NBA Lakers Win, LeBron James 4th Quarter Blowout

LeBron James 4th Quarter Blowout… NBA Lakers Come from Behind to Win by 21 Points Over Clippers

Chicago defeated Cleveland in the second overtime.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers achieved a thrilling 21-point comeback victory over their local rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Lakers defeated the Clippers by 116 points, led by LeBron James (6 rebounds, 8 assists),

who scored 34 points, including 7 3-pointers, in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season held at Arena in California, USA on the 29th (Korean time).

He defeated it by 112. 온라인카지노

James scored 19 points in the fourth quarter alone and became the protagonist of the comeback victory.

The Lakers, who ranked 9th in the Western Conference with 32 wins and 28 losses,

kept alive their hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals of the playoffs through the play-in tournament.

The Lakers, who were behind 77-98 early in the fourth quarter,

narrowed the gap to 104-106 with 4 minutes and 36 seconds left thanks to scores from James and D’Angelo Russell (18 points).

With 4 minutes left, Anthony Davis (20 points) made 2 free throws to make it 106-106, tying the game to even level.

The Lakers gained momentum and took the lead with Rui Hachimura’s 3-point shot and layup,

and Russell’s 3-pointer 1 minute and 12 seconds before the end sealed the win.

For the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard (26 points) and James Harden (23 points) worked hard, but they could not overcome James.

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-123 in a close game that went into second overtime in a home game held at the United Center.

Chicago, which went into the second overtime with the score tied at 115-115,

won thanks to consecutive scores from DeMar Durogen (35 points, 10 rebounds) and Andre Drummond.

The team scored 10 points in the first and second overtime periods alone,

including hitting all three free throws to tie the game while trailing by 3 points with 12 seconds left at the end of the first overtime period.

The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 110-101 in their home game at Target Center in Minneapolis,

taking sole lead in the Western Conference by 0.5 games.

Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards contributed 17 of his 34 points in the third quarter to help secure the win.

Minnesota (42-17), which won three games in a row,

was ahead by a half-game over the second-place Oklahoma City Thunder (41-17), which did not have a game.


Oh Jae-hyun Fights Hard But Falls to 3 Points

Oh Jae-hyun Fights Hard But Falls to 3 Points… SK Loses 94-97 to Hyundai Mobis

In the 2023-2024 Korean Professional Basketball League, Seoul SK has emerged as a challenger to the dominant Wonju DB.

Riding a season-high 12-game winning streak, SK dropped its last game to Busan KCC just before the All-Star break, but was still in sole possession of second place (22-9) with a 3.5-game lead over first-place DB (26-6), setting the stage for a late-season charge.

However, the outlook was not all rosy. 카지노사이트탑

Starting guard Kim Sun-hyung injured his ankle against LG in Changwon on Sept. 9, and captain Heo Il-young was sidelined with a knee injury last month.

SK started the second half of the season with a loss, snapping a two-game losing streak.

SK lost 94-97 at home to the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Korean Professional Basketball League regular season at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on Nov. 18.

The Hyundai Mobis were led by Gage Prim’s 21 points and Park Mubin’s 13 points, including three 3-pointers.

For SK, Oh Jae-hyun poured in 36 points and Jamil Warney recorded a double-double with 22 points and 10 rebounds, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the team from losing.


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The college was the International YMCA Training School and the game was invented to provide an indoor activity for trainee YMCA leaders. When the game was first played, peach baskets were nailed up at each end of the gymnasium as “goals”, hence the origin of the name “basketball”.

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