Denny Reyes has signed with the Samsung Lions

Denny Reyes has signed with the Samsung Lions. It’s goodbye David Buchanan.

Samsung officially announced on Thursday that it has signed a new foreign pitcher, Reyes. Reyes signed for a total of $800,000, including a $100,000 signing bonus, $500,000 in salary, and $200,000 in options.

Samsung had previously filled the foreign pitching spot with Connor Seabold. However, after receiving a major league offer, Buchanan offered a multi-year contract that the team was unable to match, so they looked for a new player. The result was Reyes.

Reyes was born in 1996. 바카라사이트 He is a Dominican Republic native with excellent physical attributes, standing at 1.93 meters tall and weighing 115 kilograms. Although he is a right-hander, he is strong against left-handed hitters, making him a competitive pitcher in the KBO, which is dominated by left-handed hitters.

Last season

He appeared in nine games (three starts) in the major leagues for the New York Mets, and 91⅔ innings in 20 games (18 starts) in the minor leagues. He has a fastball that averages 147 mph and tops out at 150 mph, a slider, a changeup, a cutter, and a variety of other pitches that are optimized for robotic umpiring.

His WHIP and BB/9, two of the most important indicators of a pitcher’s stability, are excellent. In the minor leagues, Reyes has a career WHIP (walks allowed per inning) of 1.13, showing his ability to run a stable game, and a BB/9 (batters allowed per nine innings) of 1.6.

Meanwhile, Buchanan, 토토사이트 추천 who has been on the mound for the Samsung Lions for the past four years, recently rejected the club’s final offer while considering a move to the major leagues.

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