I Don’t Want To Play For Tottenham After Eating Hamburgers At Night

British media The Boot Room reported on the 22nd, Ndombele will not play again for Tottenham. 토토사이트 According to Paul Brown of British media Give Me Sports, Tottenham’s board of directors decided that Ndombele could leave at any time. His chances of playing for Tottenham are very low.

Coach Angie Postecoglou is a coach who doesn’t like to freeze people or exclude players, Brown said. However, Ndombele has had many opportunities under various coaches, but he has not been able to demonstrate his capabilities. Tottenham are ready to let him go, he added.

Also, The decision was made at the board meeting. We will allow him to leave freely, he said. Ndombele is the main character of Tottenham Club Records. When he joined the team in the 2019-20 season, he recorded a transfer fee of 65 million pounds about 105.9 billion won. This is how high expectations for his activities and creativity were in the midfield.

Ndombele, who was quiet in his first season, appeared in a total of 46 games the following year and showed his presence with six goals and four assists. He started 28 of the 33 Premier League games.

But that was all. With the portion of the 2021-22 season reduced, he had to leave on loan to his former team, Lyon. The same was true for the next season. Ndombele, who has been ruled out of Tottenham’s plans, has left on loan for Napoli. He played on the bench and performed well, but there was no complete transfer. He returned to Tottenham before this season.

Postecoglou had no intention of utilizing Ndombele. I had to leave the lease again. This time, I’m headed to Turkiye. The performance is minimal. He is playing a total of seven games, with only one starting game in the league.

Due to weight management failure, he lost his trust in manager Okan Bruck. This is because he has not been taking care of his body since joining Galatasaray. They are already failing to manage their weight, but they are causing problems such as eating hamburgers at night. Rumor has it that he gained 6kg after the transfer.

As a result, it was reported that the local government wanted to terminate the contract. It was a story that Galatasaray had no intention of joining Ndombele. Tottenham look less likely to reunite with Ndombele. Tottenham are expected to be busy next summer to dispose of Ndombele.

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