“Vision? Lee Kang-in, finesse? Lee Kang-in”… Even at PSG, Lee Kang-in is unbeatable

Even at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where his passing and vision are among the best in the world, Lee Kang-in, 23, is one of the first to recognize his teammates.

Lee has been recognized by his peers. Online sportsbook Paris Ones Sports offered an interesting selection of Paris Saint-Germain players on Monday (July 29). Ousmane Dembele, Vitinha, Bradley Barcola, and Nordy Moukiele were among the players who participated, with the media asking them to choose their teammates in 10 categories: right foot, left foot, header, strength, vision, pace, power, finesse, penalty, and technique.

Lee was not left out. Bittinha and Baccola recognized his strengths. Vittinha chose him for having the best vision, while Baccola gave him a thumbs-up for his accuracy.

It’s always been one of Lee’s strongest attributes. Since his youth, Lee has been praised for his precise left-footed passes and clairvoyant gaze across the pitch. From Valencia to Mallorca and now to Paris Saint-Germain, the midfielder has shown off his excellent ball management, vision, and passing ability.

Today, he leads the Paris Saint-Germain attack. His precise left-footed kicks, his ability to dribble past one defender, and his commitment to the defense have all earned him a passing grade from Luis Enrique. He knows how to use him. “I knew him since he played for Spain,” Enrique said last November. He’s small, but he can play anywhere. His defensive contribution is great and he scores goals. He’s perfect.”

Where Lee’s strengths really come to the fore is when he helps Kylian Mbappe score. Lee has shared a goal with Mbappe twice this season, and in both instances, his vision and accurate left foot were on full display. When he first set up Mbappe’s goal in Brest in October last year, he showed the vision and passing ability to anticipate movement on the halfway line and drop the ball into space behind the opposition.

He also shone in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg against Real Sociedad earlier this month. Once again, Lee received the ball in the center of the box and wasted no time after chest-trapping to deliver a left-footed roving pass. Lee reacted to Kylian Mbappe’s penetration with a pinpoint pass.

The French locals are very positive about Lee’s passes. At the end of the Sociedad game, PSG Culture praised Lee for “brilliantly assisting Mbappe’s second goal”. Le Parisien highlighted the pass that created the opportunity, saying that “Mbappe could have easily scored after a perfect pass from Lee.”

Lee will now prepare for a rivalry match. Paris Saint-Germain will travel to Marseille on January 1st. The two teams 토토사이트 will face off in the top division of the French Ligue 1. It”s known as “Le Clasique” and it”s a game with a lot of tension and rough play. This is the kind of game where you’d expect Lee to start. The French ’90min’ program has Lee in the center of the pitch against Marseille.

Lee Kang-in traveled long distances during the A-match, but it was a time that took a toll on his mind. With the ping-pong gate that erupted during the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar still garnering attention, Lee paid off his debt in the fourth match of the FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026 Asian Zone 2 qualifying campaign against Thailand.

On the day, Lee directly assisted on Son Heung-min’s goal in the ninth minute of the second half. Lee was the key to South Korea’s offense throughout the match. Lee was always the one to set up the South Korean offense, and he did so with a brilliant left-footed pass. When he saw Son Heung-min in a good position, he played an exquisite penetrating pass to set up the goal. The two hugged and shared the goal celebration, putting to rest any rumors of a feud.

After finishing his national team schedule with a smile on his face, Lee was out of the rigid environment. He had ample opportunity to showcase his lighter frame of mind and body at Paris Saint-Germain. His teammates have praised his vision and passing, and he has their trust, so he will go into Marseille with confidence.


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