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AG Athletic Director Choi Yoon “Thank you for your attention to an unpopular sport”

Promoting lesser-known sports and athletes at the Games
“I was happy to see athletes giving their best”

Choi Yun, 60

Who led the South Korean team at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games,

thanked fans for their support, even for athletes in less popular sports.

South Korea won 42 gold, 59 silver and 89 bronze medals at the Asian Games, totaling 190 medals.

Although they didn’t reach their target of 45-50 gold medals, they still

managed to take home a valuable 42, good enough for third place in the

overall standings. China (201 gold, 111 silver, and 71 bronze) took first

place, followed by Japan (67 silver, 69 bronze) with 52 gold medals.

After the tournament, the Korean team returned home via Incheon

International Airport on the 9th. Upon returning home, Choi Yoon said,

“I felt a great sense of responsibility as the head coach at the Hangzhou

Asian Games. There were many shortcomings, 카지노사이트랭크 and I

wish I could have prepared better. However, I was happy to see the

athletes who did their best up close.”

Choi, chairman of OK Financial Group

Is currently the president of the Korea Rugby Association. He visited

numerous stadiums, including rugby, to boost the morale of the athletes,

especially calling for more attention to unpopular sports and athletes in the field.

Although their performances were less talked about than the popular and

filial sports such as soccer, baseball, golf, and archery, their dedication and passion for medals never lagged behind.

The shooting team took home two gold medals, while modern pentathlon

athlete Jeon Woong-tae won two titles. The women’s handball, women’s

hockey, and men’s rugby teams won valuable silver medals, while the men’s

hockey team took home a hard-fought bronze.

“Everything is memorable, and I would like to thank the public for paying

attention to our unpopular sports,” Choi said, “We learned a lot from the

Games. The way we prepared for the Games and tried our best will be a memory of my life.” 섯다

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