I Was Surprised By His Japanese Pitching Skills, Which is a Rare Figure in Korea

The Korean national baseball team, led by head coach Ryu Joong-il, lost 3-4 to Japan in the APBC final at Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 19th. He had nine hits, but he did not hit coolly with 10 base hits. 토토사이트 After losing 1-2 due to sporadic five hits against Japan in the preliminary round on the 17th, the batters realized the high wall of the Japanese mound for the second consecutive game.

In the final, No. 4 hitter Noh Si-hwan drew attention by exploding a two-run double that cut through left-center in the third inning against Japanese right-hander Tatsuya Imai. He did not miss Imai’s first pitch and hit a fastball that cut the left-center in half over the height of the shortstop who tried to catch a jump. Japanese coach Hirokazu Ibata also praised Noh Si-hwan’s sharpness in Imai, saying, The sharpness of the ball hit by Imai is the top class among Japanese batters.

Noh Si-hwan, who added a hit to the right in the 10th inning with two hits and two RBIs in five at-bats, acknowledged the Japanese pitchers superior skills. He said, The Japanese players were so good. It was an opportunity to feel that there was a lot to learn while playing. I had a great experience, he said.

Then, Noh Si-hwan said, I was surprised by the Japanese pitching ability. There are many good pitchers in Korea, but the Japanese pitchers they met this time were so sophisticated in their control and breaking balls. I felt that I was having a hard time fighting the pitcher at the plate. I’ve experienced a lot while overcoming such difficulties, he said.

Yoon Dong-hee, the third batter who had two hits and an RBI in five at-bats, including a timely hit in the 10th inning, was silent against Japan in the preliminary round on the 17th, but also said, Everyone worked hard, but we have to admit that the result came out like this, adding, It was really good for Japanese pitchers including Imai.

Specifically, Yoon Dong-hee said, Japanese pitchers throw balls that are hard to see in Korea. I was surprised to see the same Asian throwing such a ball as I felt like I was playing against a foreign pitcher, he said. As the same baseball player, you have to admit that Japanese players are good at it. I felt a lot while playing, he said.

Ryu Joong-il, head coach of the Korean national team, also admitted, Japanese pitchers have a good tip of the ball compared to us even if they throw the same 150km. Even before the match, head coach Ryu said, It’s good to win, but I hope the players feel it a lot as it is a stage to improve the skills of young players. The Japanese pitchers have good control, but I hope they watch what kind of ball they strike and strike out. When players watch and learn this, they become very studied. I hope this tournament will serve as an opportunity to improve the level of Korean baseball, he said.

Although they lost two consecutive games by one point, the big weapon in the future is that young players experienced a high-pressure stage away from Tokyo Dome. In the preliminary round, left-hander Chihiro Sumida, who boasted extreme commands in various breaking balls such as changeups, splitters, and curves, was firmly tied to seven innings of three hits, one out, and seven strikeouts, but in the final on the same day, he left Imai early with five hits, two walks, four strikeouts one earned run in four innings.

Following the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, APBC also saw the possibility of young players in Tuta. Coach Ryu said, I’m sorry to lose against the other team, but I’m sorry to leave it behind, and the contents of both teams were really good. It was a game I wanted to applaud the players of both teams. I thought the baseball gap between Korea and Japan widened, but I think if we work a little harder and keep the basics, we can compete equally, he said. “I think both pitchers and batters have grown to the next level. There’s a Premier 12 next year and almost all the players here will come out. “I will do my best to prepare well and play better than now, he said.

Roh Si-hwan said, I think both the Asian Games and APBC showed good performance. I think the next national team will perform better, he said, promising the following. Yoon Dong-hee also said, I lost to Taiwan once at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and I thought I could do the same this time as I won the final. I’ve had that experience once, and I know how to deal with it, but it didn’t work out as well as I thought. You have to do well in the next competition. I don’t want to lose,” he promised. We should not forget this resentment and prepare for the Premier 12 scheduled for November next year.

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