“How did your brother withstand criticism from the English media, abuse from English fans?”

Do you remember Diego Costa?

He was once considered one of the best strikers in the world. He was born in Brazil and played for the Brazilian national team before moving to the Spanish national team. Despite his immense talent, he”s also a very controversial player. 

This happened during his time at Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL). Costa joined Chelsea in 2014 from Atletico Madrid in Spain. The transfer fee was £32 million ($543 million). He played there until 2017. Costa had a tremendous career at Chelsea. In two of his three seasons, he exploded for 20 league goals. Chelsea won two EPL titles and one League Cup.  

Costa’s first year in the UK has begun. It wasn’t without its challenges. Costa was criticized by many British media outlets. England is known for its intensity of criticism. He hadn”t even played a single game yet and was already being criticized. The reason: Costa is not the right striker for the EPL. There were predictions that he wouldn”t succeed in the EPL, and if he had a bad game, he would be criticized by the English media. 

What about the English fans? They are some of the most passionate fans in the world. Some of the more extreme fans are not afraid to use profanity and violence. It’s not easy to deal with the abuse and criticism, especially from rival fans. It was a different atmosphere in Spain.  

The criticism from the English media, the abuse from the English fans. Costa was very calm in this hostile environment. This was witnessed by Alexandre Pato. Pato is one year younger than Costa. He played for Chelsea on loan for a short time in 2016. He was watching Costa from the sidelines and saw how well he was handling the criticism from the English media and the English fans. 

So Pato asked Costa how he could be so calm. How can you be so calm, how can you hold it together 카지노 so well?” Costa answered, and the way he did it was shocking. Pato remembered the moment vividly.

“When I arrived at Chelsea, Costa was there,” Pato told local media. The media in England were bashing Costa, rival fans were swearing at him, but Costa was always calm, so peaceful. So I asked him, ‘How do you cope with this pressure? How do you hold it together?’ He had a unique approach,” he recalls. 

Costa’s answer was simple and straightforward. ”It’s simple,” he said. 


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