Self-study of Three Cushions while working part-time…Hye-won Lim “I’m going all in from now on”

“From now on, I’m all in.”
Lim Hye-won (27), a self-taught three-cushion player who got her start while working part-time at a billiard hall, lost 1-4 to Japan’s Ayako Sakai (Hanacard) in the women’s final of the 2023-2024 PBA-LPBA 7th Tour Haiwon Resort Championship at Haiwon Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do on April 29.

It was her first-ever final appearance and she was hoping to win the title but fell short. However, Lim grew from the loss.
“I’m glad it’s over. I think I can sleep well now,” she said after the match.
“I’m surprised that I made it to the final, and from now on, I’ll be all-in on billiards,” she said.
In her match against Sakai, Lim showed promise by winning the first set, but lost the next two to five sets to the stronger Sakai.”

It can be said that she lacked experience in big matches and was outclassed in the basics.
“I was really nervous.

I felt the limitations of my inexperience,” she said, adding, “I think I’ve matured a lot more through this tournament.”
On the day, Lim’s 0.532 average was behind Sakai’s 0.813, and her four high runs were behind Sakai’s five. “

I think I was too nervous,” she said, adding that her body stiffened and she was unable to execute her strokes properly. 바카라사이트
Lim, who got into billiards through pool at the age of 20, had a completely different path to the elite.

She first picked up a cue in her 20s and moved from pool to four-ball and then to three-cushion.
It wasn’t about winning tournaments, money, or a job.

I was just happy to play against customers at my part-time job at a pool hall, and I was proud when I did well in club tournaments.
Last season, I joined the professional ranks as a priority registration player and wore the title of professional, but I still didn’t think of myself as a professional player.

Even leading up to this tournament, I wasn’t able to train intensively.

I practiced with my boyfriend at a local pool hall.
However, her focus and determination helped her reach the finals, earning her the nickname “Champion Killer” in the process.

She defeated Thong Piavi (Blue One Resort) in the quarterfinals and Natsumi Higashiuchi (Welcome Savings Bank) in the round of 16.

Kim Bo-mi (Nonghyup Card) is the face of ELPB, but she was trapped by Lim Hye-won and packed up in the round of 64.
Commentator Kim Hyun-seok said, “She can be seen as a player who stands alone.

If she gains more experience, it could be different,” he said.
Last season, Lim’s best result was 33rd place in the Haiwon Resort Boat.

This season, after hovering in the qualifiers and round of 64, she made a sharp rise in the Hi-One Resort Vessel.
Equipped with new experience, she has emerged as a promising player in women’s professional billiards.

“I will pay more attention to systematic billiards and basics.

I will make more efforts for the fans and do my best to become a strong player in the future,” she emphasized.

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