“Thank you, Choo Shin-soo!” Captain, who got on the plane first, gave a surprise gift to the 2nd team

SSG Landers captain Choo Shin-soo gave a surprise gift to the second-tier Korean team. Choo failed to complete his second Taiwan spring camp schedule on the 1st due to enteritis and poor condition, and boarded a plane to return home. However, the gift that he had prepared a few days ago was left instead of Choo.

Choo Shin-soo paid for the entire 2nd team dinner. The cost for the dinner was millions of won. The 2nd team had a group dinner at a nearby Korean restaurant on the 1st to mark the break day. Choo had paid for the expenses first. Although Choo could not join us due to schedule on his way back home, a meaningful meeting was arranged as he provided meal expenses to some 30 members of the 2nd team and additional staff.

As a senior player, Choo tends to provide support to players with lower annual leave. He often gave equipment to second-tier players and sent out company meal expenses and meat for group meals to Futures players several times. He also promises sponsorship not only to juniors in baseball but also to fighters with sad stories, and gives gifts to staff members such as locker room cleaning staff or ground keepers at his own expense after the end of the season. He has various sponsorship and donation plans ahead of this year’s retirement season. In addition, since it is his last season, he has promised to donate the entire minimum annual salary (30 million won) of his own league.

After the company dinner that Choo Shin-soo applied for, Ryu Hyo-seung, the captain of the second division, said, “Thank you to Choo Shin-soo for buying us a delicious meal for the Futures team during the off-season training. Thanks to you, we were able to enjoy and rest,” adding, “I am always grateful that you provided me with equipment to cheer me up not only this time but also every time, and also provided me with food to Ganghwa.” I hope you get well soon after going to Korea. I will finish up the Futures team well for the rest of the year and return to Korea,” he said.

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