“Bloody war on second base…” Even 7.2 billion FA transfer can’t be relieved. “I carry gloves on first and second base.”

An Chi-hong, who made his professional debut in 2009 by receiving the KIA Tigers’ first-round pick in the second round, played in Gwangju until 2019. And An Chi-hong, who earned his first FA qualification, took on a new challenge. He signed with the Lotte Giants in 2020 for two plus two years with a maximum of 5.6 billion won.

An Chi-hong, who moved to Busan from Gwangju, served four years and became the second FA after completing the last season. This time, he went to Daejeon. He signed a four-plus-two-year contract worth 7.2 billion won. He signed a four-year contract worth 4.7 billion won with Hanwha and 800 million won with options worth 5.5 billion won in total. For a two-year contract after that, a mutual option that gives both the team and the player a choice will be launched. When the contract is extended, a total of 1.7 billion won, including 1.3 billion won in two-year guarantees and 400 million won in options, will be executed.

Ahn Chi-hong, wearing an orange uniform, is stretching in the spring camp. He moved to Okinawa, Japan from Australia, and is currently engaged in blue-and-white matches and practice matches.

He is in good condition. Ahn Chi-hong, who did not play in a practice match against the Australian national team, started practicing in Okinawa.

In a practice game against the Samsung Lions on the 26th, he pushed and hit a home run. In the following practice game against KT Wiz, he has been in good condition by reporting a hit.

If Chae Eun-sung moved last season and revitalized the batting lineup, it is worth looking forward to the An Chi-hong effect this year.

Coach Choi Won-ho also said, “I think the recruitment of Ahn Chi-hong will motivate existing players.”

“I think it’s definitely a good thing if I can give that meaning to the players here. I also have to come here and work harder with that responsibility. That’s how I can play in the position I want,” An Chi-hong said.

Yes, as Ahn Chi-hong said, this year’s Hanwha infield is truly a war. No position has been decided except for third baseman Noh Si-hwan.

In particular, second base is the most competitive. Ahn Chi-hong, whose main position is second base, cannot be relieved. This is because Moon Hyun-bin and Jung Eun-won are aiming for the position.

Jeong Eun-won, who is desperate, is showing a good batting sense in practice games, and Moon Hyun-bin is also formidable.

Coach Choi Won-ho plans to field players depending on the situation and condition.

Ahn Chi-hong said, “Honestly, I don’t want to stick to my position. There is no such thing as ‘I want to play here’. Some players have a much wider range of defense and move faster than me. However, if the coach writes me importantly when it is an important situation or when I need to do it stably, I will work hard again.”

“If Hyun Bin or Eun Won plays second base first, I will play first base or prepare to play as a substitute in the middle. I don’t know where I will play these days. That’s why I carry gloves on the first and second bases,” he said smiling.

He ambitiously moved to the FA and went to Lotte, but he did not experience autumn baseball. At Hanwha, entering the postseason is the biggest goal.

“Personally, I wish I could do well, but the team’s performance is more important than that,” An Chi-hong said. “Any player seems to have no other choice but to show good performance than the team’s performance. When I signed a contract, the part that the team wanted was to improve the team’s performance. I really want to play fall baseball. That’s my biggest goal.”

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