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Korean national coach 2nd preliminary round report card Shin Tae-yong passes, Kim Sang-sik and Kim Pang-gon cry

Tae-Yong Shin of Indonesia advances to the final preliminary round for the first time in history. Vietnam and Malaysia will be the next opportunity.

As the second qualifier for the ‘2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup’ in Asia concluded on the 12th (Korean time), the joys and sorrows of Korean coaches leading foreign soccer teams were mixed.

While coach Shin Tae-yong, who leads Indonesia, smiled as he led the team to the final qualifying round for the first time in history, coach Kim Sang-sik, who leads Vietnam, and coach Kim Pang-gon, who leads Malaysia, experienced the pain of being eliminated.

Indonesia recorded a 2-0 win in the final match of Group F of the second qualifying round against the Philippines held at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 11th.

As a result, they recorded 3 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses (10 points), and advanced to the final preliminary round in second place, following Iraq (18 points), which ranked first in the group.

This is the first time that Indonesia has advanced to the stage where qualification for the World Cup finals is decided.

Coach Shin Tae-yong laughed, but Vietnam’s coach Kim Sang-sik, who was in the same group, cried. 파워볼사이트

This is because Indonesia’s advance to the World Cup was confirmed, and Vietnam’s advancement to the World Cup was canceled before the final match against Iraq on the 12th. Coach Kim Sang-sik, who recorded his debut win with a 3-2 comeback win in the 5th game against the Philippines on the 6th, aimed for a dramatic turnaround, but there was no miracle. In the end, they lost 1-3 in the Iraq game and made plans for the next time. Malaysian coach Kim Pang-gon also swallowed his disappointment. They won 3-1 in the final match of Group D against Chinese Taipei on the 11th, but Kyrgyzstan, the second-place competitor, drew 1-1 in the match against Oman on the 12th, dropping them in the rankings. Malaysia’s final record was 3 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses (10 points), while Kyrgyzstan had 3 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss (11 points), 1 point ahead of Kim Pan-Gon-ho. Meanwhile, Korea was unable to find a successor for former coach Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), who parted ways after the poor performance of the ‘2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup’ in February, and held the second preliminary round under a temporary system under coaches Hwang Seon-hong and Kim Do-hoon for the second consecutive time, but went undefeated. He reached the final preliminary round with a record of . In particular, in the June A match led temporarily by coach Kim Do-hoon, the team secured first place in the group with two consecutive wins against Singapore (7-0 win) and China (1-0 win). With this result, Korea also secured the top seed. Korea, ranked 23rd in the FIFA rankings, won all of the second qualifying rounds of the World Cup in June, securing third place among the AFC member countries announced this month, and was named as the top seed in the third qualifying round along with Japan and Iran. The draw for the 3rd preliminary round, in which 6 of the 8.5 finals tickets allocated to Asia will be decided, will be held at the AFC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 27th. The third preliminary round will begin in September and run until June next year, with six teams divided into three groups to determine first and second place. The six teams that placed 1st and 2nd in each group will advance directly to the World Cup finals, and the 6 teams that placed 3rd and 4th in each group will be divided into two groups of three teams each and play in the fourth preliminary round. Here, the two countries that ranked first will advance to the World Cup, and the two teams that placed second in the 4th qualifying round will play a playoff (5th qualifying round) to determine a team that will participate in the intercontinental playoff. 한국야동

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