Sheilhao Nongshim wins 4 in a row… Won Sung-jin can’t stop the ‘continental wind’

Even 9th dan Won Sung-jin was unable to stop the Chinese ‘strong winds’. Korea fell into a three-game losing streak.
Won Sung-jin lost to China’s Shenghao 9th dan in 291 moves in game 5 of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Boat World Championship at Hotel Nongshim in Dongnae-gu, Busan on Tuesday.
South Korea’s Seol Hyun-jun 8th dan and Byun Sang-il 9th dan, as well as Won Sung-jin, were unable to win a game against Sheol Hao.

Korea was left with Shin Shin-seo and Park Jung-hwan as its last bastions.

On the other hand, China’s first runner, Xu Yuehao, showed off his momentum with four straight wins.

In the best-of-three series, China had the most advantage in this trilateral matchup between Korea, China, and Japan. 호텔카지노
South Korea’s third player, Won Sung-jin, fought back from an early and midgame disadvantage, but a late tilt resulted in a half-game defeat.
Sheerhao recently reached the final of the Samsung Cultivation Finals, where he lost the title to Ding Hao 9th Dan, but he took the continental wind out of Nongshim’s sails with an upward rhythm.

The speedster secured a bonus of 20 million won, including 10 million won for three consecutive wins and another 10 million won for each additional win.
China is represented by all five knights, including Shenghao, while Japan is represented by 9th dan Ryo Ichiriki, 9th dan Yuta Iyama, and 8th dan Yu Zhiqi.
Sheilhao will attempt to make it five in a row against Japan’s Ryo Ichiriki 9th dan on January 1 in six countries.

Sheerhao has a 2-1 head-to-head advantage.
The prize money for the Nongshim Shin Ramen Boat is 500 million won, and the time limit is one hour and one second for each player.

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