Ferrum Club Augusta-class course

◆Ferrum Club= is a place where all golfers are qualified for the course. Dongguk Steel Group opened in 2014 with a premium 18-hole golf course that is differentiated from existing golf clubs. Ferum means iron in Latin. The unique circular clubhouse and sensuous golf course are impressive. It is located in Jeomdong-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do. Cynthia Dye McGray, niece of Pete Dye, one of the world’s top three golf course designers and the first female golfer to design the course, created the course herself.

It has become a perfect tournament course. Every year, the Korea Professional Golfers’ Association (KPGA) Korean Tour Hyundai Marine and Choi Kyung-ju Invitational and the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour Mediheal and the Hankook Ilbo Championship are held. Choi Kyung-ju, a “tank” who has garnered eight career wins in the PGA Tour, gave positive comments. “It is the best golf course in Korea. Green is like Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters, a major PGA Tour event, will be held,” he praised.

The Ferrum Club is a place where you can meet the nature of nature. There is no artificial development or damage. The stream, forest, rock, etc. were saved. Golfers were made to use all 14 clubs. The course is a combination of a tranquil pond, birch forest, and cool waterfalls. The western course is held by an Irish hole surrounded by water and a narrow fairway. Long roughs and deep bunkers give a sense of pressure. There is a “jar bunker” that requires strategic attack. Putting is not easy, either. Illusion effect traps were planted throughout the hall.

“Course condition is, in a nutshell, an art.” The club was listed as one of the best courses selected by the KPGA and other organizations. Ferrum Club follows certain principles. Only 72 teams are accepted by the club. It invests a lot of time and money in course management, fairways, and grass. It is an emerging and prestigious golf course that focuses on quality and premium service.

◆ Food GO= Ferrum Club has impressive clubhouse. It is shaped like a huge circle at the entrance of the course. It looks like a spaceship came down. It also looks like an Australian opera house. It was designed by Tadao Ando, one of the world’s four largest architects. It offers panoramic view of the entire golf course.

There are also a variety of foods available at the clubhouse. The most popular menu is octopus seafood jjamppong. Chicken broth is the base. Various seafood is added to it for a refreshing taste. It goes well with fresh vegetables. It is perfect for boosting tiredness. The spicy soup is also perfect for hangover. There are also abalone king rib soup, Japanese beef tenderloin curry rice, beef cube steak bowl, and beef soup. The cooking time is about 10 minutes.

There are also set dishes that can be eaten by three to four people. They include stone octopus beef brisket mushroom hot pot, Eundaegu spicy fish stew, ripe kimchi pork belly kimchi hot pot, beef sticky rice sweet and sour pork, assorted fried chicken wings, beef samgyupsal (marinated pork belly), beef samgyupsal (marinated pork belly) and geotjeori (jeotjeot). At the start house, you can also enjoy fish cake soup, Cajun chicken & fries, and brisket tteokbokki in sauce. The food menu changes according to the season.

◆Bogo = The Ferrum Club is full of various attractions. You can experience nature, history and culture. Sinreuksa Temple is famous. It is a place with a legend that it was founded by Ambassador Wonhyo during the reign of King Jinpyeong of Silla. The temple became famous when Zen Master Naong moved in the 2nd year of King Wu of Goryeo (1376).

Unlike most temples located in the mountains, Sinreuksa Temple is located on a flat land. As it is located along the Namhan River, it has an excellent landscape. It is also good for a walking course. It is full of national treasures including Jodang (180th), Multi-story Stone Pagoda (225th), Bojezon Magnet Bell (228th), Stone Temple (229th), Daejanggak Monument (230th), Stone Lantern (231th), and Wooden Amita Buddha Triad (1791th).

The Royal Tomb of King Sejong is also popular. It is the Royal Tomb of the Joseon Dynasty that houses King Sejong and Queen Soheon. You can feel the sensibility of an old-fashioned way. In addition to the separate exhibition hall, visitors can see inventions such as a training tower, an angbuilgu, a sundial, and a rain gauge. If you go from the tomb of King Sejong to the tomb of King Hyojong, you will find the King’s Forest Road. Pine trees and well-organized grass are art. It naturally heals you. The Royal Family of Empress Myeongseong, Yongmunsan, Yuri’s castle, Yeoju Hyanggyo, and Yeoju Museum are also good places to visit.

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