And Kim Yeon-kyung This Time

On the 5th, Lee Da-young posted a photo on her channel, saying, If you acknowledge repeated sexual harassment, bullying, workplace violence, and abuse of power in Heungkuk Life Insurance and officially apologize, I will keep the thing you want to hide the most forever. 스포츠토토

The photo shows Lee Da-young lying side by side with Kim Yeon-kyung and taking a bed selfie. Kim Yeon-kyung is giving an arm pillow, and Lee Da-young is winking and sticking out her tongue. Lee Da-young was kicked out of the domestic league in 2021 due to controversy over school violence and is active in overseas leagues. Since then, he has continued to expose his senior Kim Yeon-kyung through his personal channel.

On the 18th of last month, he revealed the contents of his Kakao Talk conversation with his supposed conversation partner Kim Yeon-kyung. Lee Da-young said, I’m so tired. I was scared and scared every day I practiced. Everyone knows what you ignore and hate when you play or practice, but it was so hard, he said. I didn’t do anything well and I kept doing things that you wouldn’t like, so I know you’re more like that. I’m trying not to make you uncomfortable and intrusive, but I’ll be careful. So I hope you can relieve your hatred even a little bit, she said.

In response, the other person said, Even if I’m tired and scared like that, I endure it. I don’t like you and I’m holding it in even if it’s uncomfortable, In addition, on the 19th of last month, he specifically revealed the story of being bullied by a netizen and claimed, I think you’re a fan of Kim Yeon-kyung, but I’ve been cursed for a long time, and bullying is basic, and the national team treated me like a bar girl in front of children.

Recently, he published a manual for preventing and responding to sexual violence in the workplace, adding, Sometimes words are sharper than knives and wounds last longer. The 2018 athletes’ village, the 2019 World Cup Japan, he wrote. In addition, he posted a photo stating the criteria for judging sexual harassment in the workplace. Kim Yeon-kyung has not taken any position in Lee Da-young’s series of revelations. However, he expressed his position to respond strongly to malicious press releases or YouTubers

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