‘Responsibility’ was the reason Kazuki stayed with Samsung

‘Responsibility’ was the reason Kazuki stayed with Suwon Samsung.

Kazuki joined Suwon through the summer transfer market last season. He quickly integrated into the team and emerged as a key midfielder. Despite the relegation, Kazuki’s creative play shone through. Naturally, Kazuki’s stock rose, and Suwon, who are challenging for promotion, immediately set out to keep hold of him. Coach Yeom Ki-hoon also fired supportive shots, saying at his inaugural press conference, “I strongly requested Kazuki to stay.”

In the end, Kazuki continued to play for Suwon this season. He even became vice-captain. “I felt a strong sense of responsibility when we were relegated to the second division. I chose to stay because I wanted to be a part of the Suwon team and bring Suwon back to the first division,” he explains. Coach Yeom also trusted him. Kazuki says, “I can feel the coach’s trust in me while playing. I take responsibility for that and do my best,” he said.

Of course, we can’t forget the fans.

Suwon has one of the most passionate supporters in the K League. Whether they were fighting to stay up last season or fighting for promotion after being relegated this season, 바카라사이트 they have been cheering them on. In particular, since the opening game of this season, they have set a record for the second highest paid attendance in the league, and their support has been unwavering, with over 5,000 away supporters mobilized for the away game against Ansan Greeners. Kazuki said, “Despite being relegated, they have been more than vocal in their support. We have to repay them,” he said, and that repayment is promotion.

Kazuki played his first league game of the season last weekend against Busan IPark. After a long injury layoff, Kazuki warmed up in the Korea Cup and made a perfect comeback against Busan. Playing in the center midfield, Kazuki’s characteristic pressing and creative ball distribution elevated Suwon’s attack to the next level. “I’m back in the league after a long time,” Kazuki said. I watched the game every day beforehand and prepared by analyzing the opponent. I also did some image training, so I was able to get into the swing of things without too much trouble.”

However, despite Kazuki’s full-time performance

Suwon lost 0-1 to Busan. It was their second loss in a row. “Compared to the K League 1, the frequency of long balls is higher in the K League 2. I think that’s something we need to improve on,” he said, adding, “We need to be more prepared for counterattacks and better manage risk while attacking.”

Kazuki’s performance has remained stellar, but his appearance has changed a bit. 사설 토토사이트 Compared to last season, his hair is longer. “I don’t have a specific reason for growing my hair out. In fact, I haven’t found a hair salon in Korea that I like yet,” she laughs, before adding, “Korean athletes all have similar styles. I didn’t want to be the same, so I wanted to express my individuality,” she smiled.

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