“As I used to do without any pressure”… Should I blow “Wind After Lee Jung?”

Attention is focusing on how much Lee Jung-hoo, the “grandchild of the wind” who joined the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball, will perform this season.

Amid favorable prospects in the region, Lee Jung-hoo began training early.

This is reporter Lee Seung-guk.

Lee Jung-hoo left for the U.S. in line with the San Francisco club’s spring camp schedule.

Above all, I chose local adaptation as a priority.

“I think the most important thing is adaptation, so I think adapting well is the top priority and I will show you a good performance…”

Although it is still before the start of the season, expectations inside and outside the club are high for Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the Major League with a six-year mega contract of $113 million.

MLB.COM, the official website of Major League Baseball, predicted that Lee Jung-hoo’s batting average will rank in the top 10 in the big leagues this season, and also cited Lee Jung-hoo’s batting average as a key indicator that will determine San Francisco’s performance.

However, Lee Jung-hoo revealed that he doesn’t care much about this atmosphere.

“I have that responsibility because I think Ha-sung’s expectation and treatment of Korean players will be better in the future if he does well even if he does it once, but I don’t think there’s any pressure to do well because I received a lot of money.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who is in private training in Arizona, where the club’s spring camp will be set up, will work with his teammates for the first time in the middle of this month.

As early as the 24th, we will be able to see the “grandchild of the wind” wearing a San Francisco uniform in the opening game of the exhibition game.

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