Ahn Se-young, You Can Play Grand Slam

The challenge of the shuttlecock genius, who is still in his early 20s, is endless. 토토사이트링크 What major tournament has the world No. 1 player yet won? Ahn Se-young led the Korean team to win the 2022 Uber Cup, the World Women’s Team Badminton Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand in May last year.

The Korean team led by Ahn Se-young, who played his first singles against China at the time, with a 2-1 21-17, 15-21, 22-20 victory over Chen Yu-fei, and Shim Yu-jin caught Wang Zhiyi in the final five-game singles, resulting in a dramatic 3-2 overall victory.

More than six hours of play showed how fierce the final was. In March, Ahn Se-young beat China’s Chen Yu-pei 2-1 21-17, 10-21, 21-19 in the women’s singles final of the oldest and most traditional World Badminton Federation World Tour tournament and won her first gold medal in the tournament.

She made new history in Korean badminton as the first Korean player to win the women’s singles in the All-British Open in 27 years since Bang Soo-hyun in 1996.

However, Ahn was satisfied with the runner-up member of the Korean team at the Sudhirman Cup, the 203 World Mixed Team Badminton Championships held in Suzhou, China in May.

In the final against China, the Korean team lost Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jung in mixed doubles and Lee Yoon-kyu in men’s singles, and Ahn Se-young in women’s singles lost 0-2 16-21, 20-22 to Chen Yu-fei, eventually losing 0-3 overall.

The wall of the global mixed team competition was high, where both male and female athletes could win the top prize only if they did well. He tried to regain the top position for the first time in six years, but failed.

Ahn Se-young then won the gold medal in the women’s singles final of the 2023 World Badminton Championships individual in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August, beating Spain’s Carolina Marin, the 2016 Rio Olympics champion, 2-0 21-12, 21-10.

Ahn Se-young was the first Korean player to win the singles title at the World Badminton Championships. It was the first time in 46 years since the world competition began in 1977. And at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held this month, Ahn Se-young beat Chen Yu-pei 2-1 21-18, 17-21, 21-8 and won the women’s singles gold medal.

After winning the gold medal at the World Championship, Ahn Se-young said, I want to win the Asian Games, the Olympics, and the Asian Championships. The goal is a grand slam, he once said. Grand Slam is originally a term derived from tennis, but it is still known in badminton as a concept that has not yet been established.

In response, Kim Hak-kyun, head coach of the Korean national badminton team, said, Winning the Jeonyeong Open, the World Championship, the Asian Games, and the Olympics is usually called a grand slam, adding, If Ahn Se-young wins a gold medal at next year’s Paris Olympics, he can become the youngest grand slammer in badminton history.

In the badminton world, China’s Lindan is considered to have achieved the so-called Super Grand Slam. Lindan born 1983, one of the best men’s singles players in history, won gold medals at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics.

He was the only one to win three consecutive World Championships (2006-2008). She also won the Jeonyeong Open four times. He also led the Chinese team to four times in the Thomas Cup, the world men’s team championship. He also contributed to the Chinese team’s third consecutive victory in the Sudhirman Cup.

In badminton, major competitions include the Olympics, the World Championship individual, the Asian Games, the Sudhirman Cup, the Thomas Cup & Uber Cup, and the Jeonyeong Open. There is also the BWF World Tour Final, a King of Kings competition that concludes the year, and Ahn Se-young has already won the competition in 2021.

What Ahn has left is now the Olympic gold medal and the Sudhirman Cup. Ahn Se-young suffered a right knee injury in the Asian Games final and needs two to five weeks of rehabilitation as a result of the hospital diagnosis.

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