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Pepper Savings Bank player A is suspected of bullying juniors KOVO holds a rewards and punishment committee on the 23rd

Pepper Savings Bank players

Two players who claimed to have been bullied left the team last year

Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked professional volleyball women’s team in the swamp of 23 consecutive losses, is embroiled in an internal dispute.

Pepper Savings Bank’s veteran player A was referred to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Rewards and Punishment Committee under suspicion of continuing to harass his juniors. 메이저사이트

A KOVO official said on the 22nd, “We are planning to hold a reward and punishment committee regarding player A at 10 a.m. tomorrow.”

It is known that junior players B and C were continuously harassed by senior A on the same team last year.

B and C left the team at the end of last year, and during this process, Pepper Savings Bank discovered that A had engaged in inappropriate behavior.

Pepper Savings Bank recently reported the related matter through the Grievance Center on the KOVO website.After receiving the relevant information, KOVO decided to hold a reward and punishment committee regarding A.

A Pepper Savings Bank official said in a phone call with Yonhap News, “The club reported it directly through a post-investigation and the official position will be revealed after the rewards and punishment committee ends.”

Pepper Savings Bank is having the worst time this season.

The club spared no investment, including recruiting free agent Park Jeong-ah ahead of the opening of this season, but lost 23 games after winning against GS Caltex on November 10 last year.

This is the record for the most consecutive losses in the professional volleyball V-League women’s division.If they add 4 more losses, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO at the time) will tie the men’s record of 27 consecutive losses, which they suffered during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.

Pepper Savings Bank is in last place this season with 2 wins, 28 losses, and 8 points, regardless of the remaining games.

Pepper Savings Bank will play a visiting game against Korea Expressway Corporation at the Gimcheon Indoor Stadium on the afternoon of the 23rd when the Rewards and Punishments Committee is held. 토토사이트 추천

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