Shooting for the stands after scoring Gyeongnam Lee Joon-jae posted an apology

“After scoring a goal against Suwon Samsung yesterday, I heard that the ball that I kicked flew to the stands and suffered damage,” Lee said on his social media on Monday. “I deeply apologize for not properly considering the damage caused by the action. I sincerely apologize to the spectators who suffered damage.”

After scoring the first goal in the 10th minute of the second half in the match between Suwon and Gyeongnam FC on the 28th, Lee Joon-jae kicked the ball from the net toward the stands. The news that the ball hit the stadium spread through the Internet community, raising controversy over Lee Joon-jae’s actions.

In particular, Suwon fans were more upset. Suwon fans were affected by a similar incident at home to the Jeonnam Dragons on the 10th. They wanted a quick apology for the incident and a responsible response because the same thing happened twice in April alone.

According to an official from Gyeongnam Province, Lee wanted to make a public apology immediately after he became aware of the fact. The club judged that making an apology without finding the victimized crowd could cause misunderstanding of the authenticity, and made efforts to find the victimized crowd first in cooperation with the Suwon club.

On the day after the game, the team instructed the entire team not to let unfavorable events such as the incident happen again. After noon, the team posted an apology on the team’s official account and Lee Joon-jae’s on the player’s SNS as it had difficulty finding the missing spectators despite Suwon’s cooperation. The team shared an apology on Suwon’s official account, making all-out efforts to find the missing spectators.

“We are cooperating with the Gyeongnam club to find the affected spectators, and we will take additional measures with the Gyeongnam club as soon as we contact the affected spectators. We will also find ways to prevent this from happening again,” a Suwon official said.

[Lee Junjae apologizes]

Hello, I’m Lee Jun-jae from Gyeongnam FC.

After scoring a goal against Suwon Samsung yesterday, I heard that the ball I kicked flew to the stands and suffered damage.

I didn’t realize it during the game, and I found out on the bus coming down after the game.

I deeply apologize for not properly considering the action of kicking the ball into the stands in the process after scoring, and most of all, the damage caused by that action.

If I had known about it at the stadium, I would have visited him in person and apologized immediately, but I belatedly found out. I sincerely apologize to the spectators who suffered damage.

It has made me realize the importance of the fans, including the spectators, who came to the stadium to cheer for me even in the hot weather. I regret that I have not been as serious as a professional player in the stadium.

Taking this opportunity, as a professional player, I will take responsibility and respect my fans. I will take this as a great lesson for my future career, and I will be careful in every action so that I can become a responsible player.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to Suwon fans and everyone who must have felt offended by my actions.

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