The former Lotte Casino opens today in Jeju Dream Tower

Today (Friday, June 11), a foreigner-only casino newly located in Jeju Dream Tower, a new resort located in the capital of the Korean resort island of Jeju, will open.

Lawrence Teo, chief operating officer and vice president of Lotte Tour Development Inc., the resort’s promoter, confirmed by email to GGRA on Wednesday, the opening day of casinos on Friday (pictured).

On Thursday, an official from Jeju’s local government confirmed to GGRAsia that Lotte-branded casinos had passed authorities’ inspections of “casino tools” and security cameras on Wednesday.

The casino license for the Jeju Dream Tower site technically refers to the transfer of the casino license that was applied to Lotte Hotel Jeju on Jeju’s southern coast. Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong signed the license transfer on Apr. 8. The casino in Lotte Hotel Jeju closed on Apr. 9.

According to a Monday press release from Lotte Tourism Development, the casino at Jeju Dream Tower is larger than the facilities that were in other locations. For the new site, the local government has approved a 5,367-square-meter gaming site, offering 141 tables through five types of table games and 78 electronic table games (ETGs), including 190 slot machines and seven live dealer runs, and so-called ETG master tables.

In the old place, the casino had a 1,176 sq m gaming floor with 27 tables and 51 gaming machines through five types of table games.

According to integrated industry data from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism released in early May, casinos in Lotte Hotel Jeju recorded sales of 1.346 billion won ($1.21 million) in 2020, receiving 1,601 unique customers.

Before the Jeju Dream Tower Casino was launched, only two of the seven foreigner-only casinos in Jeju were currently operating. It is a landing casino at the Jeju Grand operated by Paradise, which is based in Korea, and the landing casino at the Jeju Shinhwa World Resort promoted by Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development.

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