Coach Kim Seung-ki Sono, Who Performed Abusive Parades As If To Show Off The Owner of DB

After the second round home game of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball at Goyang Gymnasium on the 19th, head coach Kim cursed at the opposing team’s DB coaching staff and the secretary-general. He fought with the general manager of DB by raising his voice. 토사이트 The owner of the DB, who visited the stadium to encourage the team, was also there. Coach Kim continued his rude talk without being conscious of the people around him. There were also officials from Sono’s team, including the general manager and the secretary general, but he reportedly only watched the situation without dissuading head coach Kim.

Here’s the situation. After the game, head coach Kim cursed at the DB coaching staff who met again in the hallway of the stadium where the locker room is located. In response, the DB coaching staff apologized without knowing why. Coach Kim, who found the DB secretary-general while passing through the corridor, then cursed again, and an argument broke out when Kwon Soon-cheol, the leader who followed, witnessed it and asked, Why are you swearing at other people’s employees? Even after general manager Kwon left, head coach Kim did not calm down the excitement, and it is a message that everyone in the hall heard it by swearing loudly.

In response, Sono said that the cause provider is the general manager of the DB. Hwang Myung-ho, secretary-general of Sono, said on the 20th, The DB general manager came to the headquarters during the game and said something. Coach Kim thought the scene affected the game and said a word to the DB secretary general. It’s true that he cursed, he said. Then, the DB general manager said, Why are you yelling at our staff? Coach Kim said to the DB general manager, Is that the right thing to do. I asked, What are you doing?’ and an argument broke out, he said, claiming that head coach Kim cursed, but DB provided the cause. There didn’t seem to be an apology.

It is true that head of DB Kwon visited the headquarters during the game and protested. Regardless of the outcome, I will file a complaint for this game, Kwon told the game’s supervisor. Regarding Sono’s position, DB made it clear that it was different from the fact, saying, The leader raised his voice to Director Kim, but he used honorifics and did not use the word jiral. The manager went to the headquarters because he was worried that the players would be hurt because there was no call about the rough defense. Recognizing that it could be referred to the Finance Committee, I went to the headquarters. I didn’t even think that the general manager could affect the game by going and protesting. Such perception itself is a bigger problem, he said.

A KBL official said, We are finding out the facts centering on the game headquarters. I will decide whether to refer it to the finance committee in the future, he said. DB reportedly asked KBL to find out the facts through CCTV footage if necessary.

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