Lotto Max Prize Money of C$28 Million

According to a recent report by the Canadian lottery industry, last Friday’s Lotto Max winnings remain the same. 릴게임사이트 That means no lottery holder in the country has won just over CA$23 million for Christmas. Now, the next draw will offer a much bigger prize.

Lotto Max is one of Canada’s most popular and generous Lotto games, as the round of Lotto Max can offer a shocking 70 million Canadian dollar jackpot. To do so, users need to accurately guess the seven-digit winning combination, which is drawn once every week, once every Tuesday, and once every Friday.

Players had one last chance to win a mega jackpot as a great surprise for Christmas, as the draw was the last one before Christmas on Friday, December 24, 2021. However, tickets sold across the country did not exactly match the combination of seven winning numbers for the draw’s highest prize of CA$23 million.

Despite no main prize winners recorded, Friday’s round still awarded a heavy CA$250,000 prize as the runner-up prize. According to reports, their ticket, the winner, was purchased somewhere in Quebec, and if they claim it, the winner will be revealed. The draw on December 28, 2021 will now offer a larger prize of CA$28 million or more.

Previously, the Lotto Max game was a draw on Dec. 17, with the main prize reaching up to C$70 million. After the round, the Ontario Lottery and games company announced that the lottery was won by a ticket holder from Brampton, Ontario. The lucky player will take up to 52 weeks to receive a prize that can change their lives.

Earlier this year, Saskatchewan also found the latest lottery millionaire, with Matthew Poppels winning CA$5,500,000,000 in a popular draw-based game. His ticket was randomly selected as the winner of the Oct. 19 draw. Lottery winners usually took only eight days to take their time to get their hands on his checks.

In addition, last week, the Atlantic Lottery Company announced another important lottery win, and this time it is located in Charlotte Town. The lucky winner is Nancy Adams. After winning the first prize on the Scratch’N Win ticket, she now had to be named for an impressive CA$3 million. Now she has claimed her huge winnings in the ALC office.

After receiving the check, she explained that she almost fainted when she found out that she had won it after helping the cashier scan her fateful ticket. Ms. Adams plans to financially help her family with mega-money, buy a new car, and get her first home. She is the second Irishman to win CA$3 million this month.

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