“NC flow will change in November,” predicts Salt Galang”

“NC flow will change in November” predicts Salt Galang” PS 9-game winning streak ends, ‘2 losses→1 win’ KT counterattack will continue?

Could the playoffs go to a best-of-five series, as LG coach Yim Kyung-yeop hoped? First, as Yim predicted, the flow of the series has shifted slightly with the change of months from October to November. After KT lost Game 1 and Game 2 of the playoffs, the team fought back from the brink in Game 3.

On the afternoon of the 31st, Yeom shared his playoff predictions with reporters before the evaluation game against the Sangsang at Jamsil Stadium. In the first game of the playoffs on the previous day (30th), NC won 9-5 thanks to a perfect game (6 innings, 1 run) by ace Pedi and an explosive batting lineup.

“Shin Min-hyuk is a double-header, and if he pitches well again, I don’t know. If (KT batters) dry up, I don’t know if we go to the fourth or fifth inning,” Yeom said, 온라인카지노 referring to the possibility of Shin pitching well for the second straight game in the postseason. “It’s luck. He’s lucky right now.”

“Until today (Oct. 31), I think the NC energy will be fine. Until the end of October… When the month changes, baseball changes. It changes in a really weird way. Look at our monthly performance. It’s different every month.”

LG’s win-loss margin this season was +4 in April, +10 in May, +6 in June, 0 in July, +5 in August, and +5 in September and October. There have been ups and downs.

In Game 2 of the playoffs on Oct 31

Shin threw 6⅓ innings of one-hit ball to earn the win. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, shortstop Kim Joo-won made a super diving catch to preserve a 3-2 victory. NC is one win away from advancing to the Korean Series with three games remaining.

Meanwhile, KT, which finished second in the regular season and went directly into the playoffs, lost for the second straight day despite starting the one-two punch of Cuevas-Benjamin at home.

Game 3 of the playoffs was moved from Suwon to Changwon. The date was moved from October to November. In the third game of the playoffs at Changwon NC Park on October 2, KT won 3-0 to avoid elimination.

Starting pitcher Ko Young-pyo shut down the NC

Bats with six innings of three-hit ball, two walks and five strikeouts. Choi Jae-dae hit a two-run homer in the second inning and Moon Sang-chul hit a solo shot in the seventh. NC starter Tanner did his job with six innings of two-run ball, but the NC bats were held scoreless with only five scattered hits.

NC suffered its first postseason loss of the year in November after a devastating six-game winning streak, from the wild-card deciding game against Doosan to games 1-3 of the semifinals against SSG and games 2 of the playoffs against KT. The NC bats hit home runs in six consecutive postseason games, starting against Doosan, but the cannon didn’t fire until Game 3 of the playoffs against KT on April 2.

When the winning streak continues,

It is inevitable that there will be a loss at some point. This is the first loss after six consecutive wins. Coincidentally, the streak was broken in the first game of November, just as Yeom said.

Game 4 of the playoffs on Wednesday will be a starting matchup between KT Cuevas and NC Song Myung-ki. Cuevas struggled in Game 1, allowing seven runs (four earned) in three innings. He threw 75 pitches and is coming off three days of rest.

Song gave up two runs in three innings in Game 2 of the semifinals on Oct. 23. He’s coming off 10 days of rest. If KT takes Game 4, the series will go to a best-of-five series. That’s the scenario Yoon would like to see no matter which team comes out on top.

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