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Asian Games stars now run for Klinsmann Lake

Lee Kang-in, Chung Woo-young and others to join national soccer team
Klinsmann “motivated by the Asian Cup”

South Korea national football team captain Son Heung-min (L) and

Hangzhou Asian Games top scorer Chung Woo-young greet each other

before training at the Paju National Football Center (NFC) on Monday.

“Take a picture!”

When Lee Kang-in (22-Paris Saint-Germain),

A member of the South Korean team that won the first three consecutive

men’s soccer titles at the Hangzhou Asian Games in China, showed up at

the Paju National Football Center (NFC) on Monday, fans held out their

phones and asked to take pictures with him. Lee accepted the phones and

posed for photos one by one. Fans cheered as Lee and other Asian Games

soccer gold medalists such as Jung Woo-young (24-Stuttgart), Hong

Hyun-seok (24-Ghent) and Seol Young-woo (25-Ulsan) showed up to join

the “Klinsmann“. Jung Woo-young, who was the top scorer at the Asian

Games with eight goals, smiled broadly when a reporter asked him if he

hadn’t brought his gold medal and pulled it out of his left pocket.

The quartet of Asian Games gold medalists will now run for Jürgen

Klinsmann’s (59-Germany) Korean national soccer team, which returned

from Hangzhou on Aug. 8 and, within a day, began a series of exhibition

matches against Tunisia on Sept. 13 (Seoul World Cup Stadium) and

Vietnam on Sept. 17 (Suwon World Cup Stadium – 8 p.m.).

Hong Hyun-seok

Who scored three goals at the Asian Games, said, “I don’t think winning a

gold medal solves the military problem, but it doesn’t guarantee success.”

“I felt I was lacking in the defensive area at the Asian Games, and I have a

lot to work on to compete for a starting spot in the national team,” he

added. “After I was called up, all my teammates came to my room to

congratulate me and told me that this is the real beginning. I will play with

a new determination,” he smiled.

“For this trial, we will give a lot of time to Jung Woo-young and Lee Kang-

in, who performed well at the Asian Games,” said Klinsmann. “I hope

their performance at the Asian Games will motivate them to perform well

at the Asian Cup next year.” 19가이드03

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