Can Kim Sun-bin win a second Korean Series championship ring

Can the KIA Tigers’ “one-club man” Kim Sun-bin win a second Korean Series championship ring?

After graduating from Hwasun High School, Kim began his professional career in 2008 when he was selected in the sixth round by KIA. The following year, Kia topped SK to win the title, but Kim didn’t get to celebrate as he wasn’t included in the roster.

In 2017, his first Korean Series appearance, he batted 14-for-5 with a .355 batting average, seven RBI, one home run, and three runs scored.

On April 4, Kim signed a three-year, 3 billion won contract (600 million won signing bonus, 1.8 billion won salary, 토토사이트 and 600 million won option) with his former club, KIA. This is Kim’s second free-agent contract with the organization after signing in 2020.

Since joining KIA in 2008

Kim has played in 1509 career games, batting .303 (4968-for-1506) with 32 home runs, 564 RBI, 691 runs scored and 149 stolen bases. In 119 games last year, he batted .322 (134-for-419) with 48 RBIs, 41 runs scored and three doubles. He has also shown outstanding leadership by serving as the team’s captain for the past two years.

Kim said, “Above all, I wanted to stay with KIA. I am grateful to the organization for offering me such a good deal, and I am happy to continue to hear the cheers of the Tigers fans,” said Kim.

“I will continue to focus on my training before the season and help the team become a consistent powerhouse. Although I have relinquished the captaincy, I will take responsibility as a veteran player and do my best to help the team stand at the top of fall baseball.”

KIA President Shim Jae-hak said, “Kim Sun-bin is an essential player for the team. As a franchise player who has played consistently for the Tigers as a one-club man, 토토사이트 추천 we approached the negotiations with the idea that we should grab him unconditionally.” “He has already proven his skills, so we expect him to be a great addition to the team’s strength if he continues to play like he is now.”

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