Mayor Says All OLG Jobs Should Be in Sault St. Marie

In a face-to-face meeting last week, Mayor Sault St. Marie Matthew Schumaker reportedly told the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Kruppier-in chief that all OLG jobs should be in the city. 릴게임사이트 Duncan Hannay, president and CEO of OLG, organized a friendly in-person meeting on Thursday to introduce the city’s new mayor.

Back in April 2018, when Mr. Schumaker was a member of ward 3, he attempted to lobby the city council on the idea of making OLG jobs the subject of that year’s local elections. Mr. Schumaker introduced the resolution, which was supported by Ozzy Grandinetti at the time. It aimed to move all OLG jobs to Sault St. Marie if elected.

Now, Mayor Shumaker says, using every session last week, he reiterated his long-held position that every crown company job would be based in Salt. He shared that the discussions went well and said he was hoping OLG’s senior recruiters and the city’s recruiters would come up with a joint recruitment or other possibilities.

Back in 2018, Mr. Schumaker said it was not the best idea to have one headquarters for OLG in Toronto and two in Saul St. Marie. He also said he didn’t have all the OLG jobs at his headquarters in Saul, was irresponsible about taxpayer money and took a step back from the promises he made when the government moved its headquarters there in 1987.

At the time, Stephen Rigby, former chairman and CEO of OLG, agreed with the idea. He said Crown’s plan is to improve the customer experience with new digital, innovative and responsible entertainment options while continuing to improve its business. He noted that the contribution of Saul St. Marie’s staff was instrumental in achieving continued success and reaching those goals.

However, a resolution by the shoemaker submitted to the City Council in 2018 failed to pass the vote. He expressed his wish that one day the future leader of the province would mandate that the Crown Agency move everything to its headquarters, Sault St. Marie. His wishes may become a reality as a market where he now has more influence.

Meanwhile, just last week, Ontario’s inspector general, Bonnie Lysyk, released a report on OLG’s operations, in which she criticized several aspects of Crown’s choices. For example, AG found that in 2019, when Crown chose Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment as the operator of the two Niagara Falls casinos, there were two better bids from other companies.

In addition, Lysyk’s report looked at OLG’s online betting platform. She noted that while online sports betting is thriving, most players don’t take advantage of responsible gambling features such as time and spending limits. She also says OLG’s funding for responsible gambling programs has fallen from C$20 million in 2016/17 to C$7 million in 2021/22.

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