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World No. 8 Yon Lam withdraws from US Open due to left foot virus infection Press conference wearing slippers

Jon Lam (Spain), ranked 8th in the men’s golf world rankings, will not be able to participate in the US Open, a major tournament, due to a foot injury.

At a pre-US Open press conference held in Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA on the 12th, Rahm announced that he was unable to participate in the tournament due to a viral infection in his left foot.

Ram appeared at the press conference that day wearing slippers and said, “I’m worried about my left foot injury.” But a few hours later, he gave up competing altogether.

Rahm is the 2021 US Open winner. He then won the Masters in 2023 and rose to number one in the world.

Ram, who won the PGA Tour, moved to LIV Golf this year and has yet to experience a win since then.

He has been struggling with a foot injury recently. Rahm, who withdrew from last week’s Liv Golf Houston tournament due to a foot virus infection, did not improve his condition thereafter. In the end, he also had to skip the US Open, the third major tournament of the season.

“I don’t know why, but the area between his left little toe and the toe next to it got infected,” Lam explained. “It’s getting better little by little, but it still hurts.” Meanwhile, due to Rahm’s withdrawal, Jackson Thurber (USA), a standby player, received the right to participate in his place. This is Server’s first US Open appearance. 토토사이트

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