I Can’t Throw The Ball As a Dodgers Player Again

Major League Baseball’s official website announced on the 5th that Urias was arrested and indicted by the police on charges of domestic violence. 스포츠토토사이트 It is not the first time that Urias has caused a stir on charges of domestic violence. In 2019, he was arrested for physical force while arguing with his wife in a parking lot. At the time, his wife called it a fall, but was suspended without pay for 20 games.

Since the Major League Secretariat introduced an agreement to prevent domestic violence in 2015, there have been no cases of suspension of qualification twice for this reason. If Urias, who is currently under investigation, is found guilty, he will face two disciplinary actions for the first time ever.

Urias is the ace of the Dodgers. He won the most wins 20 wins in the two major leagues in 2021, and last year, he recorded a 2.16 ERA, ranking first in the National League and second in the two major leagues. Although he is experiencing ups and downs this year, he is revitalizing the team by recording 11 wins, 8 losses, and 117⅓ innings with a 4.60 117 strikeouts and a WHIP allowed on-base percentage per inning of 1.16.

At the same time, he was scheduled to be qualified as a free agent at the end of this year. Woori As, who has consistently proved his value as a starting pitcher since his debut in the big leagues in 2016, is likely to be recognized for some high value despite this year’s slump. However, he is in danger of never wearing a Dodgers uniform again as well as a large contract due to unsavory events.

Los Angeles local media LA Times said in a column after news of Urias arrest, The same problem occurred with the same player. What the hell is Urias thinking? he said, Urias was given a second chance after 201), but he blew it away and betrayed the team and those who believed in him. There are still many options for Urias future, but I can never throw the ball as a Dodgers player again, he said, expressing disappointment.

He also summoned Trevor Bauer 32, Yokohama BayStars, who left the team on charges of sexual violence against women, and there are voices calling for him to virtually leave the league. Despite his excellent skills, Bauer was found guilty of sexual assault several times, so he had to leave the Major League and move to the NPB.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers Nation, which reports the Dodgers news, began voting, Do you agree that Urias should not play in Dodgers games in the future? Currently, about 2,500 people have expressed their opinions, with 74.3 percent agreeing, 9.8 percent disagreeing, and 15.9 percent pending responses. Many Dodgers fans seem to have turned their backs on Urias at this point.

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