“I don’t know why you’re criticizing it” directed by Klinsmann…Growing ‘Haeim Theory’

Soccer fans’ anger toward Klinsmann, who was eliminated in the semifinals of the Asian Cup, is not going away.

Although there are growing calls for dismissal, coach Klinsmann said, “I don’t know why the criticism is so strong.”

I’m reporter Jeong Ju-hee.

Coach Klinsmann, who said the semifinals of the Asian Cup were not a failure, honestly answered, “I don’t know why public opinion is worse than the 2019 Asian Cup, when it only reached the quarterfinals.”

“I don’t know why you’re criticizing. I saw the Korean team develop positively over the past year since taking the helm. I’m looking at the North-Central America World Cup by bringing young players to the team.”

Bento, who packed in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup five years ago, also failed to avoid criticism.

However, there was a firm color of ‘build-up football’, and eventually proved it four years later at the Qatar World Cup.

On the other hand, Klinsmann is refusing to change, relying on individual players’ abilities without any clear tactics.

Klinsmann, who has stressed to his players that he will win the one-on-one contest, found the reason for not recording any effective shots against Jordan in the national team’s offense.

“Zero shots are definitely disappointing. They didn’t create enough chances. Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, and Hwang Hee-chan didn’t have a chance to score as Jordan played dense defense.”

However, it is known that he will have to pay a huge penalty to replace Klinsmann, who finished in the semifinals of the Asian Cup.

In the end, the Korean Football Association even filed a petition for national consent to dismiss the Korean Football Association entirely taking responsibility for the penalty. It was deleted.

With Klinsmann refusing to resign, football fans are paying attention to the KFA’s decision.

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