Midfielder Likely To Go To Tottenham and Brighton After Missing Opening Game

Caicedo was likely to go to Arsenal in the winter transfer market in January. 토토사이트 However, the situation went in a difficult direction as side striker Leandro Trosar, who was the same route, was first selected by Arsenal. Brighton’s position was no transfer. With Trosar also bleeding heavily, there was a concern that the overall balance would be broken if it went out to Kaiseido, the center of the midfield.

Kaiseido, who had horns, did not participate in the training. He continued his unconventional move to part ways with Brighton on his social networking service. Manager Roberto DeGerby Brighton and the club could not hide their absurdity and drew a line with disciplinary action excluding training.

However, after the transfer was finally canceled, he returned to training as if he had never done so, swore allegiance to Brighton, and contributed to winning the right to participate in the Europa League, the first European club competition in history. Kaiseido, who showed emotional fluctuations in his early 20s as his favorite.

The interest is as the summer transfer market opens. Arsenal dropped interest in Caicedo by signing Declan Rice from West Ham for £105 million W175 billion.

However, teams that need to reinforce the central midfielder did not let it go. Manchester United also watched Kaisedo, but funds such as delayed acquisition of the club were not properly secured, and the relationship was also unable to continue as they paid attention to Sofien Amravat Fiorentina.

The remaining teams were Liverpool and Chelsea. Liverpool challenged Caicedo with a transfer fee created by Fabinho Al-Etihad and Jordan Henderson Al-Etipark heading to Saudi Arabia. It offered 110 million pounds about 186 billion won, exceeding 100 million pounds about 167.6 billion won that Brighton wanted and Chelsea stressed would pay.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp also said Kaisedo is not a bad build-up and evaluated him as the right person to fill the midfield gap. Expectations were also high as the club’s highest transfer fee of 75 million about 126.8 billion won paid when it recruited Fairgil van Dijk.

However, after an agreement was reportedly reached between the clubs, Caicedo declared that he would not go to Liverpool. He showed his willingness to dream only of Chelsea. Liverpool were embarrassed, but Chelsea said they would not stop Caisse from coming.

It seems only a matter of time before Kaiseido leaves. He was not included in the list against Luton Town. It was difficult to play because he was injured, but manager de Gervi said, Kaiseido wants to transfer. That’s all and true, he said, summarizing it as a situation that is no longer difficult to recover. The waistline, consisting of James Milner and Mahmoud Dahood, is experienced, but it is hard to avoid concerns that the amount of activity is low.

In a complex composition, the Scottish Line has the possibility that Celtic’s Hatate Leo will go to Brighton. Coach de Gerby is also interested in it. Brighton is likely to pay a large transfer fee,’ he said.

Brighton has dribbling wizard mittoma kaoru. It is expected that there will be no big problem in adapting. I have also played with Kawasaki Frontale in 2020-2021. Alexis McAllister left for Liverpool and Levi Colewill returned to Chelsea on loan, making the midfield feel loose.

Hatate missed the opening game against Ross County. Manager Brandon Rogers said, Please compete confidently and show yourself. I’m training without any problems, he said coolly. For this reason, it has been said that it is drawing attention from Tottenham Hotspur coach Enje Postecoglou, who played Celtic until last season.

What remains is Brighton’s sincerity. It is how much you approach Hatate with interest. Compared to other recruitment candidates, there are concerns about whether it is better. Once Kaisedo is confirmed to transfer, it is expected to speed up the preparation of alternatives.

If he moves, it will be a good opportunity for recruit Kwon Hyuk-kyu, who is looking for a chance to play. Even though he was on the list of replacements for the opening game, it seems to be in Rogers’ eyes for now. Kwon Hyuk-kyu should take a close look at Hatate’s movements.

The second round of 2023-24 Celtic is against Aberdeen at 8 p.m. on the 13th. The match and the 2023-24 PL first round Brentford-Tottenham match, in which Son Heung-min will play with the captain’s armband, will start at 10 p.m. Including this match, Celtic’s SPFL, Tottenham’s PL and FA Cup are available at SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.

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