One team oblivion no one tolerates Lee Sung Yong’s emphasis or warning Florida spring begins

There is one stadium for official games, and two or more auxiliary stadiums can be used whenever necessary. Training will not be affected even if the weather is too hot or rainy. This is because there is a recently completed indoor practice range. In addition, many players headed to Florida just a few days earlier this year to minimize their deterioration in condition due to this travel time. With the inauguration of Coach Lee Sung-yong, a new competition ground has opened, and players can feel that they are on high alert.

The first day of the training ended lightly. Before intensifying their training in earnest, they need time to warm up their bodies. Analysts say that the players’ conditions exceeded their expectations. “The players made good physical movements during the off-season, and even though it was their first training session, they made good moves,” an SSG source said.

Training schedule on the first day was not tight, but there were more important things. It is time to get to know each other. It is the first time for coach Lee to face the entire team from head coach Lee Sung-yong. As there are many new coaches, one of the main focuses of this camp is to narrow the distance between players and coaching staff.

Before the training, the coach and players had their first meeting wearing uniforms, not training uniforms. It was Lee’s idea. In order to create a “one team” that Lee emphasizes, the team needs to get to know each other quickly, as unlike training uniforms, uniforms have names and jersey numbers. It was Lee’s plan to quickly match his name with his face.

Lee emphasized “one team” again during the entire meeting. “I will not forgive any coach or player for forgetting about the one team,” Lee stressed. When Lee was appointed, his theory was that he would make those who get out of this major competition pay the price in any way, be it coaches or veterans.

“We will create an atmosphere where anyone can compete without prior insight,” Lee said. “We will respect the senior and consider the senior’s routine, so please be as responsible as you are.” He also asked young players to consider their current position as my position and train hard, as he will give them an opportunity if they are judged to have been recognized for their performance and potential. “Please take care of each coach and player thoroughly so that they can finish the camp without injury.”

Meanwhile, SSG held a team meeting in its defense section after the training ended on Sunday. “We also had time to create a simulation in which the players themselves could move through meetings on the promised plays on the ground,” a source at SSG said. The SSG will basically hold a three-day training camp in Florida until June 21 and return to Korea on June 23. They will take a day off and leave for Taiwan camp on June 25.

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